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Thursday, December 2, 2010

More pics and info about the new Milani baked shadows and polishes!

I've got some fantastic new pics of the newest Milani baked shadows and nail lacquers that I'd like to share with you, and I owe it all to two of my very dear readers, Rachel and Stefanie. I have yet to spot these new displays in my area, so thanks to them (and to Maureen and Chloe who also contributed pics of these displays here and here) I am able to give you as much information about these new goodies as I possibly can.

First of all, I want clear up any issues you may have about these new polishes and shadows. THEY ARE NOT LIMITED EDITION. How do I know this? Well, I owe it to Melissa at Lovely Android who, in this post, shares with us the Milani 2011 catalog, which features detailed descriptions of all the new core collection products.

In addition to the Rockstar Heavy Glitter polishes, Milani is going to be releasing the new Smooth Base Coat and Glosse Top Coat which you can see here. Another thing I want to clarify is that the Rockstar Heavy Glitter polishes come in two formulas: the One Coat Glitters and the Jewel FX polishes.

Thanks to Rachel, I have some great new pics of both formulas for you:

(click once to enlarge, again to supersize)

image credit: Rachel for Nouveau Cheap

There are five One Coat Glitters and two Jewel FX polishes in this new core collection.

A closer look at all of them:

image credit: Rachel for Nouveau Cheap
First four pics: One Coat Glitters
Last two pics: Jewel FX

I hope that clears up the issues about these polishes! Once again, you don't have to worry about them running out because they are core collection! Also, don't forget that Gems is the Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday dupe!

Moving on to the Melange Infusion of Colors Baked Eyeshadows, these are also new core collection products and, just like the polishes, they come in two different formulas: Marble and Metallic:

image credit: Rachel for Nouveau Cheap
The Metallics

For specifics about these shades (including the names) you can click here.

Next are some pics of the Marbles, compliments of Stefanie. I want to let you know that it appears that when store employees are putting together these displays, they might accidentally put the wrong shadows in the wrong displays (not all of them are incorrect, but notice how the red in the Metallic display above has been misplaced and put into the Marble display below). So when you're out and about and you see these displays, be sure to look at all the colors in both displays because I don't want you to miss out on anything!

image credit: Stefanie for Nouveau Cheap
The Marbles

And thanks to Rachel, I also have some close-ups of some of the Marbles to share with you:

image credit: Rachel for Nouveau Cheap

Rachel also purchased a Metallic and a Marble and gave us some close-ups with swatches of each shade:

image credit: Rachel for Nouveau Cheap

According to Rachel, the blue shade, which is a Marble, was a little less pigmented and became much more vivid after using Urban Decay Primer Potion beforehand. But the teal Metallic was pretty vivid and had a good color payoff even without the help of a primer.

I want to thank both Rachel and Stefanie once again for the great pics. I hope this information is helpful to you and lets you know what to keep an eye out for at your drugstores.

Have you found the Rockstar Heavy Glitters or Melange Infusion of Colors displays in your area yet? As far as I know, they have yet to hit San Diego, but I can't wait until I can see them in person!


  1. Sigh...just more lemmings! But I'm glad to know that the polishes are new core. That way I don't have to spend more $$ to get them all right now.

    Great photos too!

  2. those glitter polishes are calling my name! i hear them now: "buy me, carol, buy me!!!" o.0 hahaha

  3. thanks for sharing :) I really want to try one of the baked shadows now the pigmentation and colors swatched look amazing!

  4. Snagged Gems last night! : )

  5. Someone on the nail board said the polishes were at the CVS in La Mesa. I found them in Moreno Valley (out of town for work) at a CVS up here. Had to try a few locations to find them!

  6. I've been lurking for a while and I want to thank you for the work you do. I think I actually spend *more* money now, but that's my issue. Anyway, I ran into these polishes at my Fred Meyer (I'm in the PNW) before I read about them anywhere. I have been sporting Gold Glitz for a week now and I barely have tip wear, let alone a chip. It was completely opaque in two coats and it dried fast. It is actually gold and reddish orange glitter so it is quite "Thanksgiving-y".

  7. Ooh, there's a red shade! If I can snag that it might help make up for the fact that I can't find the W n W holiday Color Icon palettes. (I really want Night Elf!) I actually went looking for either those or an NYX display...I went to 3 wags and 2 CVS one night when I had time to kill, lol! No luck on either front. Then today I stopped back into the closest Walgreen's and the display was up but picked clean! There was one single palette left and it was the only one I wasn't interested in. I'm going to check around a little more but I think I went looking too early the first and now I'm too late. These would be something else to look forward to though, so thank you for posting this!

  8. I found and snapped up the Milani Jewel FX in Gold and Gems at my local CVS on Thanksgiving. Boy, are they pretty. :D

  9. I picked up the red glitter polish (and a gold holo) this week on the bogo sale. I couldn't decide on the shadows, so I didn't get those right now. Still want to get ALL of them, and all of the Lip Flash pencils! Waiting on my Powerball check..LOL

  10. Me wants to glittery nail polishes, thanks for sharing!

  11. *sa-wooning* @ all the photos.
    So many products, so little time! LOL Thanks for sharing. :O)

  12. I actually was lucky enough to find Gems in my CVS yesterday. If you hurry, through tomorrow, they were bogo 1/2 off with an extra care card. My display was actually sitting on top of a shelf, it was in a really weird location, but since I was looking for it, I was lucky enough to see it! I'm actually wearing gems right now, just by itself with 2 coats, and it's soooo pretty. I think it would be gorgeous if you layered it with an electric blue, say pier 17 from wnw? I think it would be a great combo. But I have yet to try it! I just can't get over the fact that my fingernails look like confetti, it's awesome :)
    I would also say that I'm really happy with the staying power. A lot of glitter nail polishes I have had are really bad for flaking, and Gems is actually holding on pretty well.

  13. OMG at those shadows! I was just in all the local druggies and I didn't see any of these. Ugh, to Ebay I go.

  14. I bought the new metallic eye shadows and I LUV LUV LUV them!


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