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Monday, September 19, 2016

New Affordable Korean Sheet Mask Options at Walmart and Big Lots

If you love Korean sheet masks but don't like to spend a lot of money on them, I have some fun news for you today!

According to, Masqueology, which is a Korean beauty brand that makes pricey sheet masks that you can find on Amazon, Dermstore, etc., is branching out with a more affordable sheet mask line that will be sold at Walmart:

Masqueology, a leading Korean skin care facial mask brand adored by celebrities and consumers, has introduced a new line of affordable sheet masks. These facial masks are available nationwide in 3,000 Walmart locations across the US and online. ...Their goal is to take the same skincare products – once only available at high-end spas and boutiques – and make them available to everyone. 

Read the full article here.

I just checked the Walmart site and these masks are available online HERE for $2.50 each, if you want to check them out. I'm guessing that some of you have already spotted these in-store too (please comment below if you have!).

Next up, thanks to reader Lisette M. for the comment below about this one! She spotted Soo AE masks at her local Walmart recently (Soo AE is a Korean beauty brand owned by Clio, which also makes Peripera and Goodal). And unlike Target where you have to buy these in 5-packs, Walmart has individual masks for $2.50 in-store and they're also listed online HERE in eight different varieties (not in stock online yet). 

When I was at my local Big Lots the other day, I spotted some fancy new Epielle sheet masks that I had never seen before. If you're new to Epeille (owned by Kareway), they're also a Korean beauty company and they make great makeup remover towelettes (which I've raved about here numerous times over the years), as well as other skincare products like BB creams, sheet masks, hand masks, foot masks, and pore strips.

These masks piqued my interest because, as you can see, they include a single serving of Oxygen Bubble Cleanser (step 1), Concentrated Moisturizing Serum (step 2), and sheet mask (step 3). My Big Lots had two varieties: Collagen (pictured above), and Moisturzing (pictured below). They retail for $2 each.

Have you seen these masks at your local Walmart and Big Lots stores? If so, have you tried anything yet? I'd love to hear from you!


  1. I saw and bought one by the brand SOO AE. I plan on using it tomorrow so I will report back. They also had the ones by Masqueology.

    1. Oooh, thank you!!! I saw those the other day at Target but you can only buy 5-packs on the Target site. I'm going to update my post right now with your tip! xo

  2. I wish I had taken a picture of the display I saw at my Wal-Mart. It had three or four different brands of masks, including Shea Moisture mud/clay masks.

    I used the moisturizing Masqueology mask; it was okay. I will give them all a try eventually.

    1. Thanks, Emseralda! I have seen a few pics floating around on Instagram of the big wall display, and I had heard that the Shea Moisture masks where there, and also some new Freeman masks for men (those look so cool! Did you see them?). Anyway, thanks SO much for your feedback on the Masqueology one you tried. I'm bummed that it was only OK..maybe I'll try a different formula when I finally get over to my local Walmart and see the display in person. :)

    2. It wasn't bad for $2.50, but I wasn't blown away by it. The pluses are it had plenty of product and I did get a moisture boost; the minus was the moisture boost was temporary. (This might vary from person to person though.)

      At this price point I am very willing to try the other varieties and other brands.

      I did not see any men's products. They might have been in a different spot.

  3. I tried the Aloe mask from Soo AE. It definitely helped with dryness and felt cooling. I had to rinse my face because it made my skin feel so tacky even though on the back it says no need to rinse. I'm curious to try the other ones!

  4. The display here in South Carolina has the Soo AE, Yes to tomatoes, cucmbers, etc., Masqueology and Shea Moisture. Then separately we have the freemans masks which are cheaper than $2.50 each, but we've had that display for as long as I can remember. Bonus though, they have packets of freemans masks I've never seen in a store before.

  5. Ooh, I want to try the Epielle masks from Big Lots. I need to go anyway to pick up some stuff and this is just an added treat!

  6. Great news for single masks but it's still less expensive to buy korean sheet masks in bulk on Amazon. It's hard to beat 11 Tony moly masks for $12 or 16 Dermal masks for $12.50.

  7. I have a few multi-packs of SooAE masks that I got off of HauteLook a few months back. Definitely a fan, but at that price point, I think I'd prefer to continute getting Tony Moly masks. Tony Moly are $3.75 each at Ulta, but I can get most of them in less expensive variety packs off of Amazon. At the price I buy them, they usually end up costing me less than $1.50 a mask -- sometimes less than $1. Yeah, there's usually a few in there that just don't work with my skin type, but even after giving those two masks away to friends, I'm STILL spending less per item than just buying them at stores.

  8. I got two of each epielle facial kits. My Big Lots also had 3 packs of Activated Charcoal pore minimizing masks for $2 that I am trying. I saw vitamin C 3 packs as well. 10 sheet masks for $12. YAY!

  9. also check out ebay for the Leaders 7 wonders mask! i ordered a package of 10 masks for just $55!! (such a good deal when you figure the Leaders site is 6.25 each plus shipping!) i love the brightening masks but i think i want to try the anti-aging ones too! has anyone else tried them?

  10. Just went to Big Lots to check out the masks and saw they had tons of Epielle stuff. Packs of 3-4 different masks, hand masks, pore strips, cleansing towelettes. Score!

  11. I'm back! So this time I'm trying the orangey pack, the Shea Moisture - dry skin mud mask with frankincense and myrrh extract. (Walmart) There's enough in the packet to do 2 masks they gave you a lot of product. It's a very smooth white whipped clay like texture it's really nice and applies well. It smells clean and herbally. On my skin it feels warm and tingly right away, almost a little bit burning... feels hot on my face... err... waiting feels like forever it's a little intense. To take it off I had to use a wet wash cloth. It made my skin feel moisturized and softer but I still followed up with a moisturizer. I don't like the tingly/burning strong herbally scent it's all too intense especially if your face is already red/dry/sensitive. I have Garnier dry skin gel moisturizer, it comes in a little pot and the gel is pink. I especially love to use it when my skin is still damp like after a hot shower or after rinsing off a mask it really helpes to keep moisture locked in. I really like that one just thought I'd suggest it.


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