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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Spotted: Wet n Wild Halloween 2015 Limited Edition Beautifully Wicked Collection

As we all hoped, there IS a Wet n Wild Halloween collection this year! The Wet n Wild Halloween 2015 Beautifully Wicked collection is a Walgreens-exclusive (just like last year's Halloween collection) and it contains a mixture of new, limited edition products and existing permanent products (just like last year's Halloween collection).

PLEASE NOTE: this collection is new and entirely different from the Fantasy Makers by Wet n Wild Halloween 2015 collection (click here for pics), the Fall 2015 Here's to the Wild Ones! collection (click here for pics), and the Holiday 2015 We're the Wild Cats! collection (click here for pics).

My pal Abbi (@curlycomedynailart on Instagram) kindly shared some pics of the display that she spotted at her local Walgreens recently, so let's take a look:

image credit: Abbi for Nouveau Cheap
 Wet n Wild Halloween 2015 Limited Edition Beautifully Wicked Collection

Keep reading for the scoop on this new collection...

This collection is broken up into three looks: Gothic Swan, Queen of the Nile, and Sultry Vamp. 

There are six new, limited edition Megalast nail colors in this collection:

image credit: Abbi for Nouveau Cheap

Abbi included descriptions of these polishes on her Instagram, so I'm shamelessly stealing quoting her here:

34780 Haute Hieroglyph - gold, round metallic gold glitter in a clear base (I think I see a star in this pic, but that might just be a bottle distortion).
34779 Pharaoh Fatale - gold metallic.

image credit: Abbi for Nouveau Cheap

34784 Embellish Minted - emerald green metallic shimmer.
34785 Purple Peacock - eggplant metallic shimmer.

image credit: Abbi for Nouveau Cheap

34774 Nightingale - silver, round metallic glitter (matte black too?)
34773 Raven Maven - black creme.

As luck would have it, Mayra of Lip Drama blog also spotted this collection recently and she let me know that she did a huge post over on her blog, with close-up photos of ALL of the NEW AND LIMITED EDITION products in this collection. I cannot tell you how grateful I am that she posted this, because I remember last year it took me For. Ev. Ah. to check and cross-check everything and figure out what was new and what was permanent. 

For reference, here's the full list of all of the new, limited edition items in this collection (from Lip Drama blog):

Limited Edition Coloricon 5-Pan Eyeshadow Palettes:
34777 Sphinx Minx
34783 Shake Your Tailfeather

Limited Edition Megaslicks Balm Stains:
34775 Weeping Willow
34786 Coral Courtship

Limited Edition Megalast Lipsticks:
34776 Bordeaux Bitten
34781 Red Sea Resort
34782 Pink Pyramid
34787 Blossom Out

Limited Edition Idol Eyes Cream Eyeshadow Pencils:
34755 Queen Cleo
34772 Silent Era

Limited Edition Megaliner Liquid Eyeliner:
34788 Swan Quill

Limited Edition Megalast Nail Polishes:
34773 Raven Maven
34774 Nightingale
34779 Pharaoh Fatale
34780 Haute Hieroglyph
34784 Embellish Minted
34785 Purple Peacock

I haven't seen this collection in person yet but based on the pics, I think that a few of these nail polishes look like repromotes from previous Halloween collections, but I also think there are some brand new products here (I'll have to double-check of course, but the lip colors look new, and the 5-pans as well). I would love to know what you think when you spot this collection in person. If I hear of any solid dupes/repromotes, I'll try to update this post with more info. Oh! And at first I thought that the shadow palettes were the same as the palettes in last year's Halloween 2014 Enchanting Halloween Looks collection, but if you click here you'll see that they are definitely different.

I hope this helps, and I would absolutely love to know if you've seen this collection at your local Walgreens recently (I'm trying to get a feel for if this will be at all Walgreens stores nationwide, or just select stores).

Thanks so much, Abbi and Mayra, for the fantastic info and pics. I really appreciate it!


  1. I agree on the matte black glitter mixed in with silver. And how I wish I had rotated Haute Hieroglyph so I could see the metallic glitter shapes a bit better! They appear to be hexagonal, and not round, to my eyes upon closer inspection. Thanks for posting these. I may go back and grab Pharoah Fatale--I have a weakness for molten gold foil gorgeousness!

    1. Bravo Abbi!!!! I'm glad you IG'd the photos yesterday!! I am going to start my hunt today! I hope hope that they show up in Upstate NY somewhere! I am still sulking (!) over not finding California Dreamin' (do you hear that Wet and Wild people, if you are listening???) So everyone please wish me luck because I can tell by the pictures a haul will be done!!

  2. I found Sphinx Minx in the regular display the other day and I bought it. I was hoping it was from a Halloween display! It's GORGEOUS.

    1. Omg I was sooooo hoping someone would chime in who already has it! I'm so glad to hear it's just as gorgeous in person! Thank you. :)

  3. I'm totally over the moon about all of these things!!! Time to start stalking my local Walgreens!!!!

  4. Yeeeeesssss! 🏃💨🏃💨🏃💨

  5. Wow these look nice! I wish I hadn't bypassed the "good" Walgreens yesterday.

  6. The Walgreen exclusive collections make me so sad...they always have so much stuff I want but we have no Walgreens anywhere around here :(

  7. Found the full stocked display at my Wags this morning! Picked up Embellish Minted and Pharaoh Fatale, and considered Weeping has a nice little shimmer to it, and I love a rusty-red lippie. I might go back before it gets picked over.

  8. Found this collection at the Walgreens in Alvin (Gorden&South) and the Walgreens on El Dorado in Houston/Clearlake.

  9. The one thing i wish they had is some type of tutorial on how to create the looks they have! I'm not very makeup savvy and bought a lot of the products for "Queen of the Nile" hoping there would be some tutorial... guess I'm left to my own devices to figure it out.

  10. Purple Peacock is a reissue of Disturbia. I found out the hard way. Got it home and realized they were the same!

  11. This collection is starting to pop up in the Walgreens in NYC and I was able to look at the lipsticks. To me. Blossom Out looks a great deal like Pink Suga' from their regular line. One looked a little bit darker in color than the other one.

    I don't have Pink Suga' so I couldn't do comparison swatches. Does anyone else think that they resemble each other?


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