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Thursday, December 30, 2010

The CVS Beauty Clearance Post


Lots to tell you about today! I was at a local CVS and found new SHADES, BRANDS AND ITEMS ON CLEARANCE, including my one of my all-time favorite blushes (in the shade I happen to love, too!), which I reviewed here. Many more Neutrogena items are on clearance for 50% off now (see master list for everything I spotted), which works beautifully with the $3 Neutrogena coupon that's in this month's All You Magazine (available at Walmart or via subscription). Thanks to bluecollarsophisticate for the heads-up on that coupon!

I also noticed that all of the Sally Hansen plumping products (except for the overnight one) are on 75% off clearance as well:

AND, just about about every single Sally Hansen La Cross tool is now 75% off (I'm sure this is to make way for those new tools I showed you here). I listed everything I spotted in the master list below (including eyelash curlers and ceramic nail files!), but here's what I bought:

I couldn't pass those up because I love using cuticle scissors for trimming stray eyebrow hairs. And what girl can't use an extra pair of tweezers for a buck, right? Those tiny ones are great for applying small nail decals!

In addition to new items, brands and shades added to the master list, I want to tell you that I've heard from SEVERAL of you that the Physicians Formula $10 coupon that printed from the CVS red scanner box last week is STILL printing this week, and that there's a $10 Prestige and $3 Almay coupon too. I haven't gotten any of those, but don't forget to scan your cards--you might get lucky!

AND SPEAKING OF PRESTIGE! I found some Prestige goodies on clearance too! (see master list). These are definitely a new addition to the sale!

I've also added more blogger links to hauls below, and I also wanted to show you a receipt from a dear reader named "S". This is truly inspirational! She got the $10 PF coupon, used it to purchase a clearance item and also used a few other coupons! WOW! Look at that total!

[PREVIOUS UPDATE: 11:45PM SATURDAY 1/15/11] I've added lots of new products and shades to the master list (lots of new shades and products listed for Sally Hansen, Revlon, plus Neutrogena and Dove HAIRCARE fans, check the master list and haul pics--there are products that are now 75% off! Thanks to Kori for that one!). (And an extra-big shout-out to Donna for all the great, and very specific, shade info!)
  • I want to thank everyone who has gotten in touch with me over the past few weeks about this sale. Your info helps SO much. But unfortunately, since info is pouring in via comments, tweets, and emails, I can no longer keep track of everything coming my way. So I ask that you limit your sale-related contact to JUST THIS POST. In other words, if you'd like to share sale info with me, please leave the comment on THIS POST or else there's a very good chance I'll miss it or not post it in a timely manner. If you'd like to send me haul pics (which I LOVE) please leave a comment on this post and let me know that you emailed them to me. Thanks!
  • I apologize if you emailed or tweeted me in the past week and you do NOT see your information listed here. If I missed it, it was an honest mistake on my part and I beg you to leave your info on this post so that we all can see it! Thank you so much.
  • I'd like to set the record straight about when this sale ends. If this sale is like all the previous CVS beauty clearance sales, there is NO official end date. The goal of this sale is to get rid of old and discontinued merchandise, so it shouldn't end until everything is sold out. You've definitely still got time!
  • I've visited quite a few CVS locations in the last week or so and there are STILL TONS OF PRODUCTS TO BE HAD! Several locations STILL didn't have clearance stickers on all the items in my master list, so it's definitely not too late to get some great bargains. If you don't have luck at one CVS, just try another, and then another!
  • I've also added new links to other bloggers' haul posts/videos, which is always helpful because you can see pics and/or swatches of what they bought.
  • And finally, if you didn't see my post about the Physicians Formula Mineral Wear blush the other day, I want to reiterate that this blush ROCKS (if you like matte blushes), and apparently not just the shade Blushing Glow, but all three of the shades available. I love Blushing Glow so much I went back and bought a back-up, and I also picked up Pink Glow, which I have posted pics of below in the picture section. I cannot stress this enough--if you like matte blushes, get one of these while they're still 75% off ($3). To me and so many others, they're worth every penny!
[PREVIOUS UPDATE: 2:30AM WEDNESDAY, 1/12/11: How does FREE Physicians Formula sound? If you think this sounds as awesome as I do, click on over to my pal Maureen's blog, QponCutie, and check out it. It's pure genius! More Sally Hansen coupons up at! They've added a $1 Sally Hansen nail treatment coupon and a $1 Sally Hansen Lip Product coupon, which will both pair nicely with one of the nail treatments or lip products found in the Sally Hansen section of my master list below. Thanks to Jennifer at Lipgloss and Lattes for that one! I can't remember if I already posted about this once before, but my lovely reader Amy mentioned that there's a $1 Rimmel coupon on AllYou right now, which of course you could use with any of the products in the Rimmel section of the master list. Thanks, Amy!]

[PREVIOUS UPDATE: 1:15AM Sunday 1/9/11: HUGE COUPON NEWS! Go to and print out the $0.50 off Sally Hansen nail polish coupon and use it toward one of the many nail polish items listed below (I just added new items)! Since those are already 75% off, you're looking at new polish for under a buck! Also at there's a $1 off any Maybelline Mascara coupon, which you can use toward a Pulse Perfection mascara or any of the other Maybelline mascaras that are currently 50% off! The CVS red scanner box is currently printing out coupons for FREE 2 oz Essence of Beauty anti-bacs (no purchase necessary! So don't forget to scan your cards for that one).]

About twice a year, CVS has a huge blowout on makeup and other beauty items and most items are either 50% off or 75% off. This sale is going on NOW and should continue for a few weeks (until the sale products are wiped out). Here's what you really need to know:
  • Don't see sale signs or clearance stickers at your CVS? No problem! JUST BECAUSE A PRODUCT DOESN'T HAVE A CLEARANCE STICKER ON IT DOES NOT MEAN IT'S NOT ON CLEARANCE! If you see someone on a blog (this blog or any other) say they got XYZ product for 75% off at their CVS, and then you go to your CVS and you don't see it on sale, SCAN THE PRODUCT ANYWAY (at the red scanner box). Chances are, it will be 75% off in the system.
  • Can you use coupons during the clearance sale? Eh, well, urm, that's debatable. Sometimes the cashiers will accept coupons on beauty clearance items, sometimes they won't. It really depends on your individual store, but it never hurts to try. For the record, I've had coupons denied in the past, but I've also had them accepted. It's a roll of the dice.
The following is a list of everything spotted on sale so far. Do not take this list as 100% verified, because there are some instances where you might find the prices different in your area.
  • READ THE COMMENTS on this post for up-to-the-minute info from readers. Bloggers are encouraged to leave leave links to their blogs ON THIS POST if you have blogged about your hauls. The more info the better!
  • Use this list as a guide, and always be sure to scan these products yourself to see the price in the system.
  • If I know whether or not the sale applies to ALL shades for a certain product, I will tell you that. If it is select shades only, I will tell you that. If I don't know, I will leave it blank.
HUGE thanks to the following contributors: Jeweled Thumb, DivaMakeup, Carla, Stephanie, Kristen, kimmydadiva, ashlygoesrarw, Hana, AngelicBetrayal, Nancy, JenJen, Lisa, Elocina, annielftw, Sarah, joni, Ashley, Chantel, Kacy B., Maureen, SiSiSparkles, xoElissa, Lyssachelle, Linda, Mimsy, Donna, Marion, Kali, Jennifer, Fluffy, HeKeLa, Girly Things by *e*, Kori, Vi, 247Reader, Edita, RuthieGirl, AffordableBeauty.


