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Friday, March 12, 2010

Aaah, it's springtime: Zoya Happi and L.A. Colors Lemon Ice

It's finally spring here in San Diego and the weather's warming up slowly (for now) and I'm getting in that mood where I crave adorable pastels and all things cutesy (I just changed my Firefox Persona to this cupcake theme, for crying out loud!).

So with that, I bring you Zoya Happi:

And L.A. Colors Lemon Ice:

Please trust me when I say that, in person, each of these shades is far more pretty (and complex) than what I was able to photograph here. The craziest thing I discovered about these polishes is that they actually seem to be related! In real life, the duo-chrome in Zoya Happi is almost the exact shade of L.A. Colors Lemon Ice (sort of a buttery yellow mixed with just a dash of lime green). Pretty neat!

Happi is a fitting name for this shade by Zoya because it really does make me happy when I wear it. As for Lemon Ice, it's the one and only yellow shade that I've ever found to look decent on me. If you have a hard time pulling off yellows too, by all means check out Lemon Ice. It's so darn yummy in person, and the most wearable yellow I've yet to encounter.

Each of these colors required three coats, but I'm actually getting used to the three-coat routine lately so it didn't bother me at all. Especially with pretty colors like this. :)

Do you own Happi or Lemon Ice? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

BTW, Zoya Happi can be purchased at, while L.A. Colors Lemon Ice can be purchased at I bought both of these shades myself (I bought Happi via the Zoya website and I found Lemon Ice at my local Daiso/Marukai).


  1. Unfortunately I have neither, but imagine how much it is beautiful in person.

  2. So weird! Lemon Ice looks green in your photo!

  3. Pink nail with gold shimmer is my favorite nail polish EVER. Happi is on my lemming list for when Zoya does another fabulous special.

    PS: I love that cupcake persona! I'm using it now too! LOL

  4. Yeah, lemon ice does look a little green...but I do love Zoya Happi I want it! :-) I'm compiling a huge Zoya order in my head. lol Unfortunately my pocketbook does not understand.

  5. I got a nail polish really similar to happi today! I got it at ulta (it is of the ulta brand); only my color (pink lemonade) has more peach to it. It was on clearance for $1.99!

  6. Oh wow, that Zoya 'Happi' is stunning! I have yet to try that brand, so I think I need to place an order...

    I've been feeling the need for pastels lately also. This weekend I broke out my bottle of the lovely Tiffany-blue China Glaze 'For Audrey', and people have been fawning over it where ever I go :p

  7. I just saw Zoya happi in Rite Aid and I bought it. This stuff DOES look awesome :D

  8. Cah_nossovicio: I'm sorry you don't have these, but I'm glad that you can still understand their beauty! :D

    JT: That's because it does have a very slight green tinge to it. And believe it or not, that's exactly why I love it! lol. In person it's truly a shimmery buttery yellow with a *dash* of lime green, which, for me, makes it so much more wearable. It's really one of those shades you have to see in person to fully appreciate it. Promise! lol. I think they should maybe rename this shade "Lemon-Lime Ice" but I think I know what they were going for--it's lemon but the "ice" part is represented by the "coolness" of that tinge of green. Wow, sorry for the tangent! lol. :)

    Rachel: OMG, yay!! So glad you like Happi AND the cupcake persona! :D

    adorepink: Please see my comment to JT above about Lemon Ice. It does have a tinge of green to it, but that's actually why I like it so much. lol! And as for Happi, definitely wait until Zoya has another one of their fabulous promotions and then your pocketbook will love you! :D

    PCS: Congrats!! I loooove shades like this and you got a great deal. :)

    mythosidhe: Definitely wait for one of Zoya's promotions--they run them all the time and you can save on your order BIG TIME. :) Oh, and "For Audrey" is gorgeous!

    Princess azure: Wait a second, your Rite Aid carries ZOYA??? You lucky girl!!!!!! I have never, ever seen Zoya at any of my Rite Aids. I am SOOO jealous!!!

  9. I've added Happi to my list. What a pretty color! I am really getting into Zoya lately. They have such gorgeous colors and I love that they are safer to use.

  10. Annette: Yay! I would love to know what you think of Happi when you get it. :D


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