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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

It's Back: LORAC Pro Palette 2 + PRO Mascara + Mini Primer for $22 SHIPPED

UPDATE: Well that was fast. This is apparently out of stock AGAIN. If you're interested in this deal, keep checking the link below...hopefully they'll restock soon (and I will of course do another post if I hear that's been restocked!).

Thanks so much to readers Chris Feral and honeypancake88 for the heads-up that the LORAC PRO Palette 2 deal is back in stock at HSN! If you didn't get the Too Faced deal I shared yesterday because you were waiting for THIS deal to come back in stock, it's your lucky day!

NOTE: The last time this offer was available, it was on extended delivery with an October 2nd delivery date. I do not see that mentioned in the new listing, so hopefully that means you won't have to wait as long this time around (although at this price, it's definitely worth waiting for!). 

Keep reading for all the details...

There are Two Versions of the Walmart Fall 2014 Beauty Box

So today I received pics from two lovely readers of the Walmart Beauty Box, and guess what? The boxes they received are completely different from the version I shared with you a few days ago!

image credit: Carolyn for Nouveau Cheap
Walmart Fall 2014 Beauty Box 

CLICK HERE to view both versions #1 and #2 of the Walmart Fall 2014 Beauty Box.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

It's Back: Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette + Full-Size Shadow Insurance for $29 SHIPPED

Many thanks to reader Elle (@pittpantherelle on Instagram) for letting me know that this offer is back in stock (again!) on the HSN website. If you're new to this deal, keep reading for all the details...

My Chocolate Bar and Shadow Insurance, purchased from HSN

Find out how to score this for $29 shipped, after the jump...

Spotted: NEW Hard Candy Products for Eyes, Lips and Face (With Reader Swatches)

If you haven't heard, Hard Candy has just added some new, permanent products to their lineup at Walmart! I have the scoop for you today (with some swatches, even!) thanks to some lovely readers. So let's jump right in.

First up, thanks to longtime reader Lisa of Swatchesandwhatnot blog for the heads-up that the new Fiberized Brow Gel I posted about a little while ago is now in stores. She just spotted these at her local Walmart the other day and kindly shared this pic:

image credit: Lisa for Nouveau Cheap
NEW Hard Candy Brows Now! Fiberized Brow Gel & Brow Highlighters
Light Medium, Medium Dark

This is a dual-ended product that has brow gel on one end and a twist-up highlighter stick on the other. It comes in two shades, as you can see above. These are now listed on the Hard Candy site HERE if you'd like more info.

More new Hard Candy products, after the jump...

Monday, September 15, 2014

Contents of the Walmart Fall 2014 Beauty Box (Two Versions)

UPDATE: There are apparently TWO different versions of the Walmart Fall 2014 Beauty Box. Below you will find both versions 1 and 2, received by multiple readers.

If you ordered the Fall 2014 installment of the Walmart Beauty Box when I first posted about it at the beginning of the month, then you may have already received your box. If not, there are at least TWO different versions now being sent to subscribers (I have no idea if there are more than two versions).

First let's take a look at version #1, thanks to readers Heather (@MoonWatcher11 on Twitter) and Carolyn. Both of them received this version this week:

image credit: Carolyn for Nouveau Cheap
Walmart Fall 2014 Beauty Box Version #1
(price: box is free; $5 for shipping when you subscribe
via the Walmart Beauty Box site)

Take a look inside, after the jump...

Spotted: Kiss Fall 2014 Limited Edition Disney Good vs. Evil Nail Art Kits

Before I get into this post, I want to follow up on the Disney Villains collection that I mentioned a little while ago. Reader Regina on Facebook shared with me some pics of the collection she spotted at Walgreens a few weeks ago, and I can confirm that what she saw at her Walgreens was the full Disney Villains 2013 Collection (the same e.l.f. Beauty Books, the same Scunci hair accessories, and basically everything from my 2013 post). So it looks like e.l.f. might be repromoting last year's Villains collection again this year. BUT, I have also heard some rumors from a few of you (thank you, by the way, if you mentioned this to me) that in addition to the e.l.f. Disney Ariel and e.l.f. Disney Snow White collections released a few months ago, there's a soon-to-be-released e.l.f. Disney Jasmine Collection coming for Fall 2014. Hopefully this is true, and we'll see that collection at Walgreens in the near future. Also, don't forget that there's an e.l.f. Halloween Beauty Book collection now popping up at Target.