Jamie (Rural Glamour)
Lady K
Nichole (video)
Girly Things by *e*
AprilAthena7 (video)

(new additions are always at the top of each list):

Almay products 75% OFF:
Nearly Naked powders and foundation
Smart Shade Bronzer
intense i-color
Bright eyes eye shadow (all shades)
Pureblends foundation (all shades)
Line Smoothing Pressed Powder (all shades)
Clear complexion compact powder (all shades)

Ardell products 50% OFF:
"Sweetie" Lashes

Coty products 75% OFF:
Airspun powder

CoverGirl products 50% OFF:
Pencil Lip Liners (all shades, all formulas)
TruBlend Micromineral Foundation (all shades)
Trublend Whipped foundation (all shades)
Maybelline Define-A-Lash mascara
Trublend blush
Amazemint gloss
Continuous Color lipstick

Dove haircare products 75% OFF:
Heat Defense Shampoo

Lipsmackers (not sure if these are 50% off or 75% off)
Lip Gloss (Blue Raspberry - sale price = $0.82)

L'Oreal products 75% OFF:
L'Oreal Bare Naturale lip glosses (all shades)
L'Oreal nail polishes (all shades)
L'Oreal HiP Eyeshadow Duos
(confirmed shades--click here for pics:

807 Poppy
318 Flashy
404 Flare
114 Adventurous
234 Roaring
208 Sassy
236 Forgiving
336 Devious
508 Cheeky
518 Charisma
536 Wicked
908 Mischief)
Endless Color Lipsticks (all shades)
HIP Shine Struck Liquid Lip Colors (all shades)
Feel Naturale Blushes (all shades)
Feel Naturale Foundation (all shades)
Le Kohl Duo Eyeliners
HiP Kohl Liners (all shades)
HiP Loose Pigments (all shades)
L'Oreal HIP Cream Eye Liner (brown only)

Maybelline products 50% OFF:
Maybelline Dream Mousse Foundation (select shades)
Great Lash mascara
Waterproof Pro XXL mascara
Cool Effects shadow liner (possibly all shades)
Eyeshadow Quads (Sapphire Ice, Time for Wine and others)
ColorSensational Lipsticks (select shades)
ColorSensational Lipglosses (select shades)
SuperStay Lipcolor (select shades)
Pure Stay Powder Foundation (all shades)
Mineral Power Finishing Veil Powder (all shades)
Expert Wear Blush (all shades)
Dream Mousse Concealer (all shades)
Dream Matte Powder (select shades)
Mineral Power Concealer (2 darkest shades)
Moisture Extreme lipsticks (all shades)
Pulse Perfection mascara

Natural Daylight Vanity Mirror (see pic below) - 50% off (was $19.99, now $9.99). Some are reporting they're seeing this for 75% off ($4.99)!

Neutrogena HAIRCARE products 75% OFF:
Triple Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner
Triple Moisture Split End Mender

Neutrogena cosmetics 50% OFF:
Healthy Skin Custom Glow Blush/Bronzers (Berry Glow only)
Mineral Sheers Concealer Kits (all shades)
Moisture Shine Lipsticks (all shades)
Eyeshadow Quads (all shades)
MoistureShine Lip Sheers (all shades)
Healthy Skin loose powder

Physicians Formula 75% OFF:
Eye Definer Felt-Tip Eye Marker (Dark Brown, Warm Black)
Healthy Wear Bronzers (all shades)
Mineral Wear Blushes (all shades)
Needle-Free Plump Potion lipstick (all shades)
Eye Enhancers 3-in-1 tool
Shimmer Strips Eyeshadows (some locations have only POP! collection on clearance, others have only Smoky collection on clearance, some have both)
Healthy Wear SPF 50 Powder Foundation (Creamy Beige - only at select locations)
Plump Potion mascara
Automatic Eye Definer Eye Pencils
Shimmer Strips Custom Bronzers
Baked Collection Wet/Dry Shadows
Circle RX Circle Control Concealer (all shades)
Bamboo Wear powder refills (NOTE: sale price has only been spotted at select CVS locations--it may not be on sale in your area!)
Organic Wear Loose Powder

Prestige products 50% OFF:
WonderFull Lipglosses (all shades)

Revlon products 75% OFF:
Luxurious Kohl Matte Eyeliner (Pure White)
Colorstay Mineral Bronzers (all shades)
Colorstay Mineral Blushes (select shades)
Nail Polish (Pink Chiffon, Sheer Nude, Effervescent Opal, Pink Freeze, Tropical Temptation, Red Hot Tamale, Berry Delicious)
Eyeshadow Singles (Shimmering Sienna, Sparkling Gold, Riviera Blue, Aubergine)
Super Lustrous Lipsticks (Blackberry, Spiced Brandy, Highbeam Tan, Chocolate Velvet, Twinkled Pink)
Fantasy Lengths "Defining" False Eyelashes
Matte Lipsticks (select shades)
Powder Blush
Colorstay overtime sheer
Beyond natural blush and bronzer duo
Beyond Natural Skin Matching Makeup
Beyond natural cream to powder eyeshadows
3D Extreme Mascara
Age Defying concealer (all shades)
Age Defying Liquid Foundation (select shades)
Super Lustrous lipglosses (Nude Lustre, Lilac Pastelle, Pink Afterglow, Firecracker)
Colorburst lipstick (Lilac, Mauve, Coral, Hazelnut, possibly more)
Colorstay Mineral Foundation (all shades)

Rimmel products 75% OFF:
Eyeshadow Singles (some have reported seeing these on clearance though I personally have not, so be sure to scan)
Eyeshadow Trios (all shades)
Eyeshadow Quads (all shades)
Moisture Renew Lipstick (Spotlight Beige, Rose Passion, possibly others)
Stay Matte Foundation
Lasting Finish Lipstick (all shades)
Eyeful Glisteners (all shades)
Royal Glosses (all shades)
Lash Maxxx Mascara
Kiss & Stay lipcolor (all shades)

Sally Hansen products 75% OFF:
PM Lip Plumper
Prep and Perfect Lip Care
Diamond Strength polishes (Brilliant Bordeaux, Deeply Violet, Black Diamond)
Lip Blush Plumping Balm (color adjusting lip plumper)
Xtreme Wear polishes (Purple Pizzazz, Pink Boa)
Insta-Dri polishes (Blush Rush, Mochachino, Blazing Blue, Rose-a-go-go, Jumpin' Jade)
Color Quick chrome color pens (all colors except for silver)
Nail Art Pens (gold only)
Insta-Dri 2-packs (one color, one clear top coat)
Nail Shine Miracle
Continuous Treatment
Diamond lip glosses (all shades)
Hard as Nails nail colors (all shades)
Foot Scrub
Hydrating Foot Cream
Severely Dry Chapped Hand Remedy
Fast-Absorbing Hand & Cuticle Cream

Sally Hansen Carmindy products 75% OFF:
Cream Blush (Rosy, Flush, Ginger, Sunset)
Powder Blush (Orchid, PlumBerry, Poppy, possibly others)
Your Skin Makeup Foundation (select shades?)
Truly Transparent Loose Powder
Luminous Matte Pressed Powder (select shades?)
Lift & Define Mascara
Instant Definition Eyeshadow Palettes (all shades)

Sally Hansen LaCross products 75% OFF:
Eyelash Curler
Tini Tweeze Tweezers
Comfort Grip Cuticle Scissors
Ceramic Nail File
Nail & Cuticle Scissors
Cuticle Scissors with bonus Soft Touch Nail Clippers

Tweezerman products 75% OFF:
various products spotted at select locations

More reader haul pics!

