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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

If You Like Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara, You Need to Know About This New Sephora Value Set

If you like Hypnose Drama Mascara (or have always wanted to try it), you need to know about this one! The new Limited edition Lancome Alluring Eyes Set is now available on the Sephora site HERE for $25 ($64 value). This set includes:
  • 0.23 oz Hypnose Drama Mascara (full size) 
  • 0.042 oz Drama Liqui-Pencil in Noir Intense (full size) 
  • 1.7 oz Bi-Facil Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover (travel size)

Um, the Hypnose Drama Mascara alone retails for $27.50! So even if you don't care about the full-size liner or travel-size makeup remover, you're STILL saving a few bucks with this set. But I mean, who doesn't want a basically free full-size liner and travel size remover, right? Another way to look at it? You're paying $8.34 per item.


Of course you'll get your regular three free samples with all purchases at Sephora, but since this set is exactly $25, you can also get a deluxe freebie on top of that. Here are some code ideas (all are free with your $25 purchase; just enter the code at checkout):

BARESERUM - Your choice of one of the following BareMinerals trios: bareSkin Sample Trio - Bare Linen, Light/Medium, and Mini Handy Buki Brush - 0.10 oz, 0.03 oz, 1.5",
bareSkin Sample Trio - Bare Ivory, Light/Medium, and Mini Handy Buki Brush - 0.10 oz, 0.03 oz, 1.5", bareSkin Sample Trio - Bare Satin, Light/Medium, and Mini Handy Buki Brush - 0.10 oz, 0.03 oz, 1.5", bareSkin Sample Trio - Bare Natural, Light/Medium, and Mini Handy Buki Brush - 0.10 oz, 0.03 oz, 1.5", or bareSkin Sample Trio - Bare Sand, Tan/Dark, and  Mini Handy Buki Brush - 0.10 oz, 0.03 oz, 1.5"

YOURGIFT - Your choice of: ALGENIST Power Advanced Wrinkle Fighter Moisturizer samples, DIORCapture Totale Dreamskin deluxe sample, MICHAEL KORS Sexy Amber deluxe sample, SKIN INC. Pure Revival Peel deluxe sample, or  MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation deluxe sample in R540 Dark Brown

GETGLOSSY - Your choice of: SEPHORA COLLECTION Ultra Shine Lip Gel deluxe sample in 17 - 0.1 oz or BAREMINERALS Marvelous Moxie® Lipgloss deluxe sample in Rebel - 0.07 oz

CAVIARMIST - ALTERNA HAIRCARE CAVIAR Anti-Aging Miracle Multiplying Volume Mist deluxe sample - 1.4 oz

NNMMASK - DR. BRANDT SKINCARE Needles No More® 3-D Filler Mask deluxe sample

THEEDIT - THE ESTÉE EDIT BY ESTÉE LAUDER Flash Photo Gloss deluxe sample in White Flash

VIBRANCY - JOSIE MARAN Vibrancy Argan Oil Foundation Fluid (five shade options available as of the time of this post)

If you don't want this set now, bookmark this baby or add it your loves and wait for the VIB Sale event for even more savings. But remember that you can only use ONE code per purchase at Sephora, so you won't get any of the deluxe freebies above if you opt to use your VIB discount code.


I hate to sound like your mom (or your cool aunt who always wants you to be prepared but tries to do it in a nice way?) but deals like this Lancome one are a great example of why you should sign up for Sephora Flash (if your VIB status does not already give you free shipping). Seriously, for $10 per year, you get unlimited free 2-day shipping on ALL Sephora orders, no minimum required, for a year. I know I always say this, but I'm surprised by how many people still don't know about this service every time I post about it. It literally pays for itself after two orders. And your subscription starts the minute you place it in your cart, meaning anything else you purchase will ship free when you sign up.


  1. BARESERUM or BARETRIO will also work for the $25+ codes. It's a set of the mini perfecting veil (0.10oz?), brightening serum foundation (0.03oz?) and the mini handy buki brush (1.5"). The shades included are Bare Linen (03), Bare Ivory (04), Bare Satin (06), Bare Natural (07), and Bare Sand (12). Personally not a fan of the foundation for those with dry patches. I didn't find the perfecting veil did much for my oily skin and the brush is scratchy but still cute. Definitely a great way to try them out though!

    1. Thank you! I JUST saw that myself and added to the list! :D

  2. I concur! That is an outstanding deal! I also agree with you about the FLASH shipping - such a great deal! <3

  3. EEK!! That is amazing....G, you're killing it today! Thanks so much...I got this with the bareMinerals 3-piece freebie that Sephora listed today on their "Weekly Specials" today! Thanks so much!!

