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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Ulta Platinum Members: Check Your Email ASAP (Details, Tips and Ideas)

Thanks so much to readers @pretty_matte, Loving Life, Stephanie Cole, Sue and ysolano86 for the tips about this new coupon!

It's that time again! If you are an Ulta Platinum member, check your email ASAP for a unique code that was sent to members today (4/13) for 20% off your entire purchase (includes prestige beauty and fragrance!). This unique code is valid in-store and online, now through April 22nd, and can be used toward one purchase (not one item--this discount applies to your entire purchase).

FINE PRINT: Coupon offer valid on all regular price and sale merchandise. Not valid on Chanel Fragrance, Lancôme Makeup and Skincare, Clinique Makeup and Skincare, Dyson, Beauty Deals™, Beauty Steals®, 5 for $5/5 for $10, Salon Services, Benefit Brow Bar Services, purchase of Dermalogica Skincare Services & Clearance. 


Not all Ulta coupons are created equally...

As most of you know, Ulta sends these 20% off coupons a few times a year. If you're new to Ulta, this coupon is NOT the same as the 20% off coupons they often offer on the homepage of their website, since those coupons do not include prestige beauty or fragrance. And sometimes these special coupons don't include fragrance--it's rare that they DO include fragrance, so this is a nice opportunity to save on prestige fragrance. NOTE: if you see "excluded from coupons" in an item listing, that is in reference to the regular Ulta coupons, NOT this special Ulta coupon. Only the brands listed in the fine print above are excluded from this special coupon.

But I didn't get a coupon!

If you are Platinum and did not receive an email today, don't panic. They may send them in waves, meaning you may receive your coupon tomorrow or the next day. If you do NOT receive your coupon in the next few days, I would call Ulta customer service and ask if they can give you a code over the phone. I can't guarantee that they will, but this has worked in the past for readers of this blog.

Is this better than the Sephora VIB Sale?

The last time Sephora ran their VIB Sale (which is coming up very soon), Ulta sent Platinum members this same type of 20% off coupon. So this is not a new occurrence. If you're new to the Sephora VIB Sale, which comes around twice a year, they offer 20% off all purchases in the fall (for VIB and Rouge) and 15% off all purchases in the spring for VIB and Rouge (10% off for Beauty Insiders). Obviously, 20% off for Ulta Platinum members is a better deal than the upcoming 15% off for Sephora VIB/Rouge. But Ulta and Sephora don't have 100% overlap when it comes to the brands they carry. And as you can see in the fine print above, certain brands are excluded from the Ulta coupon (no exclusions at Sephora). So it's time to strategize, figure out what you want, and plan accordingly. Want some Ofra lipsticks? Use your Ulta code. What some Bite lipsticks? Use your Sephora code. See how easy that is? 😉

Don't forget those multipliers...

If you're planning an Ulta order, you should definitely consider which multipliers you may have in your account right now, since you'll be getting a discount  AND extra points (and extra points lead to free money to spend on future purchases!).

There are several new multipliers that you MAY have in your Ulta account right now. Not all customers have these offers so sign into your account here and go to your My Rewards tab to see if you have them available to activate:

5X Points - Pure Grace Fragrance Crush 4/1/17 - 4/30/17
Earn 5X points on all Pure Grace Fragrance Crush purchases!
(Thanks to reader Nikki Reynolds for the reminder about this one!)

5X Points - Clarisonic    4/4/17 - 4/15/17
Earn 5X points on all Clarisonic purchases!

5X Points - Urban Decay    4/11/17 - 4/22/17
Earn 5X points on all Urban Decay purchases!

5X Points - Happy Anniversary    4/10/2017 - 4/15/2017
Earn 5X points on all purchases!

The Anniversary offer is one that I received because it's my Ulta anniversary, BUT, some Ulta Platinum members received a 5x points offer WITHOUT having an anniversary this month, so be sure to check your account!

And thanks to reader Meghan for the tip that you may also have an offer for 5x points on Pacifica, SheaMoisture, Skyn Iceland, Honest Beauty, Burt's Bees, Phyto, Nyakio and Organic to Green.

That's cool, but I need more ideas...

I will do a post soon with personal recs for both the Ulta code and the Sephora VIB Sale. But in the meantime, since this 20% off Ulta code includes sale items, I think it's important to remind you of some things that are already on sale or already have a great value before the 20% off discount:
  • Thanks to reader A.M for the tip that all Urban Decay Revolution Lipglosses are 50% off here. I don't know how long that sale is going to last but this code DOES work with them (I just tested it). That brings these glosses down to $8.80 each instead of $11 (reg $22). That's pretty much drugstore prices!
  • And of course my favorite category of all on the Ulta site: Value Sets. So many sets on the Ulta site are already a great value, and it's even better with that 20% discount. So definitely take some time to sift through the pages in that section.

Thanks again to @pretty_matte, Loving Life, Stephanie Cole, Sue and ysolano86 for the heads-up about this coupon!