Kori's Haul!

Kori's receipt!

Kori's second haul!

Kori's receipt!

My personal haul (haul #3):

Saved: $18.62 on three items!
(you have no idea how long I've been wanting Shimmering Sienna. I can't believe it was only $1.37!)

My receipt

More personal haul pics:

For years and years I've heard makeup artists, etc. rave about Coty Airspun loose powder, so I finally get to try it (for that price, why not? That container is HUGE!)

(Those Russell Stover Caramel Hearts are delish! Haha!)

Lyssachelle's haul!

Chulangita's (second) haul!

Chulangita's had her eye on this mirror for a while and discovered it's now 50% off! She writes:

"Also wanted to share with you this awesome makeup mirror I got from CVS for 9.99 (used to be 19.99), I'm so glad I waited to buy this because I almost purchased it at the original price a few weeks ago. It's such a great mirror, it does exactly what it says in the box, I recommend this to everyone. "

OK, she's making me want to jump back in my car and get one of these ASAP! :)

Chulangita's receipt!

that I also spotted on 50% off clearance:


ashlygoesrarw saved over $177.00!

Chulangita's haul!

Chulangita's receipt!


My very first Shimmer Strips eyeshadows!

I've mentioned before that I haven't been a big fan of Super Lustrous glosses because I could never find shades that worked for me. At this price, I'm hoping at least one of these works!

If you have never tried the Physicians Formula Circle RX concealer, it's actually a very good liquid concealer with good coverage and long-wear properties. You might love it--especially at this price!

I haven't used this powder in years because of the price--time to try it again!

These lipsticks were on 75% off clearance during the last CVS beauty sale, and here they are again. Are they being discontinued...or not? I LOVE the formula of these babies so I hope they're sticking around.

So curious if these shades will work for me!

Hand cream: can never get enough.

Every time I update this list I will put a time stamp at the top of the post so you will know if you need to read through it again since the last time you looked at it! If you have more info, leave your comments on this post (please!) and email me your haul pics! I'd love to share them here!


  1. Thankyou SO much for compiling all this information... If it weren't almost midnight I would go to CVS right now and look at what sales are going on near me @.@ I can't wait to see what products are on sale because a LOT of the stuff you guys have been seeing are things I've wanted to pick up for awhile. I see the Loreal HIP Sassy duo for 75% off... I LOVE that duo! Ah... so much for project 10 pan. 0:)

  2. I got the Physicians Formula shimmer strips for 75% off AND there were $2 off coupons on them as well which made them $1 each.

    Sally Hansen's Natural Beauty inspired by Carmindy line had many items for 75% off as well.
    I got the eye shadow pallete, sheerest cream blush (I was waiting for these!), forever stay eye pencil, and lots of foundations.

  3. Omg, so much good information! I won't be within distance of a CVS for a little over three weeks, so I hope it's still going strong then!

  4. You're really awesome for gathering all these information for us.

    Thank you!

  5. Yippie! I have tons of extra bucks saved up that will go to good use. My cvs' take expired ones so yay! I want to get backups of the Rimmel lipsticks. I'm sad that they seem to be discontinuing them because they are my favorite! I love spotlight beige. That is the only makeup in my purse!

  6. zomg! I am so jealous of you US babes! In Malaysia, cosmetics NEVER go on 50% off, unless it's during a rare warehouse sale (major crowds, parking problems, travel hassles, no testers, limited/old stock = not that worth going).

  7. My store was just putting stickers up. I was looking for lime green and to my surprise the 75% off is now some orangey/corally color. I managed to snap some pics of the Neutrogena (50%) and Sally Hansen display (most of it was 75%). Other observations:
    Maybelline: 50% off Pulse Perfection, a few shadow quads (not any of the "Smokes" though

    Loreal: assorted true match shades, all HiP pigments and kohl liners

    Revlon: gloss is Pink Afterglow, both colorstay baked blushes


  8. Hey G!

    Thank you so much for posting my blog post! I also included this blog's link on my YouTube video. YEAH!

    I went crazy just now and went to a different CVS and I bought a hell lot more... I did save $162.53 though! LOL. To my surprise, this CVS has different items that are on sale than the last one I saw. I wonder if they do this on purpose just to make us go on a treasure hunt!

    Also, a lot of my YouTube subscribers have complained to me that their local CVS don't have the sales. I told them to scan the items and some reported back that they are regular price. Any insight on that?

    Here's the link to my post just now including new products that may not be listed on your site yet!


  9. Oooh, I am so tempted to run out at 3:30 AM to try to score some cheap Physican's Formula, haha! Thank you (and all the contributors!) so much for all the info!

  10. I went the other night and got two of the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polishes at 75% off. Most of them were full price, but I found Blazing Blue and Jumpin' Jade with stickers.

    They also had all of the Sally Hansen diamond lip glosses for 75% off.

    And I got a Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Mauve at 75% off for my mom.

    I need to go back!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. I'm not sure if this was part of the clearance sale or not, but back on Dec 2nd I got Maybelline The Falsies for $1.87 and Sally Hansen HD nail polish for $1.62! Here is the link to what I got (G, I think I remember you saying that as long as we were regular commenters, it was ok to put a blog link, but if not, feel free to remove this! :))

  13. Thanks for posting this. I went to my local CVS and they only had 10 stickered items in the whole store, so this list will be incredibly useful to me. I know you can scan the products, but I didn't want to go around scanning every product in the store.

    I can say that Revlon ColorBurst in Mauve is also on sale for 75% off. I'm both happy and sad about that, because it's my favorite ColorBurst shade and I can buy some back ups but I'm bummed that it's being discontinued.

  14. I went by the nearest CVS today, and it was like a plague of locusts had hit the makeup section! Empty, empty, empty.

    But! I went to Target, and noticed that a lot of the same products I see in this list were on super-clearance (like Revlon quads for under $2 - not my colour, alas!) along with e.l.f palettes and a lot of their premium-brand holiday offerings. So if you don't have a CVS (or yours looks like mine did!), give Target a shot!

  15. I went today to one of my local CVS and BARELY ANYTHING was marked, which is why I'm so thankful for this site! I rushed over to the Revlon display and got two of the LE - now permanent - Super Lustrous lip glosses (Firecracker, Lilac Pastelle) for $2.25 each. I got the Dream Mousse Concealer for $3.89 and Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Airy Fairy for $1.57 (minus the $1 off coupon from Thanks for the tips :) couldn't have scored these deals without this blog!

