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Friday, November 13, 2009

Carmex Lip Balm. I had NO idea...

Sometimes I get so excited about a product that I feel like I can't type the words fast enough. Believe it or not, that's what's happening to me as I write this review for Carmex, the brand of lip balm that has been around since the 1930s and is still available practically everywhere for around $2 a piece.

I have to admit, when I hear the word "Carmex", my mind goes straight to the little yellow pot that my dad has kept on his nightstand for, well, forever. And while researching and testing Carmex, I've come to understand the meaning of "father knows best."

I was sent some Carmex products for review recently, and while testing the products, I visited Have you been to the Carmex website? It's got to be one of the cutest product websites I've ever seen. It's so fun, so retro, and so informative.

Before I start my product review, I have to share with you some of the awesome information I found just by going on the Carmex website:

1. Carmex lip balms never expire! Seriously, the owner of Carmex had jars on his desk that were 20 years old and they were just as good as the day they were made. Read more about it here.

2. Carmex has an online shop that sells Carmex t-shirts, hats, etc. and ALL proceeds from the sales of their merchandise go to Toys for Tots. How awesome is that?

3. Carmex is the best-kept secret of models in the United Kingdom. Those gorgeous gals know how to keep their lips moist and pouty and the answer is Carmex.

4. Did you know that, because of its blend of salicylic acid, menthol, camphor, shea butter and other great ingredients, Carmex can be used for things aside from dry lips? It can help dry out pimples! It can be used as an antiseptic for minor cuts, burns and bites! It can soothe dry, cracked elbows! And soften cuticles! Yep. It works for all of the above. Talk about the ultimate money-saver.

5. Carmex does not test on animals. Yay! :)

6. Carmex has the CUTEST little site called MyCarmexKiss, where you can use your own picture and put animated lips on it, then send it to whomever you desire! I just made a pic of Johnny Depp giving a big wet French kiss and sent it to my bestie. lol! Love this site!

OK, enough about the site, let's get to the products.

First up, Cherry Carmex Moisturizing Click Stick Lip Balm with SPF 15

The old school yellow pot has received a makeover! Now don't get me wrong, the yellow pot is still very much available, but now you can have your Carmex in a convenient tube. There's a reason why this has been voted the #1 Pharmacist Recommended Lip Balm for 10 years running. This stuff works. The tingle from the menthol and camphor really do help you to know that it's working. For me, the cherry flavor, combined with the Click Stick (there's a little clicking noise that lets you know when you've raised the product high enough) make this one hard to beat.

Carmex Moisture Plus Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm SPF 15

Aaah, yes. The sleek, more "sophisticated" Carmex lip balm. It's still got the peppy zing that you've come to associate with Carmex, but this formula is a little smoother, a little more silky, and perfect for underneath your favorite lipstick. I love the SPF 15 and the satin glossy finish, and the slanted tip makes it perfect for application. Want to feel more lady-like when using Carmex? This is the ticket.

Carmex Strawberry Tube SPF 15

Strawberry flavored Carmex. Need I say more? Yes, it's still got the menthol zing, but mixed with strawberry, this is so much fun to wear. Who knew I'd love the combo of strawberry and mint so much? And of course it's just so fun to squeeze it out of the tiny opening of the tube. This one may be my favorite of the bunch.

So...for around $2 at most drugstores, grocery stores, gas stations, etc., you can get something that's awesome for your lips, can clear up zits, soften cuticles and elbows, AND never expires. How can you beat that, really?

Are you a devoted Carmex user? If not, are you thinking about picking up a tube? I'd love to know your thoughts!

A sample of this product was given to Nouveau Cheap for editorial purposes, either directly from the manufacturer or from the agency that works on behalf of the manufacturer. All reviews on are the honest opinion of its author and gratis samples do not, in any way, affect the outcome of product reviews.


  1. my mom uses carmex and i always thought it was too minty lol. I think i need to give it another try now. can u buy this at target? thx.

