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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

L'Oreal Cushion Compact Coming to the US?

When it comes to the beauty world here in the US, I think that cushion compacts in 2015 are perhaps what BB creams were in 2011. Cushion compacts are just starting to emerge in the US but, hold on, because they're about to make an impact on the American makeup landscape, just like BB creams did a few years ago.

Already a well-established product category in Asian countries (especially in Korea, where there are not only cushion foundations, but cushion blushes, cushion lip colors, etc.), there are just a handful of choices here in the US right now (edit: I'm talking about products that are available for purchase in-store in US retailers). Off the top of my head, I can think of Lancome's Miracle Cushion, AmorePacific's Colour Control Cushion, Pur Minerals' Air Perfection Compact Cushion, and I'm sure I'm forgetting some others. Oh! And Stila just released a cushion eyeliner.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that there's no drugstore cushion compact yet (you can get the Laneige BB Cushion at Target, but that's hardly "drugstore" at $34).

But that all MIGHT be changing soon...

L'Oreal Lucent Magique Cushion Lumiere

Keep reading for the scoop...

NOTE: If you're new to the world of cushion compacts and would like to know what all the buzz is about (and how these differ from other forms of foundation), check out Into the Gloss's article here for a good summary before you read the rest of this post.

So the other night I was checking out Pinterest and I went down the rabbit hole when I saw a photo of this new L'Oreal cushion foundation, which just debuted in Hong Kong and Thailand (and perhaps other regions in Asia, but I'm not sure). Three hours later, I found myself immersed in the cushion compact world, so I figured I'd share my findings with you. Because honestly, no one in my real life would listen to me go on about this for more five minutes. So even if just one of you reads this, then my research was not done in vain!

Here's what I know so far:

  • The new L'Oreal Lucent Magique Cushion Lumiere appears to be a luminous foundation (the description on the L'Oreal Hong Kong site simple says: "infused liquid light technology, creating a moist, radiant, flawless airy look. Easy to use with SPF29 PA+++. Refill pack available.").

  • This product is only available in Asian countries (as of the time of this post). 

  • L'Oreal Lucent Magique Cushion Lumiere is part of a larger line called Lucent Magique that's quite popular in Asian countries. The US equivalent to Lucent Magique is our Magic Lumi line, so if this cushion foundation comes to the US, I would expect it to appear in the Magic Lumi line. 

  • There are two shades in the L'Oreal Lucent Magique Cushion Lumiere line, but remember that these shades were created for L'Oreal's Asian audience. There could be more (or different) shades if/when this line hits the US. 

  • If you would like a closer look at the L'Oreal Lucent Magique Cushion Lumiere, check out this post for product shots and this post for a before-and-after application photo. To view a live demo, check out this video (demo starts at about 1:35). 

  • There are many Asian (and European, and Canadian) drugstore products from brands like L'Oreal, Maybelline, etc., that never make it to the US. There's no way for me to predict if or when we'll get this cushion compact here in the US, so please consider this post informational rather than news-worthy. 

So what do you think? Are you already a fan of cushion compacts? Are you excited by the possiblity of this trend hitting US drugstores? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Other affordable cushion compacts that are actually quite good are the Etude House Precious Mineral Cushion, the Innisfree cushions, and my personal favorite The Face Shop CC Cushion. I think they all cost less than $15.

    1. Oh yes, I definitely know about those! Thanks! My post was referencing the lack of US brands that make cushion compacts, but there are definitely great options for US consumers if you want to order online (or are lucky enough to have good Asian markets and stores in your area). :)

  2. I've seen cushion compacts on the Korean beauty website! Prices and shipping are super reasonable there!

    1. Yep! I ordered a cushion blush and cushion lip color when I posted about their big $5 sale a few weeks ago! Did you get anything during that sale? :)

  3. I want you to know that I read your entire blog post! So all that research was not in vein! I really hope this comes to the US market. Looks so interesting. I want to try it out!!!!

    1. I love you!!! Lol!! Thank you so much, my friend!! xo

    2. I read your entire blog post too :) It's sad huh, I have no one in real life to talk to "passionately" about makeup either.

    3. Lol!! Thank you! :) And yeah, even my best girlfriends don't get as excited as I do about this stuff.... that's basically why I started my blog years ago. So happy we found our tribe! xo

  4. All I'm seeing is the 6 degrees of cushion compacts hahaha. I'm curious if Kevin Bacon is at all involved? All kidding aside, thank you for your hard work and research G!

    1. Lol!! Kevin Bacon is ALWAYS involved, in one way or another! ;)

    2. Lol G. I was just thinking that when I read the Kevin Bacon comment!

  5. Almay had a cushion foundation compact a few years ago that I had to stop using because it made me break out like crazy. Do you think these cushions are similar, or is this a totally new thing? I loved the convenience of the compact, and it broke my heart when I had a reaction.

    1. Oh yes, I totally remember the Almay Nearly Naked Touch Pad foundation (there was a blush, too!). And I'm not surprised it broke you was very oily and had lots of silicones.

      I think that product could be considered a precursor to the current cushion compacts, but not the same. The Almay was designed to be touched with your fingertips, so it didn't come with an accompanying puff like the new versions. And the formulas are probably a lot different as well. :)

    2. That's the one I was going to mention. Poor shade options in the Almay one. Seemed it was geared for the sallow, medium skin-tones.

    3. As I read the post I kept scratching my head trying to figure out what I had used years ago that was in a touch pad. Must have been the Almay. I am looking forward to this, especially if it is indeed luminous!

  6. Oh, G! I love your detailed posts so much. I love the way you not only share info but also supply links for more info (especially for people like me who aren't very familiar with this type of product).

    The great thing about L'Oreal possibly bringing this here is that other companies will jump on that bandwagon, too. Which might mean a thorough G review! It's a win-win!

  7. I'm kind of obsessed with Korea beauty products and make up trends right now so the possibility of this is exciting. I really want the Lancome cushion but some of the ingredients (fragrance, linalool, alcohol) are things that I avoid.

  8. I'm just hoping they'll have darker shades since even the laniege cushion stopped selling the "dark" shade which is still a little light for me.

  9. Ahhh... Cushion foundations, totally my thing.
    This L'Oreal will go on sale in Japan next weekend, I think. Or the week after, or somesuch.
    I am really hesitant to buy it.
    It's made in China. So, it cost next to nothing to manufacture.
    And I have this thing about stuff that is made in China. Living in Asia gives my paranoia a slightly different take on things. Yes, I know L'Oreal is a big company and should afford stellar quality control. But China is China. Even the biggest of foreign companies have problems when manufacturing in China is involved.

    Second, if the colors are going to be anything like the Lancome cushion fiasco - two shades of dark and darker orange for the Asian market, this is not going to be worth my money.
    Korean companies seem to understand that light skin is in. Laneige released No 11 Light Beige for their cushion. Iope is trying to go lighter, too.
    But the stuff made for the Japanese market is firmly in the "here, have some orange spackle with your foundation".

    Anyway, we shall see.
    I'll go to the drugstore, fondle it a bit and decide what to do. Either way, I'll take some photos.

    Have a great week!


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