    Oh, and I scanned the Physicians Formula shimmer strips and some of the baked trios and other products but they all came up as regular price for me.

    I have probably 3 or 4 CVS stores within 5 miles of me so I'm going to check out some other ones

    Thanks again!

  16. i struck gold at the second cvs i went to today! i got almay foundation (i like it and think i'll go back and stock up while it's 75% off!!), two revlon lipsticks (lilac and mauve), two l'oreal lipglosses, two l'oreal hip eyeshadow duos (so so excited for these!!), physicians formula shimmer eye strips in green eyes and two covergirl lipglosses!! i'm so excited for my purchases! thanks for the heads up!

  17. Thanks so much for posting this! I had a blast at my CVS today! Just wanted to let you know that the Revlon Colorstay lipsticks that are on clearance are also producing ECB at my CVS! I bought one, paid $2.49, and got a $4 ECB! Also, many of these same products are on clearance at Rite Aid!

  18. I tried scanning the PF healthy wear foundation but it was at regular price :(

  19. Ahhh! This post makes me so excited! I'm not going to be near a CVS (or a Target, or RIte Aid for that matter...) for a few weeks either, and the only CVS near my current area is TINY and has no price scanner. I always feel awkward asking for a price scan and then realizing that everything's still full price. boo.
    Hopefully by the time I get to one, that CVS will still have some goodies left. :)
    I've realized that these beauty clearances tend to happen for the makeup that usually gets refilled after the sales, but is in different packaging or is probably from a newer batch, so perhaps CVS just likes to keep their makeup aisles full of fresh products?
    Oh well, if things are being discontinued, then the sales WILL have to eventually show up in any of the Wags in my area.
    Happy New Year's, G!

  20. i bought a neutrogena eyeshadow quad for half off, a rimmel royal gloss, and a physicians formula powder.

    my cvs had a bunch of tweezerman products 75% off too

  21. the neutrogena MoistureShine® LipSheers were 50% off too. you can add that to the list. They are the skinny lipsticks. They look cute!

  22. great haul! i didn't purchase that much because at the CVS that I went to, certain shades were on clearance. for example, the darkest shades of the maybeline dream matte mousse was on clearance and not the lighter shades.. idk what's up with that!

  23. Hey Stephanie,

    I can't seem to find the Rimmel coupon on I did find the Neutrogena one though..


  24. Ladies... more big news!! I went to They have coupons, either $1 off 1 L'Oréal product or $3 off 2 products. Wow!
    Sorry to hear the Rimmel coupons aren't printing for u. I just printed another one minutes ago. My best advise is to change the zip code on the left hand side of the coupon section. Use mine, 39110.

  25. Thanks for the heads up Stephanie! I really hope some Loreal HIP duos in colors I want will be 75% off. None of them were stickered when I went yesterday :( They didn't have stickers on any Covergirl or Maybelline products yesterday... I'll be checking back in a few days. I feel like some items weren't stickered at my store that were for other people so if you're unsure, scan your product at the price check!!

    I did pick up a few things including the Revlon Lilac Pastelle lipgloss and some eyeshadows from Physicians Formula and Rimmel though :) I want to go back and see what new things might be stickered and also for some of the Physician's Formula Shimmer Strip shadows because the deal is too good to resist!

  26. Hello! So I just came back from CVS. I was so overwhelmed! Haha. First I saw the new Milani Baked Eyeshadows, the new Rimmel Foundation, and the new Almay Mascara, but I told myself "I'm here for the clearance palooza!" Haha.
    I bought 2 L'oreal HIP eyeshadows in Sassy and Charisma. They weren't marked but thanks to this blog I scanned them just to see. They were $2.07 each.
    Next from Maybelline I purchased 2 Moisture Extreme lipsticks in Berry Sorbet and Plum wine. The 50% off sticker hid the names of the lipsticks but I went with my gut and purchased them anyway for $3.25 each. I also purchased a Maybelline Quad in Time for Wine for $3.89
    The next 3 items were from Sally Hansen's Natural Beauty line. You have to scan these to see what's on clearance. They weren't marked on mine but I believe they were 75% off. I wanted to try the Your Skin Makeup Foundation from Sally Hansen, but it wasn't on clearance. I purchased a Cream Blush in Rosy for $2.25 and 2 Powder Blushes in Orchid and PlumBerry for $2.75.
    Overall I saved $46.04 and I want to thank all over you for letting me know about this clearance sale and I hope you all enjoy your new year with new clearance items!!! =)

  27. Hey guys! So this is from my subscribers on my YouTube Channel. After they watched my video ( they reported back to me what they bought. I hope their comments here will help you.

    "OMGG i went to CVS right away when I saw this video!! I wanted to get everything but I ended up with 18 items for only 35.23 hehe ~ ty!

    I got the Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation (1.82), Rimmel Royal Lip Gloss in Sweet Lust (1.49), Physicians Formula Bamboo Silk Powder (2.62), Physicians Formula Felt tip Liner (1.87), 3 L'oreal HIP Duos (2.19), Revlon Age Defying Concealer (2.62), and various Sally Hansen's Nailpolishes ranging from .79-2.32!! They had sales on the Insta-Dri, Diamond Strength :D,etc"

    Here's another comment:
    "Wing, I' m so happy to report. ^^'

    What I got:

    -physicians formula plump potion mascara (2.62)

    -physicans formula needel free plump potion lipstick (2.75)

    -Revlon colorstay mineral foundation (3.49)

    -Revlon colorburst lipstick , only 2 shades on sale 75% off , shades Lilac and coral (2.47)

    - lip smackers lip gloss Blue raspberry ( .82)

    None of the shimmer strips or HIP duos were on sale on my local cvs ="("

    One more comment:
    "WING! WING! WING! I'm so happy to "report" (lol) after a unsuccessful trip yesterday i hit the jackpot today (well, after playing hide and seek for like 30 min) i got the Revlon 3D extreme (2.69), hazel POP shimmer strips ( $2.87 for some reason it was the ONLY shimmer strip on sale out of the whole collection of shimmer strips i find that odd oh well my win) i got a HIP pigment (those things are like $13! got mine for $3.12!) and i got a revlon age defying concealer ($2.49) "

    Hope this is helpful to all of you!


  28. IM SO SAD!

    my CVS didnt have anything on clearance/sale! i even scanned several items i was so sure was on sale, but nothing! no signs and the scanner didnt show anything :(

  29. I went back to CVS today :)

    I got:
    -Revlon matte eyeshadow singles in Riviera Blue and Aubergine ($1.37 each)
    -Rimmel Royal Gloss in Peach Crush ($1.49)
    -Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips in Hazel Eyes ($2.95)

  30. Hey G,
    I just wanted to let you all know that I went to my CVS earlier today, and some of the insta-dri nail polishes were in a two pack with some clear polish, the rose a go-go was one of them, and rang up as 75% off! Just a heads up, I bought several more things, and I saved about $90! I also got Circus by Britney Spears in a gift set for half off, so definitely be looking at the perfume gift sets! :)

  31. I posted my little haul on my blog:

    Some of the things listed here were NOT on clearance at my store, like the Almay powders (and something else that I can't remember now)

    But like you, G, there were NO stickers or signage at either of the two stores I went to. Thanks so much for this list! (and the scanner boxes! I'm sure thatthe staff thought I was a nut!

