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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Spotted: NEW Sally Hansen Big Peel Off Base Coat, Insta Ombre and Pearl Crush Collections

I am ridiculously behind on posting about all of the new Sally Hansen collections that are now popping up in stores (thank you SO much if you have sent me pics!) so I'm going to change that right now and share with you one of the newest (with more to follow soon).

Many thanks to reader Esther (@pinkyboonails on Instagram) for this one:

image credit: Esther for Nouveau Cheap
NEW Sally Hansen Insta Ombre and Pearl Crush Collections and
Big Peel Off Base Coat

Esther spotted this new Sally Hansen display at Target last week and was nice enough to share lots of pics with us. There's lots to cover here, so let's get right into it...

Starting from the far right side of the display:

image credit: Esther for Nouveau Cheap
Sally Hansen Big Peel Off Base Coat

I had a hunch that Sally Hansen was going to release a peelable base coat, given that the other Coty-owned brands (OPI and NYC New York Color) both have one. I'm wondering how this will compare to those--I have yet to try the NYC version, have you? I believe the nail art tools and pens in this display are repromotes from the core line.

image credit: Esther for Nouveau Cheap
Sally Hansen Pearl Crush Nail Polish Collection

These polishes all seem to contain jumbo iridescent hex glitter in a jelly base that contains lots of iridescent shimmer (with the exception of the black shade, which you'll see in a second--I'm not sure if that one contains iridescent glitter since it looks pretty flat in photos).

Ester found the five shades you see above at Target, and longtime reader @roguedarkholme on Instgram just spotted a display at Walgreens with all NINE shades, and kindly shared some pics. So I'm able to show you all nine shades here (thanks, ladies!).

Notice the directions for application:

image credit: Esther for Nouveau Cheap

image credit: Esther for Nouveau Cheap
 110 Oy-ster It Up!

image credit: Esther for Nouveau Cheap
 120 She Sells

image credit: Esther for Nouveau Cheap
130 Lady Crab

image credit: @roguedarkholme for Nouveau Cheap
140 Rainbow Fish

image credit: @roguedarkholme for Nouveau Cheap
150 Shell & Tell 

image credit: @roguedarkholme for Nouveau Cheap
160 Mer-Mint

image credit: Esther for Nouveau Cheap
 170 Silver Scallop

image credit: @roguedarkholme for Nouveau Cheap
180 Clam Digger

Esther has some beautiful swatches of Lady Crab HERE and Oy-ster It Up! HERE. Those glitter pieces are pretty darned big, aren't they? And as Esther said, these are pretty sheer, so I'm curious what they'd look like over a dark base color.

Going back to the Target display:

image credit: Esther for Nouveau Cheap
Sally Hansen Insta Ombre Nail Polish Collection

Esther kindly sent me some close-ups of these polishes so that we can see what's going on in these bottles:

image credit: Esther for Nouveau Cheap
920 Cobalt Coat

These are pretty much just standard metallic glitters in a clear base. In fact, does Cobalt Coat look familiar to you? Well to me, it looks IDENTICAL to the old Sally Hansen Gem Crush shade, Showgirl Chic. I don't know if any of these other shades are similar to the old Gem Crush polishes, but I'll be curious to do a comparison when I find the full display. I'm assuming, based on the way these are numbered, that there are more shades in this collection than the four here in the Target display. I'll let you know if there are any other Gem Crush lookalikes when I spot the full display...

image credit: Esther for Nouveau Cheap
950 Gold Grade

image credit: Esther for Nouveau Cheap
960 Fuchsia-nista

image credit: Esther for Nouveau Cheap
980 Grey-diant

Also, notice the application info:

image credit: Esther for Nouveau Cheap

From the back of the bottle:

image credit: Esther for Nouveau Cheap

So basically, the instructions are identical to how you would apply ANY glitter polish if you were doing a gradient. 

Have you spotted any of these new collections in your area? Thoughts?

Thanks so much, Esther and @roguedarkholme, for the great sightings and pics (and swatches). I really appreciate it!


  1. Ugh. Wrote a comment, then hit sign out instead of publish. Darn mobile apps!

    Short version: Lady Crab must be mine simply because of the name. Lady Crab! That's me on a bad day! HA!

    Peel off base coat: I've only tried NYC's product, so I'm curious about this version.

    I have a love/hate feeling about peel offs. Love the ease of removal without using more chemicals. But it's the ease of removal which is also it's bad point. Sometimes it comes off too fast (within an hour of painting my nails). It plays well with some polishes (i.e. Sinful Colors Citrustwist jelly polish topped with the LE Valentine's heart topper - that lasted a week. Also works well with Jordana glitters.) but not with others (WnW's Fast Dry polishes wouldn't dry over it). Tends to pool along sides of nails even with extremely thin coats and can shrink with NYC's fast dry top coat.

    TLDR: NYC's peel off base coat is a great product for specific uses.

    Really hope to see this display in person soon.

  2. I'm really interested in that peel off base coat. I have acrylic nails and feel like I can't use my glitter polishes.

  3. YAY! I'm hitting the US in less than two weeks and I so want to grab some of these up!

  4. The Ombre polishes weren't anything groundbreaking; just the usual micro glitters. If I recall correctly, a couple of them had 2 colors of glitter instead of just 1, but that's as interesting as they got.

    The Pearl Crush ones are strange. They're definitely better over other colors (Oy-Ster looks great over blue and Scallop looks great over black), but I don't think they're worth picking up all of the line.

    I *am* glad to finally be seeing some new things from Sally though, other than the usual Insta-Dri/Complete Salon/etc. lines.

    1. Thank you for this mini -review! Really helps narrow it down if they're nothing special, although I may still get the Oyster one, thinking it may look good over some of my pastel shades.

  5. Those Pearl Crush polishes are pretty, but those pieces are too big. I'd be picking the glitter off as soon as the paint is dry. I am curious about the peel-off coat. I still haven't found any in stores: No OPI or Orly (whoever had it), no NYC, and certainly not the Sally. Though I do like the way plain old Elmer's Glue works.

  6. I saw this collection at Target and sadly they were sold out of what I wanted (she sells).

    The insta-ombres were so gimmicky! Just your usual glitter polish.

    Kinda been rather bummed by SH's collections as of late.

  7. Clam Digger is gorgeous in person. It is black with a purple shift and iridescent glitter just like the other ones. I picked up four of these. I'm going to wear them over the same color base. I hope that makes them show up better.
    The Ombres do look just like the Gem Crush polishes. I agree, nothing special to these.

  8. The pearl crush polishes are pretty! I am also intrigued by the insta-ombre and peel-off base coat.


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