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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Target Beauty Bag: the contents!

A HUGE thanks to everyone who has emailed/tweeted/commented about receiving their Target Beauty Bags! If you don't know what I'm talking about, Target periodically offers FREE beauty bags filled with samples and coupons and all you have to do to get one is sign up on their website. Sadly, you can no longer sign up for this one, but SO many of you did sign up when I posted about it (yay!) so I thought you'd like to know what some readers are receiving. 

If you have received your Target Beauty Bag, please leave a comment and let us know what you got! Some items tend to vary from person to person, but for the most part everyone seems to be getting roughly the same things (I haven't gotten mine yet--boo!). This time around, the samples are very hair-care-centric. The bag they offered in the Spring seemed a bit more well-rounded, but hey, they're FREE so who's complaining?

Here's a pic submitted my reader Aneela:

image credit: Aneela for Nouveau Cheap

How cute is that bag??

Aneela writes:
There is a really cute makeup bag by contents, $20 worth of beauty/skin care/hair care coupons, and these samples:
  • L'oreal Youth Code Day/Night Cream (.03 fl oz)
  • Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture shampoo and conditioner with aloe vera and avocado (.33 fl oz each)
  • Ponds Evening Soothe Cleansing Towlettes (5 ct) with chamomile and green tea
  • John Frieda Full Repair Full Body shampoo and Conditioner (.28 fl oz each), $2 coupon attached
  • Burt's Bees Radiance Day Lotion SPF 15 (.1 oz)
  • Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Fortifying shampoo and conditioner (.34 fl oz each)

Reader Sarah seems to have gotten everything that Aneela got, but also a trial-size bottle of Aveeno lotion. Sarah submitted pics of her bag and its contents:

(image credit for all of the following photos: Sarah for Nouveau Cheap)

* Adorable kitty not included. :)

Reader Corynn kindly emailed me the contents of her bag and ALSO a list of the coupons she received!

Corynn writes:

Burt's Bees Radiance spf 15 Day Lotion with royal jelly (1, .1 oz)
L'oreal Youth Code Day/Night cream (1, .03 oz)
John Frieda Full Repair Full Body Shampoo and Conditioner (2, .28 oz, each with a $2 off coupon for any full repair product)
Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner (1, .033 oz)
Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Fortifying Shampoo and Conditioner (1, .034 oz)
Pond's Cleansing Towlettes in Evening Smoothe with chamomile and white tea (1 pkg, has 5 towlettes)

And of course the coupon book. ($1 off maybelline; $1 off aveeno skin care; $2 off l'oreal anti-aging; $3 off 2 full repair products; $1.50 off ponds skin care; $1 off burts bees skin care lotion or creme; $2 off tresemme fresh start; $0.50 off herbal essences or pantene shampoo or conditioner; $3 off olay professional prox skin care; $1 off sonia kashuk; $0.50 off suave professionals hair care; $1 off covergirl cosmetics; $1 off nivea skin care; $1 off neutrogena skin care; $1 off neutrogena cosmetics; $1 off revlon cosmetics; $1 off sally hansen nail care or color). 

The only bummer about these coupons is that Corynn said they all expire on 11/15. Hopefully we'll all get our bags in time to actually use them.

Another HUGE thanks to Aneela, Sarah, Corynn and everyone else who took the time to let me know they got their bags. I'm sorry I couldn't run all of your pics and info, but hopefully this is a good representation of what everyone got.

Have you received YOUR Target Beauty Bag yet? If so, what did you get?


  1. If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have known to sign up! Thanks for the heads up. I really enjoyed the Garnier Fructis hair is softer after using them.

  2. I still haven't received mine either! I think it's us California girls ;)

  3. I got the same items Ameela did, happy just the same.. wonder why no Aveeno, even the trial size is expensive, My sis is expecting another in a different zip code, lets see whats she gets

  4. I wish I'd gotten that Aveeno bottle! I got everything else, but I would have gladly traded all the shampoos for the Aveeno.

  5. Got mines, nice goodies but the lil bag itself is just a steal. FYI it was my mini clutch today and it just fit my cards and phone well... lol

  6. Thank YOU Gianna! You're the one who's filling us in on great offers like these! I'm kinda bummed I didn't get the Aveeno lotion, though.

  7. I got mine today. Happy I got it, but a little disappointed it was so packed with shampoo. It was free though so can't really complain about that. I do love the bag though! Super cute. I didn't get the Aveeno though..wish I would have!