  32. Quick question:

    Do you need a CVS Extracare card for the clearance?

    Thanks! :)

  33. I just did a post on the items, and what I got! I copied your list and gave you credit. here is the link

  34. So I know you mentioned this in another post, but why don't you add the other L'oreal products that are 75% off like the Endless Color Lipsticks and the HIP Shine Struck Liquid Lip Colors to the CVS clearance post?

  35. Linda: You know, I have never NOT used my CVS card for a purchase, so I have no idea! Hopefully someone else here can answer your question. Sorry!

    Chantel: Because I forgot! Those displays are already wiped completely clean at my CVS stores, so I didn't even think about it. I'll add them now. Thanks!

  36. Oh! Haha! I didn't see them marked down when you first mentioned them, but when I went in today all the Endless Lipstick, HIP Lip Colors, and Feel Naturale Foundation and Blushes were still there! I guess no one in my area read your post but me! Hehe.

  37. Hi G, I took some photos of L'oreal, neutrogena, and physicians formula to help fill in the gaps. My post is here:

    Feel free to use the photos!

    These are the HIP duos that are on clearance.
    807 Poppy
    318 Flashy
    404 Flare
    114 Adventurous
    234 Roaring
    208 Sassy
    236 Forgiving
    336 Devious
    508 Cheeky
    518 Charisma
    536 Wicked
    908 Mischief

  38. I was reading around on the Beauty Broadcast facebook page and one person on their said they got some Revlon false eyelashes for 75% off. I am wondering if this is a widespread thing and other people have had the same luck or if this is just a singular occurrence. I really would like to know because I am seriously wanting some false lashes! :)

  39. Oh man, I love me some clearance sales...

    I went to two separate CVS's and here's what I saw that haven't been mentioned yet:

    Almay - 75% off
    Nearly Naked powders and foundation
    Smart Shade Bronzer

    CoverGirl - 50% off
    Trublend blush
    Amazemint gloss
    Continuous Color lipstick

    Maybelline - 75% off
    Cool Effects shadow liner (may be all shades, very low selection so hard to tell.)

    Physician's Formula - 75%
    Eye Enhancer's 3-in-1 tool

    I couldn't find any Tweezerman products on sale, but the Sally Hansen LaCross tools are all 75% off!

  40. In my local CVS, in upstate NY, I spotted dream mousse foundation for 50% off. They might of been incorrectly marked down, but still, it's worth a shot to check it out.

    Again, thank you so much for this post! I bought some of those PF shimmer strips (the one for "blue eyes") and I love it! Some of the shadows are so pigmented.

  41. Here's the scoop on the false eyelashes!
    For Revlon, the Fantasy Lengths "Defining" set are on sale for 75% off. The only 2 sets at my CVS were the defining and the flirty, the flirty set were full price.
    I'm not sure about Revlon glue, my CVS didn't have any or I would have tried!

  42. Today at CVS I picked up some Ardell "Sweetie" Lashes 50% off. Those are the only false eyelashes I noticed on sale.

  43. Update: Didn't need a CVS rewards card after all - the SA scanned the store one for me. I just didn't get any extra bucks.

    But because I wasn't sure, I only picked up a concealer (50% off!). I did, however, see some Ardell and Revlon lashes on sale that others have mentioned, and at my CVS, the Maybelline Dream Mousse (the liquid one) on clearance, but only the darkest shade. Cocoa, I think it was? I also saw some Great Lash mascaras marked and the purple, waterproof Pro XXL mascara half off too.

    Going back tomorrow :D

  44. I got a little skip in my heart beat when I saw the clearance sale. :) I got a SH gloss, 2 SH far. :) I want to get the PF eyeshadows; that price can't be beat!

  45. I couldnt resist! I went back a 3rd time! I got some more L'Oreal hip pigments. My CVS only had 3 of the colors I didnt have so I snatched them up. I got 2 revlon lipsticks, and lip glosses. I also got a L'oreal lipgloss. I have saved over $119.57 so far! here is a post with pictures

  46. For whatever reason, the Circle RX concealers are scanning as being on sale here in Princeton, NJ. I don't know if it's the particular store I frequent or my region as a whole.

    I also wanted to mention that the holiday fragrance sets are half off. I picked up a Halle Berry Orchid set for $10 and a DKNY Be Delicious set for $12.

  47. Not all shades of the Physicians Formula Mineral Wear blushes were on sale at my CVS. Pink Glow and Blushing Glow were reduced to $2.99 but Rosy Glow rang up full price at $11.99. My CVS only carries those 3 shades so I don't know if the other colors in the Mineral Wear line are on clearance.

  48. My CVS only had the Revlon marked but thanks to everyone here I was able to know where to look and scanned everything! I just posted a list of my haul with all the shades so hopefully this helps you guys :)

    xoxo - Melody

  49. G, remember L'Oreal Bare Naturale lip glosses are 75% off too, as well as all the L'Oreal nail polishes (except limited edition ones if your CVS still has some of those displays out).

    At my CVS none of the Sally Hansen Insta-Drys in the 2 packs were on sale. They hadn't gotten around to stickering the Sally Hansen section yet, so I had to price check anything I was interested in. Apparently all the Diamond polishes are on sale. I took a few of the Xtreme Wear ones to the red box, but didn't find any sale ones. Anyone who bought those, what colors did you get?

    They didn't have the stickers on Physicians Formula yet either, at my CVS none of the Pop Shimmer Strips were on sale, but two of the Smoky ones were, I got the one for blue eyes, the other was for green eyes.

    I did get the Healthy Wear powder foundation in Creamy Beige at 75% off! They only had 4 shades, two light and two medium. I only checked the two medium and the other one wasn't on sale.

    The only other thing that I got that I don't think anyone has mentioned is a Revlon Super Lustrous lip gloss in Pink Afterglow.

    Also in the regular clearance section I found Orly Purple Pleather and Viridian Vinyl for only $1.75 each!

    Everything else I got was on the list here so thank you G and all the commenters who helped make up this list! I LOVE NOUVEAU CHEAP!!!

  50. Pink Afterglow is on the list. D'oh!

    At my CVS all the Age Defying foundations weren't on sale, only one shade was, it happened to be my shade but I didn't get it. I think I'll go back and pick it up after all.

    Also the PF Circle Rx concealer wasn't on sale at my CVS.

  51. Donna: Thanks for mentioning that the PF Circle Rx Circle concealer wasn't on sale in your area either. I'm think some of the sale items might be based on store or region and am still trying to figure it out.

    After scanning the concealer and the wrong shimmer strips (I didn't pick up on the fact that none of the shimmer strips for brown eyes weren't on sale until I got home), I was at the point of wanting to contact CVS customer service to try to figure out items on sale at other stores weren't on sale at mine. I still might right them, just to try to figure out the logic behind it.

