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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rite Aid beauty clearance sale sightings

Thanks to so many of you for taking the time to let me know what you've spotted on clearance at Rite Aid lately. I thought it might be helpful to do a post containing everything I know about this sale. Basically, MANY of the limited edition makeup and polish collections from Summer 2011 and Fall 2011 are on 50% off clearance, but this varies from store to store. Strolling through my local Rite Aids I saw just about every summer/fall 2011 collection I have covered on this blog currently 50% off clearance!
  • Unlike the CVS beauty clearance sales, it appears that the products on clearance at Rite Aid seem to vary from store to store. In other words, what YOU may find on clearance is not necessarily what I may find on clearance.
  • Some stores put yellow clearance stickers on their displays, while other choose to take all the clearance merchandise and put them in bins on end caps.  I went to several locations this week in my town and here's some of what I saw:
Some stores move all the clearance merchandise to bins and put them on end caps like this:

Yep, that's the Maybelline LE stuff from Fall 2011

While some stores leave the displays up but put yellow clearance stickers on the items like this:

 I couldn't believe the Jesse's Girl baked palettes were on clearance!

This one REALLY surprised me!

So what did I buy? Well aside from a back-up bottle of Autumn Leaves which I paid A DOLLAR for (clearance price: $2.07 and I had a $1 off Maybelline coupon), I found this display and couldn't resist:

These are two-packs that regularly retail for $12.99, so for about $6 I got this:

Look at all that taupe-y goodness! If you haven't seen my review of these Physician's Formula automatic eyeliners, they're a STAPLE of mine, and I swear I wear the taupe liner at least three times a week. I'm so excited to have a back-up and all those pretty taupe shadows for just $6! The liners alone retail for $9.99, so what a deal, huh?

What have YOU spotted on clearance at your local Rite Aids lately?


  1. I so wish there was a Rite Aid around here! :(

  2. Sometimes I'm offended on the behalf of awesome products put on clearance! I wish that Physician's Formula set was at my RiteAid!

  3. I got Revlon Carbonite Nail Polish in the 50% clearance. Used $1 Video coupon then for some reasons Rite Aid printed out $2UP coupon on my receipt. That means it was free for me.. Yeah!

  4. I found SH Sequin Scandal and Borghese Stellare Notte in Rite Aid clearance bins last week!

  5. dream weavers?????? and on clearance????? omg!!! too bad there isn't rite aids around here nor have i or anybody i know seen the collection here in az...i can see 3 of the palettes i wanted :(

  6. Has anybody seen Essie on clearance? I have been eyeing them for a while, waiting for them to go clearance! I live in a town that not many are interested in nail polish and hope nobody has wiped them out!

  7. I used these bins as my guilty pleasure last week and racked up with 4 Maybelline polishes, the Deep Berry Blush, Sapphire Gel Liner, and the Green Eyeshadow Quad from the Scene on the Runway collection. This was a steal and all of the items were under $5. THAT'S how I like my drugstore hauls! I wish I had waited to get the Wet n WIld trios too, because I found one Rite Aid that had a fully stocked Dream Weaver's display on Clearance.

  8. I wish I had a rite aid near me too!!!

  9. Ugh my rite aid didn't have any of these awesome clearances.

  10. I picked up the Jesse's Girl Baked Eyeshadow palette on clearance, purely for its aesthetic appeal. I'm amazed by quality and dimensionality of these shadows. What a find!

  11. They had the Sally Hansen Salon and Sinful colors summer(or was it spring?) collections on clearance as well as some makeup. The Sinful's were 99 cents and the SH were like 3.50 I think...

  12. that does it! on lunch i am going to the next town over to a "good" rite aid to see if they have some good deals! :) thanks G.!

  13. I love Autumn Leaves! I made a special trip to Rite Aid after reading your review! I had never tried Maybelline polishes & was pleasantly surprised at the speedy dry time!

  14. I haven't noticed any clearance at my closest Rite Aid lately, but I'll be checking a few other local stores!!!

    Maureen @QponCutie

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Ack. Ignore my last comment, G. I thought I was seeing a 40% discount on the screen while I was checking out. I went back to check my receipt, and apparently I was seeing my 10% Wellness+ discount.

    However, my comment about Ma.Nish.Ma Beyond Opal being beautiful still stands.

  17. I love it when I see those yellow clearance stickers!! I bought 4 of the Sally Hansen CSM nail polishes (in Delphinium, Camelia, Strike A Pose, & Eel Skin) for $3.79 each. And I also bought a Revlon polish (in Grapefruit Fizz) for $2.39. Such great deals! I plan hitting up all the Rite Aids that are out of the way soon :)

  18. oh lucky! your RA had far more clearance stuff than mine. I did manage to pick up the Maybelline Studio LE quad in Modern Mocha and the Ravishing Rouge blush though, but man I'd have spent so much more if my RA had the clearance stuff like yours! like the Jesse's Girl baked blushes, and certainly i wouldn't have resisted on those PF sets! those retractable liners (specifically the brown eye set's dark brown) is HG for me. i actually have two of the regular For Brown Eyes retractable liner set stocked up when CVS was running the $7 EB w/ $10 purchase thing before. i think i need to go to RA tonight!

  19. o.o Definitely need to check out my local Rite Aid, thanks for the heads up as always! :)

  20. Whenever I go into Rite Aid, there is NOTHING on clearance. Maybe I'm missing it or they don't put those stickers on. IDK.

  21. This had me going to every Rite Aid withing a 15-20 mile radius of my house. By the end I was pretty sure they weren't going to let me in the store LOL


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