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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More info about the Wet n Wild Pixie Holiday Palettes!

[NOTE: for additional reader-submitted pics of some of these palettes, please click here]

My post yesterday seemed to cause a little bit of a stir, so I'm happy that I have some more info to share with you, compliments of two of my awesome readers!

photo credit: Meagan for Nouveau Cheap

If you'd like to see two of these new limited edition Wet n Wild Pixie Holiday palettes up close and personal, be sure to click over to the lovely JenJen's blog here. She's got pics and swatches that will make you swoon. Quite possibly the most important thing you need to know when you see this display at your local drugstores: GET THE NIGHT ELF PALETTE. Why? Well JenJen has swatched it, and confirms that not only is there a beautiful red shadow in this palette (so rare for the drugstore!) but there's also a MAC Club dupe as well! And if that weren't enough, my lovely reader Meagan (who shared with us the pic of the display yesterday) thinks this shade is also very similar to Aromaleigh Love Note as well! Oh, and did I mention that the liner that comes with this palette is black with silver sparkles? For just $4.95? Um, hello!

Oh, and JenJen also shows us the palette that a few of you were asking about (the one located in the front left-hand side of the display that is difficult to see in the above pic). Spoiler: there's a deep brown with coppery shimmer. Swoon!

I guarantee you that these palettes will sell out quickly, so when you spot them, DO NOT HESITATE. Purchase the ones you want as soon as you can, because if you wait, you just might come back to an empty display.

So, are you as excited about these new LE palettes as I am? Who doesn't love a 6-pan palette with dupes for just $4.95?


  1. I would love to get these palettes! Unfortunately, I don't have that store near me. Hopefully they come to walgreens or CVS soon :)

  2. Thanks for linking us to those awesome swatches :D

    I'm kinda disappointed only because I only LOVE one color from each of those palettes :/ I've been lemming Club for awhile and if I spot that palette I'll only get it for that dupe :(

    I hope I spot these in stores soon!!! I'll be so sad if they run out before I get to them :/

  3. Ooh thanks so much for sharing! I can't wait to see these at one of my local drugstores- hopefully they will come here! They all look so pretty!

  4. I am VERY much excited for this! Thanks for the heads up!!

  5. I would like to know what the palette in the back on the left is called.

  6. Manda - I *think* that one is called Snow Queen. I could be wrong, but I'm sure it does have snow in the name. =)

  7. The one with the red looks soooo nice, also, fyi, in Ontario the Wet and wild paletted have been price reduced to $4 CAD.

  8. Pssst...I got a 'spend $10, get $5 off' coupon out of All You/Oct. issue. I'm hoping I see these palettes before it expires sometime in Oct.

  9. I also found these at my local Meijer and with the 50% off sale on WnW this week, couldn't resist picking all four of them up! The names of the palettes are super cute too - "Snow Sprite" (blues and greens), "Sugar Plum Fairy" (purples and browns), "Golden Goddess" (bronzey shades), and " Night Elf" (the amazing palette with the Club dupe and red shadow). Can't wait to try them!

  10. are they only being sold at certain areas at thistime? or are they already out in cali (so. cali) already?

  11. Has anyone seen these palettes anywhere other that Meijer yet?

  12. I have been to 2 different rite aid and Kmart looking for these and can't find them :( I really want them!!!


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