  52. I went to CVS this morning and stocked up on some of my favorite items and tried some new things. I posted pics on my blog at:

    Thanks for the great compilation of sale items- it really helped me identify what was on sale.

  53. At my CVS the Carmindy/SH cream blushes that were on sale were the four darker shades. There were six in the display, and the two lightest ones were still full price.

  54. OMG i just found your blog like yesterday and I can't tell you how pleased I am with it already. I saw this and literally threw some clothes on and ran to CVS. I spent $12.81 and saved $36.61. I was smiling so hard coming out of that store. My most prized purchase was the Revlon Age Defying Concealer which I have been eyeing for so long now but never bought it because its $9.99. I got it for $2.37 a piece (I bought two). Thank you soooo much.

  55. Just wanted to let you know that the Physician Formula Shimmer Strips Smoky Green Eyes and Smoky Blue Eyes were 75% off at my CVS

  56. 5 cvs's in three days and nothing! well, next to nothing. i took your super awesome list with me and scanned my little heart out......and ended up with one thing. im pretty sure the employees thought i was insane, and when i asked them about the sale, they had no idea.
    get on the bandwagon greater baltimore metro area!!!

  57. I'm in the same boat as thetinygoat. I live in northern VA and spent over an hour grabbing stuff that was on the list, running to the scanner, and then running back to replace nearly all of it. I managed to grab a couple of things like the Revlon super lustrous lipglosses, some colorburst lipsticks, Rimmel royal glosses, an Almay pressed powder (the blue one), and one Sally Hansen insta-dri nailpolish, but most of the real goodies weren't on sale. I was super bummed about the shimmer strips. I'll be hitting up at least 2 other CVS's tomorrow. Here's hoping the sales get going around here!

  58. @Donna: The only Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear nail polish I found with a sticker was "Pink Boa". It rang up $.89, and with a couple $1 off coupons (found on a display), I got them for free! Plus, when I got home, I realized that the coupons did not adjust down, so I got the $.22 overage too! Woohoo ;)

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  60. This comment has been removed by the author.

  61. Thank you so, so much for the info about this sale! I stopped by CVS last night, and I was so excited to see that some of the items were still 75% off! Rimmel's Airy Fairy was on my Christmas list, but I didn't get it, so it was awesome to be able to buy it for only $1.57; there was actually only one left! I also picked up the Rimmel Royal Gloss in Sweet Lust for 75% off. They both look gorgeous! Thank you again!

  62. I've seen that a few people have picked up the Revlon Beyond Natural eyeshadow quads and I want to warn you all NOT to buy them. I wouldn't even take them if they were giving them away for free. They are that bad. On me they last less than 15 minutes before they wind up entirely in the crease. I even tried using them in a thin layer as a base for powder shadow, it took about 3 hours but by that time it was a creasy mess too. Don't take my word for it, read the reviews on MUA;

  63. Stacy thank you. I don't have Pink Boa in my stash and you can't go wrong at 89 cents! I love the Xtreme Wear formula, it just lasts forever on me, so I wish more shades were on sale.

  64. Oh and here is a video from Maquilagem Masstige of her CVS haul. I like that she bought products she already uses and knows about and gives advice on what to get and why.

  65. You all might want to click over to Kali's blog, "The Makeup Drawer", she has two haul posts (product porn!) and a review of one of the Revlon ColorBurst lipsticks on sale this week. Look in recent posts in her sidebar for the posts.

  66. IB CVS on Palm (not Saturn with Starbucks and WellsFargo) had this three-in-one PF eye tool for around $2. One end has an all over shade, the other a darker contouring shade. Purchased it. Definitely not an all night wear, but I think it is a good tool to keep in your glove box or your checkbook wallet. Note: The applicators are not as sharp as depicted on the package and the thing seems to almost be springloaded, as in, you unscrew the end and it sort of "pops."

  67. Thanks! I went to CVS last night in a rush, scanned my CVS Card and had $4 Extra Bucks! Didnt have time to check the cosmetics but going on my lunch break today! :)

  68. I wasn't going to run straight to my local CVS after reading this post, seeing as they are ALWAYS the last to do whatever it is that all the other CVS stores in the country are doing. However, I waited a couple days and stopped in this morning and was like a kid in a candy store- pretty much everything in the makeup section was 50-75% off! I was shocked, they were finally doing something at the same time as all the other CVS stores! I grabbed a bunch of stuff, Rimmel shadows, L'Oreal HIP shadows, debated on the Almay shimmer strips and ultimately decided I don't really NEED them, and I got a few other things I can't remember off the top of my head right now. Thanks so much for these kinds of posts, G- thanks to you and your blog, I saved over $40 this morning, while spending $13- and I only had 1 "Extrabuck" attached to my account! <3

  69. My CVS is still full of great deals, which makes me very happy :D Picked up some lipsticks today. THey finally put up the Covergirl stickers and TruBlends Micromineral Foundation (looks like the blushes of the colection) and the Trublend Whipped foundation are on clearance. All shades apply. Also, Maybelline Define-A-Lash mascara is on clearance too.

    CVS beauty club is out too I think. You can signup online first at I got my 10% off pass right after signing up. :D

  70. I really hope my dad will take me before sunday! I really want to try the rimmel and revlon lipsticks and the dream mousse concealer! ^_^

  71. Product porn?! LOL Donna -love it!

  72. ahhh thank you for the product list! It came in really handy when I went to CVS. I even printed it out LOL.

    Anyway, I've posted my haul on my blog. Please check it out:

    Again, thank you for compiling this awesome list!

  73. I just wanted to give people a heads-up that you may not get the Revlon promo Extrabucks if you have used that promo any time recently. I shopped the sale earlier this week (in 2011) and bought qualifying purchases but did not get the Revlon Extrabucks. I assume it was because I qualified for them in early December 2010, and this is a continuation of that promotion and not a new one. Disappointing!

    I did use the Aveeno Extrabucks promo to get some Positively Ageless products that I am LOVING. And I am also very happy with the Physicians Formula Eye Booster liquid eyeliner pen - the one with the "Try Me Free" rebate for the full price.

  74. I don't think the Rimmel Lasting Finish lipsticks are being discontinued! Just repackaged! I recently saw them in Bartell Drugs (a smaller, regional chain)and the tubes have a new silver band and the inner tube that houses the lipstick is now silver too. Most of the colors they carried were in the new packaging including Airy Fairy (thank goodness!) I think the new packing looks more posh!
    I googled and found that PinkHairPrincess has a blog entry about them:

  75. I finally got around to posting my haul pictures on my blog! I didn't realize how much I got until I put it all in one place! I'm going to be set for a whillllllleee now :)
    Thank you CVS! :D
    I also posted a link to your blog G and the link to this list, it's just a... work of art.

  76. Thanks for all this info! I also have my haul up on my blog and swatches of a lot of the stuff if anyone needs swacthes! Thanks soo much once again! :)

  77. FYI - If you buy a clearance item you don't like, you can still return it within 30 days, no questions asked. I bought two of the Revlon matte eye shadows and they didn't apply well, so I returned them along with a Rimmel Kiss & Stay Lipcolor that didn't go well with my skin tone and the cashier was very nice about it.

