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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Lollipop Bling has landed in drugstores!

Remember back in JUNE when I posted this info about Mariah Carey's new Lollipop Bling collection? That article said these fragrances would hit department stores in July, and then drugstores in the beginning of 2011. Well, they weren't lying because I just spotted this display at Rite Aid yesterday!

I cannot tell a lie: this was my first time sniffing these fragrances and I liked them all. They're candy-inspired, but they don't smell like straight-up candy to me. If you don't like sweet, girlie fragrances, you can just keep on walkin' when you see these at your drugstore. They're definitely girlie-girl and I want them all.

Will you be "tasting" Lollipop Bling? Or maybe you already own some of these fragrances? Either way, I'd love to hear from you!


  1. Ugh frustration. I bought Honey in Canada several months ago. I do like it but wish that I had bought it for less at a drugstore.

    Yes they are girlie, but the fragrances are quite pleasant.

  2. I'm not of a fragrance person. My Mark Jacob Daisy perfume is still full lol. But I'll check these out:)

  3. Just spotted these at my CVS so I'm happy to see a further explanation of what they are. I just stocked up on the half price fragrances and I might pick up the Sexiest Fantasies set for $5. I'll probably take another look at them, but unless there's one that really speaks out to me, I may just stick to the sale fragrances for now.

  4. This is the first I'm hearing about them, but I'll def. have to check them out. I love candy themed things! :-)

  5. I've seen the display, but I'm totally running from it. I have her M, which is in a purple bottle. I've been using it consistently for a couple of weeks, trying to finish it cuz I'm so sick of seeing that purple butterfly bottle.


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