  1. Yup!! I got my coupon this morning! I already picked out the perfume I wanted. One question: I thought the Sephora sale was 15% off each item you purchase not 15% off total order. I could be wrong unless they changed it. If that's the case I will have decrease my

    1. Yay! So glad you got it, Tamiko!

      As for your question, the Ulta code is for 20% off your entire purchase (one-time-purchase) and the Sephora code is for 15% off every purchase for your specified dates. I'm a little confused about your question regarding the 15% off each item or the total purchase. Isn't that the same thing? I had to double-check my math just now (because I suck at math) but it breaks down the same for me.

      Here's a scenario:

      Three items (I just made up the prices):

      $10 item - 15% off = $1.50
      $25 item - 15% off = $3.75
      $17 item - 15% off = $2.55

      Total savings: $7.80

      Add all of the above items together = $52

      15% off $52 = $7.80

      So in other words, you're saving $7.80 either way, right? Please let me know if I'm missing something. Thanks!!

    2. Does anyone know if the multipliers work if you pay with points? Or do you only get the 5X points if you pay with cash. Thanks!

    3. Oh thanks G! I confused Thanks for breaking it down. See that is why I need you!

    4. No G, you are correct. It is 15% off the total bill but it all ends up being the same in the end. So Tamiko, you can still buy whatever you were planning on buying because it doesn't matter either way! Have fun, girl!!

    5. Your math is correct :-)
      15% off each item is the same thing as 15% off the entire purchase.

    6. @amanda, you only get points for money you spend, and your points function as a discount, which functionally means you don't get points for paying with points. At least as of last time I checked.

  2. All these sales are stressing me out. I want all the things. I was happy because I have 5 days to make a plan for Sephora VIB and then I saw the Ulta coupon and freaked out. Does anyone else put their whole wish list in their cart, look at the total, have a minor heart attack, and pare down their list from there?

    Also, I know I personally should prioritize skin care items and yet I have like 6 eye shadow palettes and way too many highlighters in my cart.

    1. Exactly what I do, even though I know these sales will happen again! Then I get overwhelmed and distracted and buy something completely different.

    2. I do the same thing. I also keep a list on my computer. One thing I wish the Ulta website had the ability to do - would be a "save for later" option w your cart/shopping bag. At times like rhis when there are a lot of good sales - it would be nice to shift things around and not actually delete them from the shopping bag - just gives me room for error! :)

    3. KT M, Ulta does have the option to add items to your Favorites, much like the Sephora Loves.

    4. Oh my gosh I had NO IDEA! I never noticed that you click and add to favorites! I'm such a dork! THANK YOU SO MUCH! :)

  3. I wish they had some of those Variety Gift bags!

  4. Hey G. there's also a 5X multiplier on natural brands, my email says it includes SheaMoisture, Pacifica, Skyn Iceland, Nyakio, Burts Bees, Organic to Green and Phyto.

  5. Woo hoo! Got mine today. Now to plot my purchase...

  6. You're right, G. 15% off each item and 15% off total order is the same.

    I'm wondering if Tamiko meant single use vs multiple use. As you mentioned in your previous post, G, the Sephora code can be used on multiple, separate orders throughout the dates of the sale. I don't shop at Ulta as much, so I'm not sure if their 20% coupon is usually one time use only.

  7. annnnnd... I just reread your reply to her and realized I basically said what you already responded with. ooopsie :)

  8. Coloured Raine is have 20% off 4/14-4/16

  9. I already had a brow wax scheduled for this afternoon at Ulta and was planning on buying some Urban Decay lemmings at the same time. Nice to receive the 20% off coupon when I checked my email in the store parking lot! I bought 2 UD lipsticks and 2 eyeshadows and some things from Pacifica and Shea Moisture, all 5x points, and used some of my Ulta rewards points without losing them, if that makes sense. Fun way to spend an afternoon :)

  10. Id really like to get the Philosophy Skin Tint...has anyone tried it yet?

  11. I'm not sure why, but I don't have an Urban Decay 5x offer in my account to activate. Any tricks for acquiring that, or am I out of luck?

    1. Mrs. D, different people get different offers. I got the 5x on natural brands, not the Urban Decay one. I was hoping for a Bare Minerals one, myself!

  12. I'm a little annoyed that Platinum members are the only ones to get any sort of offer. I'm not platinum at Ulta, but I WILL be spending several hundred dollars at Sephora, where I'm VIB. Ulta could have had a cut of that if they'd offered a 20% off coupon for non-platinum members. That probably would have been a good way to grab some sales from Beauty Insiders at Sephora too who only get 10%. Oh well, I guess they know what they're doing....

  13. They just added 5X points for It Cosmetics (: Plus 5X on Philosophy Pure Grace Fragnice.

  14. how are people getting 5x on all of these other items? I only have 5x for UB and pure fragrance... :(


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