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Saturday, May 30, 2015

New NYX Display Spotted at Target

Well this is quite exciting, fellow Target shoppers! Some of the newer NYX products that were not previously available at Target have been Target!

Many thanks to @makeupismyjam on Instagram for the following pic of the display that she spotted at her local Target this week:

image credit: @makeupismyjam for Nouveau Cheap
New NYX endcap display at Target

As you can see, this is a new end-cap display, with many Nyx products that Target did not previous carry. To be clear, I am not claiming that any of these products are new--they are just new to Target.

I think it's safe to assume that all of these products will eventually be moving to the permanent NYX display at Target. But what's even more exciting (well, to me at least) is that sometimes when Target introduces new products in end-cap displays like this, they will go on clearance BEFORE they move the permanent display. I'm not quite sure why that is, but I have seen it (and many of you have reported it as well) for other brands/products. I cannot count how many times I've said to myself, "How can that already be on clearance? It just launched!" Maybe it's because there's time between when these products launch in the end-cap display and when they move to the permanent display? So they want to get rid of product to...make room for the same product at a later date? I have no idea, but hey, who's complaining? Just keep stalking those clearance end-caps (if you're reading this blog, I'm sure that the clearance end-caps are already an essential stop on your Target shopping trips!).

Keep reading for a closer look at what's in this display...

I'm not even going to pretend that I've memorized what is already in the permanent Target display (I get it confused with the permanent displays at CVS, Ulta, Bed Bath & Beyond and my local beauty supply stores) but I do believe that most, if not all, of these products are brand new for Target:

image credit: @makeupismyjam for Nouveau Cheap
Pore Filler, Shine Killer, Makeup Setting Spray, Eye Shadow Base (three shades)

Sorry for the blurry pics--I cropped and enlarged these from @makeupismyjam's original photo.

image credit: @makeupismyjam for Nouveau Cheap
Tinted Brow Mascaras, Eyebrow Gels, Micro Brow Pencils
Proof It Waterproof Eyebrow Primer, Proof It Waterproof Eyeshadow Primer, Proof It Waterproof Mascara Top Coat, The Skinny Mascara and Various eyeliners

image credit: @makeupismyjam for Nouveau Cheap
Intense Butter Glosses and Simply Pencils

I know for a fact that the Intense Butter Glosses were not at Target before, so YAY!  It doesn't look like all of the "Simply" pencils are in this display, but it does look like there are some shades from all four collections (Simply Red, Simply Pink, Simply Nude and Simply Vamp).And I don't think I recall ever seeing any of the brow products at Target before. As for the other products, hopefully some of you can confirm if these are new to Target as well (it would make sense that ALL of these products are new to Target, but I don't want to assume that because I've been wrong about things like this before!).

As for the pricing, everything looks identical to the pricing at Ulta (one penny under what you pay on the NYX website). No surprises there.

Have you spotted this new end-cap display at your local Target yet? Is there anything here that you're particularly excited to be able to buy at Target now?

Thanks again, @makeupismyjam, for the great sighting and pic. I really appreciate it!


  1. Excellent! My Target store's Nyx display was woefully neglected. I wasn't impressed by their selection considering that they only had one lip cream and a couple Butter Lipsticks (and one had been opened). I'm trying to remember what the permanent display was supposed to have... Wonderstick contour, Butter Glosses, blotting papers, that funky curved eyeliner, etc.

    Meijer (a Midwest store) started carrying limited amounts of Nyx products a couple months ago. Comparing the two displays (Meijer and Target), it seems that they'll be a wider selection of products locally (Yay!).

    I will have to do a Target run next week!

  2. Yaaaaaaas!! I'm so excited to see this because I live at least 25 minutes from Ulta and honestly I hate driving out there for $5 stuff lol. I can't wait until my Target gets this display. It's right around the corner which could spell trouble lol

  3. I think they do that because the majority of the time people break the safety seals and swatch them.

  4. Looks like some of the lip pencils are there, including the vampy ones, which I've been sort of wanting. Next time I'm up for an impulse buy at Target, if they have these, one or two may have to come home with me!

  5. My Target already sells all the products from the top photo. It's where I always buy my matte setting spray and shine killer. I don't remember any of the brow products though.

  6. I'm glad to see the intense butter glosses at Target...I hope they keep more colors in stock than Ulta does!


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