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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Ulta Cyber Monday 2016 Preview is Live (Tips & Recs)

The preview is live! CLICK HERE to preview all of the deals that will go live starting 9PM Central on 11/27 (ends 2AM central on 11/29).

Three things:
  • Free shipping on orders $35+ will still be valid for this sale
  • Enter code CYBERMON16 to receive $10 off your qualifying purchase of $50 or more (they have not yet listed the exclusions for this code as of the time of publication)
  • As anticipated, there's a gift bag and you'll have two choices (see below)

You will be able to choose one of two 19-piece gift bags FREE with any $75 purchase ($112 value)

Below are all of the deals that will be available; my personal recs are at the bottom of this post:


I don't know about you, but I'm having a bit of "sale fatigue" right now, so if a discount isn't BOGOFREE or 40% - 50% off,  it's not really grabbing my attention. We've seen so many 20-30% off sales over the past few days that I'm getting a bit picky at this point (oh what a problem to have, right??).

That said, here are a few of my personal picks:

IT Cosmetics Eye Lift in a Tube - 50% off ($14.50 down from $29)
This is a great opportunity to try a $29 product for the same price as some drugstore concealers that are on the market these days. This is a double-ended product that contains the popular Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer on one end, and Hello Light Liquid Brightener on the other end. If you've always wanted to try one (or both) of these products, I would jump on this.

IT Cosmetics Vitality Face Disk - 50% off ($19 down from $38)
I have to mention this IT product as well, because I personally own it and I love it (it has excellent reviews both on the Ulta site and Makeup Alley as well). If you've never seen this product before, it's huge. Half of the compact is the matte bronzer, while 1/4 of the product is a blush and 1/4 of the product is a highlighter. All of the shades in this palette are completely buildable, and they look so natural on my NC20 skintone. I never feel like a clown when I'm wearing these shades. It's a great on the go, in a hurry product because everything you need to add color to your face is all in one compact. Check out some swatches here

Uh, duh! This is a great deal and you can see in the pic that this will include TONYMOLY sheet masks, as well as Leaders and more. I don't know if there will be a limit on how many you can order, but I DO know that when you buy two, the lowest priced mask will be free. So try to stick with two that are roughly around the same price to maximize your savings!

A great time to stock up on faves or try something new.

I'd also like to mention that Ulta is launching the following on Cyber Monday:

Urban Decay Full Frontal Reloaded Vice Lipstick Stash - $59
This is not to be confused with the UD Full Frontal Lipstick Stash that released in 2014. That set included six mini Reloaded lipsticks + Ozone liner, whereas this set will include FIVE FULL-SIZE VICE lipsticks and an Ozone liner. 

What's on YOUR shopping list? 


  1. I was browsing the links to the cyber Monday pages earlier and saw Ulta's preview! I'd love to get more of my Hey Honey face scrub, but that's all that catches my eye. And that alone isn't worth the shipping. I'll have to wait and see what is included in the $10 off.

  2. I'm interested in the Essence sale. I've heard a lot of good things.

  3. Usually the GWP really gets me, but I don't see anything in there to tempt me to get to $75, thank goodness. The Macadamia Prof BOGO looks promising as well as the IT brushes. A little annoyed I've been stocking up on Matrix for $10-12 and now they're $8. Oh well, that's how it goes!

  4. Becca bronzed Amber is there because it wasn't released to any retailers - it wasn't becca exclusive - I've actually been waiting for it to come to ulta so I could get my points! Lol yay!!

  5. I am thinking of picking up some physician formula stuff and some hair stuff! Yay it starts at 9pm central and I can get some shopping in before bed lol!

  6. I think the Becca highlight is listed because up until this sale it has only been available on the Becca site.

  7. If I remember correctly, Bronzed Amber was a shade that was supposed to be available exclusively on Becca's website. Just like how Rose Quartz was only available on Sephora.

  8. Hi! Sephora's page is now listing White Chocolate Bar and Rouge Exclusive and out of stock. It is also listing the new Smashbox palettes as out of stock. Unsure if really out of stock or if they haven't gone live yet. Happy Holidays!!!

  9. The UD Full Frontal Reloaded has 5 full-size lipsticks as shown in the preview pic. You have it correct on your main Black Friday/Cyber Monday page for the Urban Decay entry: "On 11/28 only, Full Frontal Reloaded Vice Lipstick Stash containing five full-size lipsticks will be $59." It's available now on the German UD site and includes Seismic, Gash, Big Bang, Snitch, 1993, and the Ozone primer pencil.

    1. Thank you SO much! I didn't even make the connection that this was the same set as the one that will be on the UD site (that tells you where my head is at, at this point!). I'm basically delirious so I really appreciate you pointing that out. I updated my post. :)

  10. Urban Decay Full Frontal Reloaded Vice Lipstick Stash- It appears to be only 5 lipsticks in the photo so maybe they are full sized? This is the only item that really caught my eye. Hopefully they are wearable colors. Thanks for posting!

  11. I agree about the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Bronzed Amber ($38). My thinking is that it was a clerical error and the sale price didn't make it's way into the ad...?

  12. I think the Becca item is listed bc it's limited edition, even tho it's still full price. It must be a holiday item only

  13. Thank you all so much for the tips about the Becca product. That has to be it (I know that some of you would know)!!! I removed my notation since you all explained it. :)

  14. I highly recommend the Smashbox contouring palette. It was one of my favorites to use when I worked there. I don't like 6 color kits when you only use 2-3 colors (the average person). And the powers are very smooth and blendable and great tones. I'd get it myself if I was more of a contour person.

    Stila Huge is a great mascara. VERY comparable to TF BTS.

    PUR Fully Charged Mascara is also one of my top favorites. Again in the same volumizing category as BTS and Huge.

    Most of those hair care deals look pretty good honestly.

  15. Just wanted to double check with you about the $10 off code. My Ulta app has it as CYBERMON16 and up in your post you have CYBERMONDAY16 - maybe they both will work

  16. Hi just wanted to let you all know that it started!! i just placed my order. hurry go...........

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. sorry forgot to mention that i had to add each item individual, all the sale prices are on.


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