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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Swatches: LA Colors polishes from Dollar Tree

A while back I purchased several LA Colors Color Craze polishes from Dollar Tree, and I'm finally getting around to showing you some of them (I showed you Radiation here if you'd like to see). I really like LA Colors polishes. They're toluene and formaldehyde free, cruelty free, come in a fun assortment of shades, and usually retail for around $2 each. For the most part, you can find these at local beauty supplies, online at Cherry Culture, and of course lately a lot of people have been spotting them at Dollar Tree for, of course, just $1 a piece. If you can find these at your local Dollar Tree, I say snatch some up ASAP because they're definitely worth a buck. Oh, don't forget about the little three-pack that's been surfacing at CVS locations lately--you get three full-size bottles for just $2.99.

All of the shades below were purchased at Dollar Tree, but you can also find these shades online here.

LA Colors Color Craze nail polish in Current (retail: $1 at Dollar Tree)

Current is one of those what-you-see-is-what-you-get shades. The color in the bottle is exactly what you see on your nails. That's pretty refreshing sometimes! Current is a bit sheer though, so I needed three coats for good opacity. But other than that, I found no issues with application and the staying power of Current was pretty great too. Looking at this color actually made me long for summer for a minute (and summer's not even my favorite season--winter is!).

LA Colors Color Craze nail polish in Wired (retail: $1 at Dollar Tree)

Wired is a straightforward royal blue shimmer, but if you don't already own a royal blue shimmer, this would be a good place to start. Wired required two coats for full opacity and I found no application issues at all. I like wearing Wired on my toes and I think it might be fun with a little bit of nail art as well.

LA Colors Color Craze nail polish in Nuclear Energy (retail: $1 at Dollar Tree)

I wanted to show you Nuclear Energy without a top coat (no top coat in the pics above) because I don't know how many times I've been burned by colors like this. Whenever I purchase a neon purple creme (or something like it) it always, always ends up drying to a matte finish. I was VERY pleasantly surprised to discover that Nuclear Energy dries shiny. Yay! I really love this shade--it's not too bright, but it's just a wonderful punch of purplish-berry-wine. If you're an OPI My Aunti Drinks Chianti fan, I think you'll like Nuclear Energy. It's got the same vibe, only brighter and more intense. The only downside is that this color goes on a bit sheer, so it does require three coats.

So, have you spotted LA Colors at your local Dollar Tree? Have you purchased any colors? I'd love to hear from you!


  1. Nuclear Energy kind of looks like it may be close to the Sally Hansen LE polish... though I forget the name of that one!

  2. Oooh! I like that Nuclear Energy shade! I'll have to keep an eye out for it!

    I recently picked up Wired, and a neat shimmery nude shade, whose name escapes me right now...

  3. Nuclear Energy looks like SH Plum Burst! LOVE those shades, can never have enough!

  4. You are so right, I owned three from this line, and one is also wired. And man, they are excellent. I love the quality that it has, I think I might as well snatch up the current, I do not wear green, but u never know...hahaha if someone would like to wear it. The only thing that I do not like is they put the name only on the package, not on the bottle. Still wonder why they like to print number but could not print the word on it.


  5. I have 34 bottles of LA Colors polishes. I guess I must like them! lol After I bought the first couple of bottles and saw that they wear like iron on me, I just kept going back for a few more. I got mine all at regular brick and mortar stores, no online order, yet. Because you can find these at just about any dollar store, not just Dollar Tree. I've gotten many from a little local dollar store that had the other Color Craze line (one is 2009, the other is 2010) and I've gotten some plain old regular LA Colors, not Color Craze ones, at Family Dollar. I've heard from others that they found LA Colors at Dollar General too. I seem to recall someone saying you can sometimes find these at the mall, Forever 21, I think.

    If you get to Family Dollar and see the shade "Pink Sizzle", pick it up. It's not that impressive looking in the bottle, nice, but yeah seen it before. But it's my favorite on my nails. It comes out lighter than bottle color and just gorgeous shimmery goodness. It is a dupe of the OPI color my sister in law had from her mani/pedi...but she couldn't remember the name of the OPI shade she picked! Darn!

    Oh and G, there is 4 polishes in that CVS Color Craze Metallics set, an even better deal than you thought. I wore the charcoal color for a week and no chips, just a little tip wear. It was beautiful and blingy.

  6. This summer after your original post, I did pick up most the Color Craze polishes at the Dollar Tree! The only one I have used thus far is the Silver, which is very cool. The others may go toward stocking stuffer/gift bags at Christmas. I plan on wearing the Silver more towards Halloween too with some nifty Halloween nail art I picked up at Walgreen! I think Orange and Black will be too predictable! Also I wish I had found this blog last winter, b/c I was looking back this weekend and read a post from December where you swatche the Green Satin (dupe for Chanel Jade) and am obsessed!! Spent way too much time online hunting for it to no avail!!! If ANYONE ever knows of it coming around again please, please post! :)

  7. Unfortunately, I've never been able to find polishes at my local Dollar Tree...I keep looking, though!

  8. Zara, have you check if there are any other Dollar Trees in nearby towns? I have three near me and each has different cosmetics/nail polishes. You might find these at a different Dollar Tree, or as I mentioned in my earlier comment, try other dollar/99 cent stores too.

  9. I've seen LA Colors at Dollar Tree recently and picked up a lovely pinky-orange shimmer for my toes last month for a last hurrah for summer. I forget the name of it though (apparently they only list the shade names on the packaging? whoops, should have noticed that before I tossed it eh?) so keep looking ladies, because they do exist.

    The one I still haven't found is that lovely four color (Color Craze?) set from CVS but I keep looking after finally finding the Berry Bloom NYC display, so I figure there is still hope!


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