  8. I got my bag last week. I love the makeup bag! I can't believe it was free it is so pretty. I fell instantly in love with the Ponds Evening Soothe Towelettes. They smell amazing!

  9. I got mine today. The package was really beat up and open on one end, but thankfully everything was still intact. I got the same samples Aneela got. Gonna try the John Frieda and L'Oreal samples tonight!

  10. I got a sample of the Youth Code via L'Oreal's Facebook wall and HATE it. It's nothing but silicone! I was absolutely disappointed with it.

    Still waiting for my own bag from Target though, that bag is cute. I still have the previous bag they gave out a few months ago. When I see samples like that plus the bag I wonder WHY I pay $10 to $15 a month for sample products I'm not happy with when so many companies give out tons of freebies.

  11. I'm in NorCal, and no bag here. I kept getting errors when trying to sign up, so I'm not sure I'll get one at all.

  12. I signed up when you posted about it, but i dont think it went through for me since i havent gotten one in the mail. Oh well :/

  13. Glad that I got the lotions haha! Hope everyone who got their names in receive theirs soon! I love the Pond's Towelletes :)

  14. I got everything but the Aveeno. The bag is the best part. I look forward to trying the Ponds and Burt's Bees stuff. A little disappointed about all the hair samples that may not work for my hair. But it was free.

  15. Thanks Giana :) Got my bag, got everything except the Aveeno. The bag is so cute.

  16. I haven't gotten mine yet :( hopefully it will come soon.

    At first when I bought the Full Repair poo/conditioner I really liked the shampoo and wasn't crazy about the conditioner.. then after I started using it something happened... it morphed into a combo that I really liked! Liked as in I will most def buy this duo again.
    I don't know what changed but something did and my hair looked fantab.

  17. I got mine, it was the same except the aveeno... I would have loved that, since I already use it! lol

  18. I agree with the others that the bag is the best part! I had been wanting to try the Pond's towelettes & I really liked them! They removed my eye makeup well & my skin felt great afterwards! I really love your blog!

  19. Who doesn't love free samples? And Target? Woohoo! Too bad I didn't get the Aveeno.

    I spy a curious kitty, please show all of kitty. :)

  20. Mine came yesterday. I'm in Indiana. It had everything but the Aveeno lotion.

  21. Mine came in yesterday. My boyfriend brought it in and was jealous! lol... I'm in Indiana too....

  22. Still haven't gotten mine but maybe it will come this week? I hope I hope I hope :)
    (I'm in Chicago)

  23. I got mine today (I'm in Ohio!) And I got everything but the Aveeno lotion.

  24. I haven't gotten mine yet (I'm in Michigan) but it appears to be going west to east. Well, anyway, thank you so much for letting us know about great deals like this!

  25. I got mine Friday and I got all that was pictured above except the Aveeno lotion. And yes, the bag was super cute this time!

  26. - Thanks to yuh I also got mine. I would have never known. Hopefully, I'll be doing a blog podt on it soon.

  27. Got mine today!!! Got everything but the aveeno lotion.

    Kind of funny/odd/weird but my mom who lives right down the street didn't get hers, lol. Hopefully it went through for hers though, last time I got yelled at for not signing her up for one so I tried to do that this time... lol.

    (From Michigan, btw)

  28. I wonder if the one person getting Aveeno was a mistake, since nobody else has gotten one so far.

  29. I got my bag some time ago and it contained the Aveeno sample. Maybe people who signed up early got the Aveeno sample? And I'm in Florida btw

  30. I received this today! yaay My kit has everything including the coupons. Thanks for posting about this, I'm delighted to have gotten in on this due to your post Really curious about the Loreal Youth Code, everything looks nice!

  31. Correction- I didnt receive the bottle of Aveeno, did get everything else though. Am loving the pretty make up bag also! :)

  32. I received mine today (Los Angeles) and I didn't receive the bottle of Aveeno nor the Burt's Bees.But I'm still excited.

  33. I received mine today. No Burts Bees or bottle of Aveeno. And less than 2 weeks to use the coupoons. Oh well. The samples are nice though. I know where I'm shopping this weekend.

    Thanks for posting about the sign up. I wouldn't have known about it otherwise.

  34. I got mine the day after I posted my comment - I got everything pictured above!

  35. I received my bag today 11/7/2011, but without the Aveeno and Burt's Bees. Very cute bag! I live in California.

  36. I finally received my beauty bag but was so bummed out that the coupons had already expired! The bag is super cute and I love the fact that it came with the Ponds towelettes sample, but the coupons still made me sad.


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