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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Swatches: Sally Hansen Nail Prisms from Dollar Tree

Since there are tons and tons of these old Sally Hansen Nail Prisms polishes surfacing at Dollar Tree lately, I thought I'd show you two of the shades I recently purchased in case you've been tempted to get some.

Note: these polishes retail at Dollar Tree for, of course, $1 and they come in packs of two. They are quite old and definitely not Big-Three-Free (which also means they take forever to dry):

Sally Hansen Cinnabar Opal

I couldn't capture the "prism" effect of this polish in pictures, but basically what happens is that it turns from pinky-peach to golden when you hold your hands at certain angles. I'm not a fan of this shade (I was hoping it would have much more dimension when on the nail--in the bottle there are pretty lime green and blue flashes to this color) and it's so sheer that it makes it more trouble than it's worth. The above pics were taken after four coats.

Sally Hansen Golden Tourmaline

 Love love love this one! See all the pretty holographic particles? They look just like that in real life. These pics were after two coats. The only thing I'm frustrated with is that the base color is NOT accurate in my pics. I tried tweeking it in post-editing but I couldn't nail it.  In real life, this isn't so much a cherry-tomato red, but rather more of a medium berry with magenta undertones.  It's stunning and I highly recommend it.  Just be sure you top it off with a good quick-dry top coat because on its own, it will never quite dry.  Seche Vite should do the trick though.

Do you own any of these older Nail Prisms polishes from Dollar Tree? What do you think of them? Do you have any favorites?


  1. I actually have a few that I bought years ago. Not sure where. I love the tourmaline 1. I'll have to check out my Dollar tree. I'll be going there soon.

  2. I can't even talk about this without wanting to cry. It seems I am very lucky, my Dollar Tree seems to get all the new cool stuff a little while before most.

    I had seen these polishes and the NYC Glossies show up a few weeks before the blogs started buzzing about them, but I assumed they were really old, and was leery to try the, so didn't give them much thought.

    Fast forward 2-3 weeks, and now everyone is wise, and here come the swatches. Of course, I fall immediately in love. Of course, they're all gone from my stores by then!! I did manage to (literally, they were buried in a pile of bras on the bottom of the shelf)) dig up one NYC Glossies color and ONE Prisms color (Purple Diamond).

    I'm so in love with it, it's not even funny, and I keep stalking my stores with the fervent hope that some more will make their way to the rack.

    PS--That Golden Tourmaline color is to.die.for!

  3. I just found Purple Diamond and can't wait to try it out. The only problem is I can't open the bottle! lol But I will find a way to get it open...someday.

  4. Am I the only one with a sucky dollar tree? *sighs*

    They look really pretty on you! ;)

  5. I did manage to get Purple Diamond and Pink Rose Diamond, but my DT didn't have any of the others. I will keep looking, though!

  6. Because of your "tips" I was able to get 4 bottles at the Dollar Tree. I purchased Diamond, White Diamond, Golden Cinnabar and Purple Diamond. All of the colors are interesting in their own way. This week I used the purple for a pedi and I love it; perfect for this time of the year. What a great deal for .50 a bottle. Thanks for the info, G.

  7. My Dollar Tree sucks too ;[ I've been stalking it at least once a week and have found NOTHING! That second polish is so gorgeous. I'll just *imagine* that its sitting somewhere in my stash and havent seen it as yet!

  8. I have been STALKING DT for a few months trying to get these to no avail :( No Coloramas at Big Lots either!

  9. Wow the second one would make a great Christmas time color! I bought a two pack from a Dollar tree and got Sally Hanson Lily, which is like a garnet color (LOVE btw)and the Golden Cinnabar nail prism, it looks like a darker pink with gold and maybe some olive green tones mixed in. I haven't swatched it yet.

  10. the tourmaline is awesome.

    we have two dollar trees, one which sucks, and one which destroys my faith in humanity if i spend more than three minutes inside. luckily, i still have a silvery/purple and a weird lightish blue nail prisms from years ago. never quite figured out how to get them to go on not streaky, but when i do....

  11. Samysalsa, was that one of the Lacquer Shines? I want it! lol

    G, try layering Cinnabar Opal over black, I'm pretty sure that one is a green/purple duochrome.

  12. I have picked up several packages of the Sally Hansen, and Nail Glossies. I really love the Golden Tourmaline! I have to stop at DT today will definately look and see if it is still lingering! :) Thanks for all the inspiration G.!

  13. My Dollar Tree(s) are all tapped out, the past several times I've hit one there is nothing interesting left. It was fun while it lasted...

    but, now I've found a new store called "Five Below", everything is $5 or under and they have buckets of nail polish 3 for $5 and others that are $3. They had the display for Sally Hansen limited editions, the one with Hidden Treasure, but of course HT was gone, but this store just opened last week. I'm kicking myself for not going to the grand opening now, I probably could have gotten HT for $3! ARGH! I still got a ton of nail polishes, I'm on a nail polish kick ever since Dollar Tree was getting in these Sally Hansen Nail Prisms and NYC Glossies.

  14. Donna, where do you live???

    We have one good Dollar Tree, and another that never gets the fun polishes. Someone needs to post a list of the DTs that get the discontinued polish vs. the rest of the DTs that only get the same old LA Colors every time. I waste too much of my life wandering into every DT I pass, hoping I'll hit the jackpot.

  15. Believe it or not, T-Rex, your comment just showed up in my email, only a few months late! lol

    I live in New Hampshire and the DT closest to me isn't that great, but I still occasionally hit the jackpot there anyway, so I check it every week (it's next to my grocery store). The best one is in Hooksett, NH, but I only get over there about once a month. I will go more if someone says something great is showing up at DT tho. And the last one is in Manchester, NH. This one is bigger than the other two, but has the smallest beauty section that is picked over pretty badly. It's rare that I find anything good there, but it's next to Five Below, so I check when I hit that one.

    There is a pretty good DT in Keene NH, but I travel out that way only about once every couple of months, and usually don't stop because my husband and kids are with me complaining! But this means I am on my way to visit my family in Connecticut...and I always hit the jackpot at the Dollar Tree in Wallingford CT, there is a Big Lots down the road too, and that's usually got some good stuff too.

  16. I found a 5 pack at Ross yesterday in Temple, Tx for $5.99. I know for sure it has Diamond (silver holo) and I think the cinnabar, based on your swatch. It also has a purple, and 2 pink/red shades (I think one is ruby diamond?)...I have yet to open the box, but I'm super excited to use them for Konad :)


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