Now on to this post! Kiss has just released a Disney Good vs. Evil Nail Art Collection, which features Maleficent and Princess Aurora/Briar Rose from Sleeping Beauty. Many thanks to reader Annemarie (@aa8445 on Instgram) for sharing pics of the display, which she spotted at her local Walgreens this week. Take a look:

image credit: Annemarie for Nouveau Cheap
Kiss Fall 2014 Limited Edition Disney Good vs. Evil Nail Art Kits at Walgreens

I do not know, as of the time of this post, if there are other brands participating in this collection (e.l.f., Scunci, SOHO, etc.) but if any of you have spotted products from other brands in this collection at Walgreens, please do leave a comment below and fill us in? Thanks!

What's great about these nail kits is that they contain a little bit of everything: striping tape, nail wheel, glitter, jewels, brushes, orange stick and decals. More pics, after the jump...

The Weekly Drugstore Makeup Sales (9/14 - 9/20)

REMINDER: The Ulta 21 Days of Beauty Event started on 9/7 and runs through 9/27 both in-store and online. Click here for my tips and the full calendar of events.

Your weekly wrap-up of drugstore beauty sales and more...

The Lipstick League - week of 9.8.14

The Lipstick League Question of the Week

 When a beauty product is labeled "Limited Edition" (LE), are you more inclined to purchase it? 

G's answer: In regard to drugstore limited edition products, I'm not more inclined to make a  purchase, but I am CERTAINLY more inclined to find the collection in a timely manner. Since I try to blog and review LE drugstore products as soon as they come out, I don't always have the luxury of reading other bloggers' reviews to see which products might be stand-outs and worth a purchase. So I try to find LE collections in person as quickly as I can, so I can at least look at them to see if anything catches my eye. As for higher-end limited edition collections, I try to read as many reviews as quickly as I can so I can determine whether or not something is worth a purchase before it's gone forever. In summary, the title "limited edition" doesn't compel me to buy, but it does stress me out!

The Lipstick League Links of the Week

Gouldylox Reviews - Need dark circle help? Want to look well rested? This may be just what your looking for.

Lipglossiping - All the shine without any of the removal issues! Revlon debuts their take on the latest drugstore “gel-a-like” nail polishes!

My Beauty Bunny - Looking for a dark, vampy red polish for fall? You must check out my new favorite, Mrs Mia Wallace, from the Urban Decay Pulp Fiction collection!

Prime Beauty - has fallen for NARS Night Caller Collection, especially Unlawful Blush: it definitely doesn't play by the rules!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Spotted: Wet n Wild Holiday 2014 Limited Edition Collections for Eyes and Nails

Between the Wet n Wild Fall 2014 Collection, the Wet n Wild Halloween 2014 Collection and the Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers 2014 Collection, there's a lot to keep track of right now for us WnW fans. I was not expecting to see the Holiday 2014 Collection for at least a few more weeks, but guess what? It's here!

Many thanks to reader Lisa for sharing lots of pics with us of the Wet n Wild Holiday 2014 Collection. Lisa spotted these displays at her local Bed Bath & Beyond store this week. Take a look!

NOTE: As I was about to publish this post, I received a tip from reader Anonymous in NYC letting me know that she just spotted these at her local Harmon Beauty as well. So it looks like BB&B and its subsidiaries (Harmon being one and Christmas Tree Shops being the other) are the first to get this collection. I would imagine that we'll see these displays at all the usual drugstores within the next few weeks. 

image credit: Lisa for Nouveau Cheap
Wet n Wild Holiday 2014 Limited Edition Eye and Nail Collection

Lots of pics, after the jump...

Spotted at Target: e.l.f. Halloween 2014 Limited Edition Beauty Books

If you haven't been to Target lately, here's something new to check out from e.l.f.! Thanks to two lovely readers, I have lots of pics of the new Halloween 2014 Beauty Books to share with you today.

First up, Dorothy of Cool Polish blog spotted this collection at her local Target this week and shared these pics with us:

image credit: Dorothy for Nouveau Cheap
e.l.f. Halloween 2014 Limited Edition Beauty Books
(retail: $6 each at Target)

image credit: Dorothy for Nouveau Cheap
Wicked Beauty Book

There are four different books in this collection: Wicked, Diva, Enchanted and Vampire. These are much like the e.l.f. Disney Beauty Books in that you get several different products inside each book. 

A look inside each book, after the jump...


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