  2. I'm so divided on MoisturePlus! It IS a classy design, it's really reasonably priced, and it seems to really help with my recent cracking/flaking issues. But I'm so spoiled by fruity/sweet smelling lip balms that my nose feels assaulted by the burst of medicine smell. And I'm afraid people nearby can smell it. I just can't decide whether I love it or if it will end up in the lippie graveyard in my bathroom.

  3. Hi Anon! I'm 99.9 percent sure that you can get Carmex at Target. I think I've seen their products right next to the other lip balms in the lip balm aisle. Hope that helps, and I'd love to know what you think of them if you try them. :)

  4. Hey Beck! I know what you mean--the menthol fragrance can be a bit strong, but to tell you the truth, it really makes me feel like I'm doing something good for my lips when I put it on. Don't get me wrong--I do love my sweet and candy-flavored lip products, but when my lips are in serious need of help, it's time for me to bust out the big guns and use Carmex. My lips have been SO dry these past few days and I swear this has helped more than anything else I own. Also, if you're concerned about other people smelling the scent, it's a great excuse to use a sweet-smelling hand lotion. It can mask the smell! lol! Hope that helps! :)

  5. I am a DIE HARD Carmex fan from way back. Tried the mint flavor a while back. eh. Kinda like cheesecake. Why doctor it up at all when the original product is perfect?

    I have a down-in-stone gift basket setup for friends who get sick with respiratory stuff: sorta homemade chicken broth(the recipe is called "Code Id By Doze Chicken Soup) a box of Puffs with Lotion, a trashy romance (or puzzle book, depending upon the recipient)

    And Carmex.

    If you put Carmex on a raw, sore nose, it will feel better within an hour. Reapply and put some on your lips every time you blow, and you will avoid or chapped lips.

    It is the best ever -period- for chapped or dry lips. Lips that are so dry and chapped that they are bleeding will heal literally overnight like they were never chapped.

    Wear it overnight and wipe it off with a warm wet cloth in the morning, and your lips will be beautifully exfoliated and ready for whatever lip color you love to use.

  6. I just bought the strawberry flavored Carmex last week for the first time since I had heard everyone rave about it. Personally, I can't get over the taste. It actually makes me nauseous. I think I'll stick to blistex or burt's Bees Lip Balm. That's my 2 cents worth.

  7. I like Carmex but I think stick version might be better than tube version. The tube gets really runny on me. But I'm glad that I know all of Carmex's uses! For pimples! Who would've thought!

  8. I grew up on SoftLips so when I tried Carmex to see what the big deal was... it was a lot similar to SoftLips so I just stuck with SoftLips lol.

  9. Carmex reminds me of when I went to summer camp and all the girls in my tent forgot to bring lip balm. In the DESERT. In AUGUST. Were we insane? Our counselor had a little pot of carmex with her and we'd all pass it around before bed. Not the most sanitary things to do, no, but desperate times call for desperate measures!!

  10. You can buy Carmex at Target, that's where I got mine.

    I have a tube of cherry for when my lips get bad, which seems to be every winter or every time I try out a new product that doesn't quite agree with me.

  11. Girllllllllllll Carmex is it! As a self proclaimed lip product junkie I have tried all kinds of stuff, but I always go back to Carmex. It's great alone or under lipstick or gloss. Plus at Walmart & Target you can get a 2 pack for like 2 bucks!

  12. Carmex was a little too menthol-ey for me when I was a kid but I really want to try the new moisture formula with the sleeker casing.

    Speaking of minty menthol lip products, have you ever used the lip glosses from BBW? They have peppermint oil in them so they smell like candy canes and they apply so smoothly!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. i love my peppermint carmex (in a tube)! they arrived here in the philippines about 2 years ago and I've been a loyal fan ever since! its very minty and non-greasy :)

  15. Despite Carmex's unattractive packaging, their lip balm works quite well! They need to revamp their packaging.

  16. My grandmother uses this. Despite the unpleasant taste and smell it works great :-)

  17. Denise: WOW! Thank you so much for all the great info. I will be sure to give some Carmex to friends and family when they have a cold. Thinking about it now, it sounds like it would be the most soothing thing ever. :)