    1. Aww, coming from you that's a huge compliment, Marcy! Thank you! And yes, I just saw that new freebie and added to the list! xo

    2. Egad! I was so excited about this post I didn't even stop to proofread (sorry about that!)

  4. OMG, I have a free mascara coupon( got with all those small sizes a few years ago, I was going to get hyponose drama). I don't think it will work though.

    1. Aww, I'm not sure if would work with this, even if this formula was one of the options. :(

    2. I have a coupon from a few years back( lost it and then found it). I'm pretty sure Hyponose Drama was included.

  5. So weird that this new and a limited edition at Sephora I bought this exact set(not sure if the name was the same, but all products were identical) for my sil at a Canadian drugstore before Christmas!

    1. I seem to recall it was available at other retailers too at one point, but it's new to Sephora. :)

  6. I miss the good old days when this blog was actually about cheap makeup.

    1. Thank you for the feedback. I want to let you know that I have always, from the start, blogged about how to get discounted higher-end cosmetics, in addition to drugstore. But over the years, the landscape of the beauty industry has shifted (in part due to the recession) and there are many, many more deals now available for higher-end cosmetics than there were back when I started. I try my best to balance this (I posted about NYX right after this post, and right before this post I shared a deal about free samples at Amazon). Also, my reviews are still focused on affordable cosmetics (I reviewed e.l.f. and Real Techniques just last week, and this week I did an extensive compare/contrast of the Target and Walmart beauty boxes). But I certainly understand your sentiment. The higher-end deals are so abundant these days that if I actually posted about ALL of the higher-end deals that come across my desk, I'd be posting nothing BUT those deals around the clock. I try to focus on the ones that I personally think are most useful (this Lancome deal, for instance, breaks down to $8.34 per item, which is right in line with drugstore prices). I hope that clears is up a bit, and please know that I'm trying my best to give a mix of higher-end deals and drugstore deals. :)

  7. G., I just wanted to say I just found your blog last week and now I obsessively check it every day. I prefer CHEAP higher-end cosmetics and appreciate the effort you put to get us these amazing deals! you mention in your reply to LoveLee that if you posted ALL of the higher-end deals, that's ALL you would be posting....I was curious if you could point me to other blogs that are similar to yours so I could possibly catch those other deals you don't post? Once again thank you for your amazing blog and I am spreading the word to others who may have not found you yet.

    1. Hi Kimberly! Thanks so much for the kind words, and I'm so glad you found me! I don't know of a blog that focuses exclusively on higher-end deals (meaning, that's all they post, all day every day) but I can give you some tips about how to get even more deals than what I share here on the main page of my blog!

      First, I highly suggest checking the You Tell Me page and subscribing to new posts (you'll get them right in your email). You can check out the page with instructions about how to subscribe here:

      This is a page I created so that readers can share their tips in real time with other readers, without having to go through me first. There's an abundance of great info that there may never makes it to my blog, simply due to time constraints (and as mentioned above, my efforts to balance high-end with drugstore deals).

      The You Tell Me page is always available for you to check out when you visit my blog by going to the main menu bar at the top of the blog and clicking "Essential Links".

      I do want to mention that there are hundreds of comments on that page right now, so it may be slow to load. I'm "resetting" the page this week so that we'll have a fresh comment section (it won't be so slow to load after I reset it) so please keep an eye on my blog posts because I announce when the page is reset. You may want to hold off on subscribing until the page is reset, because you have to subscribe to the new page (not up yet) to get new alerts.

      Also, I highly suggest following me on Instagram for even more high-end deals that you may not see on the blog (you can follow me by looking for the social media icons in the sidebar of my blog). I find that my Instagram followers as a whole have a strong interest in higher-end deals, so I tend to share a few more there than what you see on the blog.

      I hope that helps, and thanks for taking the time to share you interests with me. I know that some readers really prefer the higher-end deals, while others, like LoveLee, just want drugstore deals. So again, that's why I'm constantly trying to balance the two and please EVERYONE! :)

  8. Thank you for your super quick response! RIGHT AFTER I submitted that comment, I realized how rude it was of me to ask for other blogs. I also found your "You Tell Me" section, so thank you for letting me know it will be updated soon! I am also not a huge instagram user, but you better believe I will be checking YOUR feed everyday now as well. THANK YOU!


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