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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

NEW Kleancolor Triple Dimension 3D Effect Lipsticks: Fail or Game-Changer?

So I saw this on the Kleancolor Instagram page moment ago:

NEW Kleancolor Triple Dimension 3D Effect Lipstick in 06 Candy Parlor

Achieve an ombre lip look...with just one tube of lipstick? Before you start shaking your head, hear me out on this one...

As my pal Jen (Polishaholic) pointed out to me, these seem to possibly have the potential to be like those layered nail polishes (so cool in the bottle, but on the nail? Not so much). I'm also reminded of the L'Oreal The One Sweep eyeshadows, which you know were a massive fail for me.

But what if these worked? What if you could actually achieve an ombre look with just a few swipes from ONE tube?

Before you go saying, "No way, G. Not happening!" Remember the old NYC City Duets lipsticks? Those actually had a cool ombre look to them once the tip started to wear down and become flat (just like the tip of these Kleancolor lipsticks). Those NYC lipsticks only contained two shades per stick, and without even trying, I sort of got an ombre look with them. So three shades? I don't know but, in my mind, I can see this being either the best thing ever...or the biggest fail ever. I can literally see it going both ways! So naturally, I'm now totally obsessed with finding these and reviewing them for you. Because, if you're a longtime reader of this blog, then you know I love me some beauty gimmicks. Must. Try. Them. All.

image source:
Kleancolor Triple Dimension 3D Effect Lipsticks

The new Kleancolor Triple Dimension 3D Effect Lipsticks retail for $2.99 and come in twelve shades. You can purchase them directly from the Kleancolor website (free shipping on orders $40+). You can also find Kleancolor products at independent beauty supply stores and dollar/discount stores, and Asian retailers like Daiso also carry an extensive collection of Kleancolor cosmetics (although I don't know if Daiso has these lipsticks yet; if you've seen them at your local Daiso lately, I would absolutely love to hear from you!).

If I can't find these locally soon, I'll bite the bullet and place an order. Because you know I have to try them (and review them for you). 


  1. I really wanna try the one in the promo pic!!! Does anyone know where in San francisco area we can buy this brand? Dior just came out with some ombre lip colors for the summertime-- they are really creamy and long wearing, with a beautiful shiny finish, but the effect is really subtle. It's kind of a "your lips look slightly lighter and sort of iridescent in the middle of your lips" ;)

    I hope these klean color ones are a stronger effect and they possibly look more matte as well? I can't wait for your review!!!

    (Btw I just clicked through to the layered polish review and omg... what a fail!!! Whoever came up with this idea clearly never tried to mix colors before. I took a color theory class (for makeup artistry) and we had to mix paints-- it was hard not to have all the colors show up as brown or dark purple weirdness lol!)

  2. Hard Candy also has/(had?) something called ombre lipstick that has two colors, but they didn't have crazy shades. Some of those colors just look like they would be really weird on the lips lol.

  3. It is possible these could work as long as you take your time and line it up correctly. I think you will need patience to work with these. At least they are cheap enough to buy at least one just to try. Hope you find these soon as I am very curious myself, G!

  4. I love the idea of three colors in one tube. I probably wouldn't do ombre, because if I want that, I just put a darker or lighter shade in the middle of my lips, but I love the odd color combos here. If I can find these at a dollar store, I'm sure I'll be grabbing a couple.

  5. This seems like it's taken from the Korean ombré lip trend from the past few years, except these have wild colors. There is a specific way to apply these to avoid mixing the colors. Google...

  6. Hope the Kleancolor makeup doesn't smell like the Kleancolor nail polish...

    I very much look forward to seeing someone try this and blog about it. Who knows if you can actually achieve the look shown with the actual product...

  7. I will never buy another Kleancolor lipstick after the epic disgusting fail that was the Femme lipsticks. The scent and taste were like soapy perfume and it wouldn't leave my mouth even after I thoroughly washed my lips. It gave me a headache while I was wearing it and it was a waste of 2.99 (x3 because I bought three of them) and the Beauty Supply has a no-returns policy.

    1. If I ever find these I'll have to do a sniff test. I don't like the sound of soapy-perfumey lipsticks.

  8. Huh. Interesting. Not for me but unique nonetheless.

  9. I think the colors need to be changed! I saw something like this, but it was an ombre-like effect from the Korean beauty trend. :) It was super cute; I want to get them! Hopefully I will be able to find them online somewhere...

  10. How did I miss the layered polish in 2009? LOL! Thank you for suffering through the major fails so we don't have to do it!

    About this lipstick... eh, this doesn't really float my boat. If I want an ombré look, I'd rather use a couple products individually. Plus, at least based on the photo of this, it wouldn't work in my normal life (not for work, etc).

    Interesting concept, but not practical for me.

  11. Call me crazy, but I wanna see someone try to apply this after she's had a few drinks!

    For myself, totally not interested, looks silly.

  12. I can't wait for the review. I think I am going to play with this look with a couple of lippies!

  13. There's a Korean brand, VDL, that came out with lip tints like these with much more wearable colors like a pink, red, peach, and wine. I've seen someone try it and the ombré effect turned out so beautifully, and it shows after one swipe. They also tried it vertically and the colors blended so well together (you can find pictures on Google). I'm not sure about the crazy colors by this brand though. I would definitely look into the VDL tint bar triple shots even though they are on the pricier side.

  14. Nicka K has a triple lipstick line: Has anyone ever tried them out? Their prices are great. You can get silver, gold, yellow, blue for $1.49 a pop, and mood lipsticks for $1.99.

  15. I wouldn't mind trying one of these , just to see if it works! If it does then that would be awesome. Thanks G :)

  16. Lmao! Yes. This is totally something I would buy simply out of makeup curiosity! Hope u can find one and put it to the test!


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