    Anon: Sorry that flavor doesn't agree with you. :( Have you tried the Moisture Plus balm? That one's a little bit more mild and doesn't have a strawberry or cherry flavor. Hope that helps!

    ndoodles: I can see how the tube might be runny during the summer--right now when I use the tube it's pretty solid but that's because it's cold out. I'll have to see how it works for me when the weather warms back up again. If it's runny, I'll take your advice and switch to the tube. :)

  18. Marie: Interesting! I haven't used SoftLips in a long time so I didn't make the connection. :)

    Alyson! That story is so cute! I can just imagine you all huddled in a tent waiting patiently to heal your poor, dry lips. :)

    PB: Thanks for confirming that you can get this at Target. I knew I had seen it there before! And I can totally see how if something makes your lips act up, how you'd reach for Carmex to get them back on track and feeling normal. Great idea. :)

    Suri: LOL!! I am right there with you, sweetie! And thanks so much for the 2-pack tip. That's awesome! :)

    Shela: I definitely think you should give the Moisture Plus a shot. I am loving it underneath my lipstick in this weather. And yes, those BBW glosses are fun! If my lips aren't super dry I love to wear 'em, but since my lips are in a very sad state right now it's Carmex alone, or under lipstick. xo

  19. Kira: Oh I'm so glad that Carmex is available now in your country! That is awesome. Thanks so much for letting me know that. :) And I'm so glad it's working for you!

    Fabuless Beauty: Did you see the pic in my post of the Moisture Plus balm? I think that's a super cute, sleek package! Maybe you missed that one--it's definitely been "revamped". :)

    princess azure: I'm sorry you don't like the smell/flavor. I don't know why, but I love it. It just makes me feel like I'm putting medicine on my lips that actually works and it's not just a sweet little treat with no moisturizing properties (like a lot of my other candy-flavored balms). lol!

  20. ok i LOVE dad also always had the little pot of it and i would use it as a youngster...the taste is not fun...but that's the only downside because it definitely is a miracle worker.

    Shela- I have the BBW c.o. bigelow mentha lip balm stick (spf 15!) and it runs $7.50 but I've been using it a few years now and it's SO has the best smell and if it gets in your mouth it isn't bad either...It has such a smooth formula and just feels great going on. I def recommend

    1. Yeah, I got the golden peach BBW bigelow and even though the taste is sort of gross, it works really well and it's also 7-7.50 I believe.

  21. @ Recessionista: Yep, I'm putting that on my list. I hate what these winds do to my cheeks and lips. Luckily baby lotion solves one of those problems.

    @ Spifftiff88: THEY HAVE A BALM STICK? How is it that I never see them? I think those menthol lippies are some of the best products that BBW offers. I just wish they would send me more of those superb "get this free when you spend $10" coupons.

  22. Candyglitter1 on Youtube was just reviewing her October favorites and both Bigelow and Carmex were mentioned. Coincidence? LOL.

    She's so so cute too. This little guru is only 11 years-old but she's got more skill than I do.

  23. Whoops, forgot the link!

  24. Hi spifftiff! I agree--this stuff truly works miracles if your lips are in bad shape! The flavor and taste seriously don't bother me because though--it's weird but I like it. lol. :)

  25. Shela--OMG, I seriously do not know how I feel about an 11-yr-old giving me beauty advice! lol. I have eyeshadow that's older than she is and I am not joking! lol. :) But I'm glad she likes Carmex too--it just goes to show you that it's one of those wonder-products that is loved by old, young, and everyone in between. :)

  26. So do I, honey, so do I. But I just tossed it out a few days ago. I should have taken a few photos... they were pretty vintage LOL :D

  27. Love the info you shared from the website and I am definitely going to try carmex now based on your review! Thanks for the deets!

  28. Thank you for the review.
    Just curious, but how can a lip moisturizer dry out pimples?

  29. I love Carmex and recently started using it a lot more! I love their website, too! Awesome review. And same as Joorhee, I was wondering how the pimple thing works. I did try it though, and it made a notable difference! :D


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