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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Review: NYC Limited Edition Shock Value Blushable Creme Sticks

A few days ago I posted this pic of the newest Limited Edition collection from NYC, Shock Value, which I spotted at my local Rite Aid. I have to say, this is their hottest collection to date (in my humble opinion). I love the bright colors, new products and overall feel of this collection--it is just too perfect for spring/summer!

I couldn't resist purchasing the two blush sticks in this display because, well, the Blushable Creme Sticks in the regular NYC collection are pretty darn awesome (I'll be reviewing them soon, along with some other new NYC goodies, for, and I'll let you know when that post is up if you'd like to see it).

But back to the Limited Edition Shock Value goodies! Here are the two shades that are available in this collection:

Left to right: NYC Blushable Creme Sticks in Wild Berry and Pink Flash (retail: $3.99 each)

Now as you can see, Pink Flash isn't really pink at all. To me, it's a beautiful, bright, warm peachy-orange-melon shade. Wild Berry, on the other hand, is a very cool, neon-ish berry pink. So really, these shades truly offer something for both warm and cool-toned gals.

What do they look like on? That's the big question!

Here's what these colors look like when swatched on my arm. They are definitely bold and bright, but don't let that scare you! I think both of these colors are PERFECT to apply just to the apples of your cheeks for a wonderful pop of color.

Here's what they look like after I blended them a bit:

Obviously you could blend these even further for a more subtle look, but I actually really like a bold pop of color on the apples of my cheeks, so I've been wearing them without much blending at all.

I am extremely impressed with the creamy texture of these Blushable Creme Sticks, and they really do blend like a dream. They're pretty much fool-proof in my book, and I think either shade would look lovely this spring and summer if you're going for that fresh-faced, glowing-from-within look.

I also want to add that I tried these on top of my powder foundation (which, if you use powder foundation, you know that cream blushes can be a challenge) and they blended with ease! They didn't leave any funny marks or weird patches of color behind when I used them on top of my powder, which is awesome!

As for staying power, that's where I was a tiny bit let down. For the record, it's been very warm here this week, and I have very oily skin to begin with, so cream blushes are usually not my friend in the summertime. I was able to get about 4 hours of wear with these blushes before I started to see some serious fading, but if I use a primer beforehand, then I'm good to go for the entire day. So oily-skinned girls, definitely use a primer with these and I think you'll be very happy with the results.

Do you own anything from this new NYC collection? Please check back soon because I also picked up one of the Lip Gliders and both of the polishes, which I will review very soon.

Oh, and don't forget: if you spot this display, make sure you grab the $1 off coupons that are attached to the display! Use can use them on the Shock Value products AND the regular NYC products!


  1. Gorgeous colors! I've been looking for this collection but I can't find it! I do have the blushable creme stick in plaza pink and I love it! It lasted through a mosh pit at an Alice in Chains show on me!

  2. I have searched all over my town for these to no avail:( I even called the Customer Service line to see if they could help locate these in my area, but they were no help. I hope these show up somewhere in my area.

  3. I definitely need to snatch both of 'em colour :D They just look so so gorgeous, especially Pink Flash. Oh, btw check out the Creme Stick in Urban Spice. I sorta use it as a bronzer to add warmth to my face. Absolutely divine :D

  4. I went to Meijer today and checked out the makeup aisles while I was there. I was hoping to find this collection, since my local Meijer is usually the first to get new collections (first place I spotted CG Lash Blast Fusion in-store!) in my area, but no dice. :(

  5. Oooo these are both gorgeous! I will have to see if my store has them. Thanks for posting =)

  6. R, would sealing the cream blush with a thin layer of powder blush help with the wear issue? The Jane cream blush stick faded on me quite quickly too unless I have powder blush on top. Just a thought

  7. Recessionista!! I am so sad that my CVS does not have any of the new NYC Lip Glider glosses nor the Blushable Creme Sticks!! I have been waiting for sooo long. =( I wish they could come in time for me to see this limited edition display too!

