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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Spotted: Milani Fall 2015 Limited Edition Constellation Cream Eyeliners

There are two things I really love about Milani when it comes to their limited edition collections:

1) They often make their limited edition collections available both in-store and on their website.

2) When they launch a limited edition collection, they sometimes follow up the next year and release the collection again, but with new shades.

I'm sure you remember that Milani first released the Constellation Eyeliners in September 2014. They were part of a larger limited edition collection called Bedazzled. Well guess what? Milani has released three NEW Constellation Cream Eyeliner shades, and they're now popping up at Walgreens! Many thanks to longtime reader and photo contributor @freakumbee on Instagram for the following pics of the new Fall 2015 Constellation Cream Eyeliners. She spotted these at Walgreens this week:

image credit: @freakumbee for Nouveau Cheap
NEW Milani Fall 2015 Limited Edition Constellation Cream Eyeliners at Walgreens

Keep reading for more pics, including comparisons to last year's collection...

image credit: @freakumbee for Nouveau Cheap
No flash

image credit: @freakumbee for Nouveau Cheap
With flash

04 Evening Star (black with gold tones)
05 Celestial (brown with red  tones)
06 Galaxy (moss green with gold tones)

As I was working on this post, reader @alydoom on Instagram kindly tagged me on this close-up pic, in case you want another view.

So how do these compare to last year's shades? Here's a pic from my post last year:

image credit: Emilie for Nouveau Cheap
Milani Fall 2014 Bedazzled Collection Constellation Gel Eyeliners
Enchanted Lapis, Enchanted Black Opal, Enchanted Emerald

As you can see, the original Constellation Eyeliners from 2014 were navy blue, blue-black, and emerald. So this year's shades are definitely different.

I also want to note, in case you're new to the Constellation Eyeliners, that the glitter is an overspray, meaning it does not run through the entire pot. Also, I believe these are $7 again (like last year), and the pots are the exact size as last year (0.14 oz, which is pretty big compared to other drugstore cream liners). 

Did you purchase any of the Constellation Eyeliners last fall? If so, did you like them enough to seek out these new shades? I'm GUESSING that these will eventually be available on the Milani website in addition to Walgreens, since I think I remember them being available on the website last time around.

Thanks again, @freakumbee, for the great sighting and pics. I really appreciate it!


  1. I just bought Evening Star today. I thought I was finally finding last year's collection. To my eye it looks blackish blue with gold glitter. I am so disappointed that the glitter is surface only. I may swirl some super fine glitter through the pot if I like the formula.

  2. Just saw these at CVS today and didn't even realize they weren't the same ones from last year.

  3. I like that the display this year points out that the glitter is an overspray in a pretty noticeable size, so no one is disappointed!

  4. I bought the blue last year. It was gorgeous but never really dried down -like it had a base of Vaseline. Within an hour, it was a smeary mess. I will pass on these unless reviews suggest that the formula is improved.

    1. Thanks for the tip on these. I won't be buying them either unless they get better reviews on the longevity.

  5. If these are anything like last year's formula, don't. get. them.
    I could use my best primer and they'd smudge before i'd finish my makeup.

  6. I bought the ones from last year and only used 2 of them once. The liner never set and it moved and smeared all day. Does anyone know if the formula is improved this year?

  7. I got the Enchanted Emerald last year, and I thought it was meh. Ok as a liner but didn't stay put very well.

  8. I'm gonna pass. I don't like the overspray, and the formula itself wasn't great last year.

  9. Another Pass if they are the same formula. I got the black gold from last year and yep, smeary mess.

  10. Got emerald last year and they over spray is annoying, no color pay off, had to apply layers to get it to show up like in the pot, smeared like crazy, faded completely in the corner of my eyes. Will NOT recommend or repurchase. Horrible product!

  11. Gosh, based in what you girls a saying I just may run this right back to the store. It's unopened. Who has time in the morning for a smeary mess?!

    1. The problem is not just in the morning. I wore 1 of them to work and on my 1st break I noticed some transfer of the liner on my lids. I touched the liner and it was wet like I had just put it on and it stayed that way throughout the day.

    2. It's like applying lipstick as eyeliner. It just stays greasy and never dries.

  12. I concur. These were SO bad. I can't believe Milani put out more. Sure I like my makeup to look pretty but at the end of the day it has to function like the product I thought I was buying.


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