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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Febreze Home Collection Green Tea Citrus Soy Blend Candle

It's been quite a while since I talked about home fragrance on this blog. Seeing as it's one of my favorite things in the world, I think a post like this is long overdue!

Ever since I first sniffed the Febreze Home Collection Green Tea Citrus Soy Blend Candle at Walgreens a while ago, I knew it had to be mine. But the problem is, it's expensive. For a product you can purchase at the drugstore, Target, grocery store, etc., I think that $12.99 is a bit steep (some places sell it for as high as $14.99 while I have also seen other retail outlets offer it for as low as $10.99, but that's still expensive in my book).
The reason I love the smell of this candle so much is because it totally reminds me of an Iluminations candle (remember Illuminations? I LOVED that store!) called Brazilian Carnival, which was one of my favorite scents of all time. I remember buying Brazilian Carnival candle tarts at Illuminations by the dozen back in the day and, despite my efforts, I have never been able to find a scent-dupe of this fragrance until now.

Febreze Home Collection Soy Blend Candle in Green Tea Citrus
(retail: around $12.99, 6 oz)

Even though the name of this fragrance is Green Tea Citrus (and yes, it does smell of green tea and citrus), this candle captures the sweetness, tartness, and richness of my beloved Brazilian Carnival to a "T". It's not an exact dupe, but it's the closest I have ever come to finding a fragrance that captures the special quality of Brazilian Carnival.

Because of the high price of this Febreze candle, I've been waiting impatiently for a sale, a coupon, for anything that can bring the cost down. Just when I had given up all hope of ever getting this candle at a discount, I walked into my local Rite Aid last week and discovered that this candle is currently on clearance for 50% off. WHAT?? Yep, 50% off the Rite Aid retail price of $10.99. Obviously I bought this the minute I saw that yellow clearance sign, and now I'm wishing I would have bought two. For $5.49, this is a heck of a deal considering that this candle is heavy (the glass container is nice and substantial), it promises 30-40 hours of burn time, and it looks like this:

Clean and simple! No tacky labels or logos stuck to the side of the jar; just clear glass and pretty green soy wax. I also love that this candle comes with its own wooden stand, which is detachable (and thus, reusable. Yay!).

The glass container is thick and heavy and could easily be reused to hold a votive after you've burned the existing candle (you could definitely use this jar as a makeup brush holder as well). The wooden stand is a nice touch and also quite practical since you don't need to worry about the surface of your table, desk, etc. getting too hot.

What I love most about this candle (aside from the fragrance and the killer price at Rite Aid) is that it's perfect for me to use right at my desk. Whenever I'm working at the computer, I will light this candle and fill my office with its soothing scent. This fragrance instantly calms and relaxes me, and for that reason alone, it's well worth the $5.49.

Febreze Home Collection Green Tea Citrus Soy Blend Candle
in use at Nouveau Cheap headquarters

If you'd like to purchase this candle, be sure to look for it in the home fragrance aisle of your local drugstore, Target, grocery store, etc. These candles are located right next to Glade Plug-ins and those types of products.

Do you own anything from the Febreze Home Collection? What other drugstore home fragrance products do you love and use? I'd love to hear from you!


  1. i miss Illuminations. I loved the red currant the best! No other candle smells as sweet. =)

  2. I like both the Febreeze and Glade oil plug-ins for when I want to freshen up the place, usually in the winter when we're all closed in. It's especially nice to use the holiday scents to get everyone in a festive mood.

    I also like the spray Febreeze to freshen up the furniture, drapes and curtains, etc. When I change the sheets on the beds I spray the pillows with febreeze before putting on a new pillowcase.

  3. I loooooooove Febreze Noticeables air fresheners! They are my favorite..I bought one candle once and it was pink but I cannot remember the name of it or how well it worked :( Will have to look into these candles again if I can find them cheap I've seen a lot of coupons for these in the past!

  4. I love soy candles. $12 is expensive.

  5. I was JUST looking at this candle. I couldn't decide between this one and the yellow one (I can't think of the name right now). They were both on sale for $5.98 at Target. I ended up with the yellow one, but if the price drops again I might get the green one, too.

    BTW for anyone else who wants one - if you have P$G's home made simple booklet, there is a $1 off Febreze candle coupon in there.

  6. I loved Illuminations too! Yeah, those candles and home fragrances can get expensive. I just bought a Febreeze warmer, it was $3.29 and I had a coupon for $3 off! I know $3.29 isn't that expensive but I got the thing for only .29! I felt like I won a prize! LOL!

  7. There is also $1 coupon from the Home Made Simple booklet.

    I bought two of the fragrance collection candles for really cheap at Rite Aid! I love the Acai and Currants.

  8. I've never used the candles, but I love the room sprays. I always get the seasonal ones when they go on clearance, I think we still have 4 bottles of the pumpkin spice from last years fall collection. When I bought them they were just a dollar a piece!


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