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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Spotted: NEW Sally Hansen Airbrush Face Makeup (And More)

Do you remember back in the early 2000s when Sally Hansen had an airbrush foundation called Fast and Flawless (discontinued around 2010)? If not, perhaps you might recall back in 2009 when Sally Hansen released their Carmindy Airbrush Spray Makeup (discontinued around 2013)?

Well if you were a fan of either of these products (or both), then I have some great news for you. Thanks so much to reader @coreinna on Instagram for sharing this pic of a display she just spotted at Walmart:

image credit: @coreinna for Nouveau Cheap
NEW Sally Hansen Airbrush Face Makeup at Walmart

@coreinna didn't see a price on this display , but I'm guessing it's in the $9.99+ ballpark. I can't find anything about this online yet, but I'm so curious if Sally Hansen has changed/improved the formula compared to the older versions. Also, it appears that there are twelve shades here (unless some of these are repeats). 

Keep reading for another new Sally Hansen sighting...

image credit: @coreinna for Nouveau Cheap
New Travel Size Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs at Walmart

@coreinna also shared this pic of the new travel-size version of Airbrush Legs, which was in the same end-cap display at Walmart with the foundation. If you're a fan of Airbrush Legs, you have now have a smaller version for travel!

What do you think of the Sally Hansen Airbrush line? Are you a fan of the leg product? Do you remember the old airbrush foundations? If so, are you excited to try this new version?

Thanks so much, @coreinna, for the great pics and sightings! I really appreciate it!


  1. These are $9.97 I picked one up yesterday. I loved the Carmindy version from Sally Hansen so I'm hoping that this is the same formula just repackaged!

  2. Omg YES. I loved their old spray foundation. I'm so glad they brought it back!

  3. I haven't tried the foundation, but Airbrushed Legs used to be a godsend for me! I don't wear shorts often, so my legs are pasty and kinda splotchy. I hate pantyhose, so for that 2-3 years where everyone I knew was getting married, I was using Airbrushed Legs constantly! I liked spraying it in my hand and then lightly applying it, so it didn't look fake and cakey - just made my skin look more even. I couldn't find my bottle after the last move, so I'm excited to see a travel one - I might have to snag it! If the foundation works as well as the Airbrushed Legs, I might have to grab it too!

  4. I've been buying the discontinued natural beauty airbrush foundation on ebay (light-medium), but its getting pretty scarce. This is the BEST foundation I've ever used. I have melasma and am a bit self conscious of my skin "tone".... This product completely blends in to my skin, makes my skin look even toned, looks natural, never caused break-outs, and I love the feel of it. Its light but has an almost moisturizing effect. I think the olive oil and camomile contribute to this. I just WISH they would bring this back. I think the new one is oil free.

  5. Still waiting to see it in a store, especailly becuase all the drugstores keep have Sally Hansen on sale


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