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Sunday, October 4, 2015

First Impressions: LORAC Mega PRO Palette 2 (Ulta-Exlusive Available NOW)

As you know, this blog is devoted to affordable beauty, which means that I usually only review higher-end products if there's a sale or promotion attached to them. In the nearly seven years that I've been writing this blog, I have only reviewed ONE high-end product that was not on sale (and that was due to popular request). Well,  I'm going to add to that very small, elite list today, and share with you my first impressions of the Ulta-exclusive LORAC Mega PRO Palette 2, which literally JUST went live on the Ulta site while I was finishing this post.

Why, you ask? Well, LORAC sent me this palette (a complete surprise that I was absolutely not expecting), and we all know that the first Mega PRO was an insanely popular, much-coveted palette that sold out very quickly (I purchased the first Mega PRO when it was available and I very much enjoy it to this day). So I figured that those of you who missed out on the first one might like to know my opinion of the second one, considering that it will probably sell out quickly as well (if you decide you want it after you see what I have to say about it, please, do not wait. The first one sold out very quickly).

LORAC Mega PRO Palette 2
(retail: $59 exclusively at Ulta, 0.45 oz.)

Again, the LORAC Mega PRO Palette 2 is an Ulta-exclusive, available both in-store and online. It JUST went live on the Ulta website HERE a few moments ago (I'm posting this at around 11:00 pm Pacific on 10/3). Since it retails for $59, you will automatically qualify for free shipping with this purchase.

Keep reading for my first impressions, including swatches of all 32 shades...

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Kiss Limited Edition Halloween 2015 Collection (Lashes, Nail Decals, and More)

Continuing my coverage of  the Halloween 2015 drugstore beauty collections, today I'd like to show you the complete Halloween 2015 collection from Kiss. I've heard from some of you who have already started to spot these displays at Walgreens and Kmart (thank you so much for the tips!) so hopefully you won't have any trouble finding these products if you're looking for them.

Keep reading for a detailed look at everything in this collection....

HOT One-Day-Only Ulta Deals (10/3)

I have a lot to cover in a short amount of time (I want to get this up as quickly as possible since this deal is for Saturday 10/3 only), so let's get straight to it:

Just in case you haven't heard, all Real Techniques products are 25% off ONLINE ONLY at Ulta today only (10/3), and you also get free shipping on orders $25+.

But before you head over there, keep reading for a code, scenarios, and a reminder about some other great deals that also end today...

Friday, October 2, 2015

Five New ColourPop Ultra Matte Shades Now Available

Just in case you haven't heard, ColourPop released five new shades in their Ultra Matte liquid lipstick line, and they are now available for purchase:

Colors from wrist down:
Chilly Chili, Instigator, More Better, Bad Habit, First Class

All five shades are, as always, $6 each and available HERE. I believe these have been available since last night, so I wouldn't wait too long if you're interested in any of these shades, since ColourPop items do have a way of selling out. Also, I don't know if code THANKSBABE still works for $5 off your order, but it never hurts to try!

Big Lots Friends & Family Event This Weekend

Thanks to reader Ss for leaving a comment on the You Tell Me page today about this one:

Saturday, 10/3, from 2pm - close, Buzz Club Rewards members will receive 20% off all purchases. Just show your card at checkout to receive your discount. (You can join the Big Lots Buzz Club for free online or in-store.)

Sunday, 10/4, all day long, all shoppers will receive 20% off all purchases with THIS COUPON. You can show this coupon from your phone, and more than likely the cashier will already have the coupon at the register as well. 

I haven't posted any Big Lots beauty sightings in a while, so I'll definitely be stopping by on Saturday to see what I can find. I'd love it if you shared your recent Big Lots beauty finds with us here! The last time I was there, I saw tons of Maybelline, Revlon and CoverGirl stuff--hope we all find some good deals this weekend, with the extra 20% off! 

Thanks again, Ss, for the great tip!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Play the Sephora Beauty Shake-Up for Discounts, Perks and Freebies

If you shop on the Sephora website, you're definitely going to want to take advantage of this one!

Thanks so much to my pal Tracy (@fanserviced on Instagram) for this tip:

Keep reading for all of the details about the Sephora Beauty Shake-Up...

The Red Lipstick Meg from Big Brother Wore All Summer...

I'm not sure that I've mentioned this on my blog before, but I've been a diehard fan of Big Brother US since Season 1 (Chicken George!). If you watched BB17 this summer (it just ended recently), and you're also a makeup junkie, you may have been wondering about that red lipstick that contestant Meg wore in every single episode. I mean, it was flawless, 24/7, all summer long.

image source:
Meg on the live feeds, with her flawless red lipstick, even in bed

Well my friends, I have the answer for you, directly from Meg herself, and I'm delighted to tell you that it's from the drugstore (and you may very well already have it in your stash)...

Burt's Bees Limited Edition Pumpkin Spice Lip Balm vs. ChapStick Limited Edition Pumpkin Pie Lip Balm

NOTE: This blog post originally appeared on Nouveau Cheap on December 18th, 2014. I am republishing it again today, because both of these lip balms have recently been spotted at various retailers for the 2015 holiday season. I just wanted to share my thoughts in case you missed this post the first time. 

Admit it. It's the question that's been keeping you up at night:

Which limited edition pumpkin-flavored lip balm is better--Burt's Bees or ChapStick?  

OK but seriously, since these are limited edition flavors and they're only available for the holidays, I thought it might be fun to give you a little side-by-side comparison and tell you which one is my personal favorite. Are you ready? Let's do this!

Burt's Bees Limited Edition Pumpkin Spice Moisturizing Lip Balm
ChapStick Limited Edition Pumpkin Pie Lip Balm

Keep reading for the (not so) epic battle of the balms...

Review: Sephora Supreme Cleansing Oil (New 2015 Formulation)

Unless you're very new to this blog, chances are you know my love of cleansing oils. Every time I review a new one, I seem to get asked the same basic set of questions (What's your favorite cleansing oil? How do cleansing oils work for oily skin? How does this one compare to the Garnier cleansing oil? Etc. etc.), so I'll be sure to address all of those questions in this post!

 Sephora Supreme Cleansing Oil - New 2015 Formulation
(retail: $14, 6.4 oz.)

I ordered the newly-reformulated Sephora Supreme Cleansing Oil a month or two ago from the Sephora website, when I was trying to bump up my total to qualify for a particular freebie (hey, we've all been there, right?). Frankly, I wasn't expecting much from this one, since the original formulation was not a huge hit across the board (read the reviews prior to the July 2015 reformulation HERE).

So let's see how the new formulation has been working for me...

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Now Through 9/30: Get 20% Off (Plus Another 20% Off) and Free Shipping at BareMinerals

I honestly cannot remember the last time a beauty website let us stack coupon codes, can you? Well it's happening RIGHT NOW at BareMinerals! Many thanks to longtime reader Carol L. for this tip:

Now through 9/30 on the BareMinerals website, you can enter code ELEVEN for 20% off your order and free shipping (no mininum required). BUT, you can also enter code RMNGLAMMY (after you've entered code ELEVEN) and you will receive an additional 20% off your order. 

But it gets even better! In addition to regular items, these codes also work on items on the Last Chance page. For the secnario above, I put a Pretty Amazing Lip Color in my cart (regularly $16; now on clearance for $9.50) and after the codes, my grand total was $6.08 with free shipping! Also, all orders receive a free Active Cell Renewal Night Serum sample right now. 

Thanks again, Carol L., for the fantastic tip!


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