  8. Wow, those look amazing! I've been curious about them the first time I saw them in my local Wal-Mart! Sadly, I have way too many blushes I have to use up before purchasing another... but I don't have any cream blush... 0=

  9. I really like the Pink Flash, even if it looks more like peach-coral. Sucks that I have oily skin (super oily during warm months), and I feel weird putting any cream makeup on my face, except liquid foundation (so weird, huh? I think it's the "blending" that I don't like, even though I have to admit, sometimes I feel icky about putting on liquid foundation on my skin.) Lovely color though and I'd totally buy Pink Flash if it came in powder form :)

  10. Oh, I just found out from Niki from Cheapalicious that there's a $5 off $10 purchases of NYC cosmetics in All You magazine. With that coupon and the $1 manufacture, you could save $$$!! :)

  11. cool stuff definitly worth a check out

  12. those look nice, but what's with the display? it looks totally 80s, and not in an ironic hipster-retro way, but an authentic lame-graphics way

  13. Oh my goodness THANK YOU for this review! I've been looking at these blush sticks for a week now, but I couldn't decide if I should spend my money on them. I have somewhat large pores on my cheeks, so cremeblushes can be iffy for me.

  14. PCS: Wow, that's fantastic! I wish these lasted as long on my uber-oily skin, but I do get A LOT more mileage when I use a primer first. :)

    smaxwell: Wow, I am so sorry to hear you're having trouble finding this collection. :( All I can say is that if you have a Rite Aid in your city, they tend to put the LE NYC collections out more often than other drugstores. Hope that helps!

    Diem Ho: Wow, I am definitely going to have to look for that shade! Thanks for the rec, honey!

    JenJen: I have heard such great things about Meijer. I wish I had that chain in my area. :( Do you live near a Rite Aid? They are so good about putting these NYC displays up!

    Tropical Mind: You are so welcome! I hope you find these soon, and I'd love to see your review if/when you get anything! :)

    H: I have heard that trick works wonders, but I'm always hesitant because I don't want to change/alter the color of the original product. So far the primer is working, but maybe I'll work up the courage to try a powder blush next. :)

    Kitty: I am so sorry, hun. At least in my area, CVS doesn't tend to put up LE NYC displays as quickly as Rite Aid. Do you have a Rite Aid in your city? If so, definitely check there! :)

    Gaby: Wow, you found these at your Walmart? That's fantastic!! And if you don't already own any cream blushes, this is a great way to start your collection! You'll be hooked once you try these, I think! :)

    libbeh: I totally understand what you mean about putting anything creamy on oily summertime skin. That's why I'm such a loyal powder foundation and power blush user! lol. But I do make exception for some products, and these are just too good to pass up. :) And thank you so much for the heads-up about All You mag! I neeeed to get my hands on that mag asap since I'm always seeing posts about their great coupons! :)

    Niki: Yep, definitely! :)

    Jane: I think maybe that's why I'm drawn to it! lol! I was 10 years old in 1980 so this type of thing *always* appeals to me. It's the era in which I grew up, so it's always got a soft spot in my heart. :D

    Dominique: You are so welcome, sweetie! All I can say is, GET ONE! I have huge pores on my cheeks, and these didn't exaggerate them at all--but I did use a primer and foundation beforehand. You might run into trouble if you use one of these blushes on bare skin, so definitely apply something first. Keep me posted? :)

  15. Recessionista, unfortunately the closest Rite Aid is about a 30 min drive. :( But fortunately, I'm going to visit my family this weekend and there is an RA in their town! They aren't as hip as some of the RA's though; guess it comes from being in a small town. :) I'll definitely stop by though - especially since I was reading my "All You" magazine last night and found a $5 off $10 NYC coupon in it! SCORE! :D

    And yes, if you ever travel to the OH, MI, or KY areas (may be in more states, but those 3 I'm certain of), make sure to check out Meijer! I've been in several different ones and most pretty consistently get cosmetics in earlier than other stores near me!

  16. JenJen: That is such a bummer! The nearest Ulta to me is about 30-40 minutes away, so I completely feel your pain. It's just not worth it to drive that far for certain things, and I find myself only going to Ulta on very special occasions. :( But YAY that you're going to be near a Rite Aid soon and that you have that NYC coupon!! And of course you can always print out that $3 off Borghese coupon I mentioned a little while ago and tuck it in your wallet in case that Rite Aid has the new collection. lol. :) And thanks for the tip about Meijer. Believe me, if I am ever in any of those states, I will make it my mission to visit a Meijer! lol. x

  17. I just may have to pick up Wild Berry.... it's too pretty to pass up!


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