  78. I LOVEEEE your blog! Thank you thank you thank you for all the info! lol

    By the way, I saw Sally Hansen Color Quick chrome color pens (all colors except for silver) and the gold nail art pen 75% off today!

    Definitely print as many Rimmel $2 off coupons as possible before you hit up CVS! The $2 gets taken off your total purchase so if the Rimmel item is less than $2, you're basically getting it for free and saving on your other purchases! =)

    Here's my haul:


  79. I was so excited for this sale, but when I went to my local CVS... I was so disappointed. There were a fair amount of 75% and 50% off stickers, but when I scanned some things that were supposed to ___ % off they came up as BOGO 50% off... :(

  80. Hi G,

    I sent you an email about the Sally Hansen coupons, but I figured I would leave a comment on this post so your followers can see it here too.

    There are three new Sally Hansen coupons out in the 01/09/11 Red Plum insert. I actually used all three coupons when I went to CVS on 01/06. If you would like to see what these coupons specifically are you can read my CVS Beauty Clearance Hauls post here:

    Love, Lipgloss, & Lattes

  81. I picked up a few things. You got some really good stuff. On my blog I listed what I found at my CVS. Also in my CVS one a maybelline display they had a $1 off coupon.

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  83. I have gone to probably 6 (if not more) different CVS's around here in Houston, TX. Some had no items marked at all, while others had just about everything marked. I went to one today and this one FINALLY accepted my coupons. I was very excited to finally use my coupons since I had printed out so many and I had tried to use them at every other location I visited!

    Here is what I have bought so far:
    (1) Revlon Age Defying Concealer
    (1) Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick
    (7) Sally Hansen Diamond Lip Glosses
    (6) L'oreal Hip Duo Shadows
    (2) Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipsticks
    (4) Rimmel Moisture Extreme Lipsticks

    I got all this for about $30, after coupons and ExtraCare Bucks! Also, just wanted to add, for the Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipsticks, I got 2 in Spotlight Beige and 2 in Summer Angel. I think the Summer Angel was marked by accident since I only saw it marked at 1 store, and it didn't even ring up at the clearance price. So the manager just did an override. Keep an eye out for this might be able to find it for 75% off as well! I think my hauling is done for now, but I just might go back to search for that makeup mirror!

    Happy Hauling Everyone! :)

  84. So I went to CVS today and got 5 things:
    2 L'Oreal HIP Pigments (3.12 each)
    1 Physicians Formula Circle Rx Concealer (1.99)
    1 Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips For Smoky Green Eyes (2.87)
    1 Rimmel Stay Matte in 100 Ivory (1.75... it was the only stay matte foundation that was on sale at my CVS)
    ok so I should have spent 12.85... but I didn't b/c I had:
    1 coupon for $3 off 2 Loreal Products (from Loreal Paris site)
    1 Coupon for $2 off any rimmel product (from "like" rimmel on facebook)
    and 1 coupon from the CVS scanner for $3 off Physicians formula Powder Palette (which i didn't get but my cashier wasn't paying attention and just scanned it)
    so i saved $8 dollars more so i spent $4.85 (actually w/ tax i spent 6.05)

  85. I finally got to a CVS! Unfortunately it only had a few items marked down and even if it's some of the stuff that's supposed to be 'clearance' or marked down, they aren't. :( I'll probably go to the other CVS in town to see if they have any stuff left. I was really looking forward to the coty airspun powder!
    Here's what I got today though- (plus 9% tax)
    1 revlon age defying concealer (2.49)
    1 revlon colorbrust lipstick (2.45) (there were like three that had stickers on all of the same shade, but they didn't ring up, and the cashier said he couldn't do an override. :( )
    3 revlon nail polishes (1.37 each)
    1 revlon mineral foundation (3.49)
    1 revlon matte eyeshadow (riviera blue) (1.25)

  86. can anyone out there possibly lend me some help? i've gone to both the the CVS's in my city twice, and still no clearance! i've scannned practically everything i know is on clearance, and still, theres nothing. the only sale going on is mostly bogo50%off


  87. clarissa: things should be in the system why don't you print this page blog that way you have a list of what is on sale? i know my cvs didn't have everything on sale but it did have a lot of it... also maybe ask someone? i know mine doesn't have stickers so i asked someone and she knew that a lot of the l'oreal stuff was on sale but didn't know about the rest... idk just ask because if the cashier wears makeup i think they may have an idea of what is on sale (mine did anyway lol)... there are a couple things that i have seen for sure on sale at all the cvs that i've gone too... Revlon Age Defying Concealer (mine was in light medium just fyi)... L'oreal HIP Pigments... Revlon 3D Mascara... BUT just to let you know my first CVS trip took me 30 min to find products (hide and seek with makeup is no fun) so don't get frustrated if you can't find stuff right away because I only found 5 things my first trip... good luck hunting... hope this helps :]
    (i think this sale might end the 15th so go soon :])

  88. I just wanted to share my experience with Neurogena 'MoistureShine Lip Sheers' - it had a 50% sticker in my local CVS and I loved the color, so I risked taking it. But at hte cashpoint it scanned as $2.62 (so it got to 75% discount).

    LOVE IT! By the way, Walgreens have these on clearance for special $2.69 price (no coupon needed) and I found more colors there (even tohse CVS doesn't carry) + if you have some Walgreens coupon (I had $2 which I got when buying EOS shave cream), you can get a real deal!

  89. Just a caveat:

    If you get any of the clearanced skincare from, for example, Lumene, you might want to check another store first! I recently grabbed the cleansing oil from one store at clearance price only to find that another store had the same product, NOT on clearance, for cheaper! If you can, definitely try to check more than one place.

  90. Hey Love Thank U so much for posting all of this info, I have linked you to my YouTube Haul Vid and am referring my subbies and reader to your blog as well!! very useful info, and very informative, thank u for taking the time to share this!! xoxo

    Here is the link to my Haul :)

  91. when does this sale ends because im planing to go this monday hope they are still there fingers crossed:)

  92. love, the sale runs until everything with stickers sells out. As long as your CVS has the items G has listed then they will be sale priced. The last time they had this clearance sale at my CVS it ran for almost 2 months! I think there must be only 5 of us customers who buy makeup or something at my store. I just got back and bought more stuff tonight, this is like my fifth or sixth trip. lol There is always something else I see that I want!

  93. G, the only new stuff to add to the list are more Sally Hansen nail polishes. At my CVS I got an Insta Dry in Blush Rush (16) on clearance, and an Xtreme Wear in Purple Pizzazz (40) on clearance.

  94. G, I noticed you don't have SH Insta Dry in Mochachino listed.

    Or Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in Blackberry, and Spiced Brandy. There were others too but I don't remember the names of the colors, those were the two I bought.

    Also ALL of Rimmels eyeshadows are on sale at my CVS, not just the quads, so singles, trios, whatever, they are all 75% off.

  95. Oh and Physicians Formula Healthy Wear Bronzers, all of them are clearanced out at 75% off. They look just like your HG powder foundation and should be located right near them (they are directly below them at one CVS and beside them at another near me.)

    I am sooooo annoyed that Milani has nothing clearanced out. They have all these great new products coming in, so why aren't they making room for them????

  96. Actually at my CVS, the Physicians Formula Eye Definer Felt-Tip Eye Markers in both Dark Brown AND Warm Black are both on Clearance, not just the Dark Brown!

  97. I got $5 extracare bucks out of the red box last night, for no apparent reason. I think it might have to do with that new beauty club thing?

  98. Hmmm I just reread the info on the Beauty Club and it says you do get $5 every time you spend $50 in beauty products. And I'm sure I've spent at least that much since the sale started, but I've only been enrolled for the past 3-4 days, and I haven't spent that much in the time I've been enrolled. Either it's counting all your beauty purchases even before you enrolled, or it's counting the regular price of the products and not the clearance price? Does anyone know anything about this?

  99. I have a few specific shades of a couple items I was able to verify are part of the 75% off sale:

    Sally Hansen Diamond Strength polishes:
    - 90 Brilliant Bordeaux
    - 92 Deeply Violet
    - 94 Black Diamond

    Sally Hansen Carmindy Cream Blush:
    - Rosy (you already have listed
    - Flush
    - Ginger
    - Sunset

    HTH! :)


  100. @Donna: I'm so with you on the Milani annoyance! They need to clear out lots of their old products (so I can take them home to live with ME - hahaha!! ;)) in order to make room for all the new Milani goodness!!! :)

  101. lol @ruthiegirl! I love Milani, but cheap Milani? I love even more!

    Just a heads up, some people who got the $10 Physicians Formula coupon from the red box last week are reporting that they are getting a second one this week, so scan those cards! Unfortunately I got the $3 one, I hope I get another, or maybe even the $10 one this week.

  102. I just read that Jamie over at Rural Glamour got a $3 off Almay from the red box! She bought Almay Pure Blends translucent matte powder with it and reviewed it. It sounds wonderful and if I get that coupon I am buying it too!

  103. I went to a CVS that I forgot about and they still had almost everything in stock. I finally picked up Airy fairy which I had been wanting to try forever which was either out of stock or smashed at every other store. I posted a quick mobile pic and a list of my haul. I got $16 things for around $14 =) My Sunday (1/16's) paper had 3 different Revlon coupons and I ended up with multiple inserts. You should dig through your Sunday paper to see if you got any. In my Area (San Diego) I get a local paper and a Spanish paper for free called Enlace on weekends and that had the Revlon coupons as well. I also scanned my CVS card yesterday and got the $10 Physician's formula crt! HTH!

  104. Check out my CVS clearance haul with reference to this blog site here:


  105. I posted a haul of my beauty channel

  106. Hi G!

    I saved almost $200!! I'm sooo happy and my sisters are totally envious of me. LOL. Take a look:


  107. I went to a different CVS today and they had stickers on products that weren't in the scanner and didn't scan correctly at the register either, so probably a mistake on whoever put the stickers on the products.

    I saw that Revlon Double Twist mascara was stickered 75% off, but wasn't interested so I didn't double check with the scanner. I just assumed it was a mistake, but I just saw a haul video where it was stickered at this woman's CVS and she got it for the sale price, so this might be legit. If anyone is interested in trying that mascara, check with your red box scanner!

    She also got the Revlon matte powder blush in barely buff for 75% off. I didn't see that one or I would have gotten it. I love Revlon's matte blushes!

    Her CVS still has Black Radiance and some of those are stickered at 50% off.

    The only other thing is that you have the Maybelline Define-A-Lash Mascara listed under Covergirl instead of Maybelline.

  108. Hey Ladies- I just stopped by CVS and there are still lots of makeup for 75% off. But more importantly, when you buy $10 worth of Physician's Formula makeup, you get $7 extra rewards bucks back. So, basically, I bought makeup already 75% off then I got $7 back to use on other makeup. In this haul, I got my makeup for about 56% additional off the 75%. The percentage you get off is the total you pay so you obviously save more when you buy closest to the $10. See photos of my receipt and goods on my blog at: On the receipt, I wrote down how much the item essentially cost me once I calculated in the $7 rewards I got back. To get rewards you have to use your CVS card- to get your CVS card, you have to sign up for one- totally free! And remember to sign up for Beauty Club (separate application but also free). Everytime you spend $50 on makeup at CVS, you get $5 rewards bucks back (to be used like cash on anything in CVS).

    Okay, enough CVS talk for tonight. But seriously, eyeliner for $0.68? You cannot beat that.

  109. I just wanted to say thank you so much for this list!! I totally hit the jackpot today when I finally found a CVS with the scanning machine. I got a $3 off PF coupon, which I used on top of a $3 instant coupon on the Happy Booster blushes, then bought a Healthy Wear powder foundation to bring my total to $11, which gave me the $7 Extra Bucks deal that CVS is holding this week! I also got the Sally Hansen Carmindy foundation that I've been dying to try for 75% off in a shade that matches my NC20 skin perfectly. I thought I did really well but then I came home and saw that I have an email from CVS for $5 off a $15 purchase, which I totally plan to combine with my $7 Extra Bucks later this week! I seriously get a high off of saving money like this, and it's totally thanks to you, G!!! THANK YOU!

  110. I finally was able to get to a CVS that always has good stuff and they actually had some fragrances for 75% off. They were on a shelf on an endcap with a basket of Sally Hansen lip glosses that are on clearance. The perfumes were mostly drugstore type things like English Leather but there were several boxes of SJP Lovely and one Gwen Stefani & some others. I got a 4.2oz (big!) bottle of Ralph Lauren Turquoise for 4.62! None of the boxes were marked; I had to scan them to see they were 75% off (the shelf just had a clearance sign).

  111. My local CVS packed up all their clearance items today into a big box - I'm hoping they're not getting rid of it, and just putting it all in a clearance area hopefully for 90% off! I'll be investigating later tonight.

  112. My CVS had a ton of Orly polishes in a box in their regular clearance section, full size for $1.75 each and the minis for $1.09. I got two of the Cosmic FX, a couple of those matte metal ones (forget what the display was called), and three of Viva ones. They also had the Plastix but I already had those. I also got 3 of the minis in nice colors.

    The Revlon false lashes were also in the clearance section and I got one set of those. I've never used false lashes and figured I could give them a shot and see if I can manage to do them right at only $1.44.

  113. My CVS put away all of their clearance stuff, except for the Sally Hansen and the Coty, but they probably just didn't get to those yet. I was so disappointed when I ran all over the store trying to find out where they were, but came up with nothing. I was going to pick up some new foundations for when I start to tan, but oh well. I got the Sally Hansen Diamond Lip Treatment and the Color Quick Nail Color, and I had coupons for both. The gloss ended up being $0.75 and the polish was $1.95. I will be going back soon to get more of the Color Quick, since I'm really loving them right now! SO pretty...

  114. it sounds like the cvs clearance is ending. :( but i was at target today and they had so much on clearance. especially their nail polishes. they even had elf on clearance. i think im going to go buy the studio eyeshadows tomorrow. i think they were $2

  115. My CVS *still* has clearance items out! Scanning your card at the red box right now will get you a $3/$10 cosmetics purchase...I got Revlon foundation and bronzer and Maybelline blush and lipstick for $7.20-almost $40 worth of makeup!


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