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Friday, May 29, 2015

Updates! (You Tell Me Page, CVS Master List, and Sightings Map)

Makeup next to candy and cookies: a new trend?

The above pics have absolutely nothing to do with this blog post; I just thought I'd share a recent trend that I've spotted over the past few weeks and get your opinion on it. The pic on the left was taken by me at Target last week--I saw a display of CG and Maybelline mascara two-packs in the cookie/cake aisle. Literally right around the corner from the Milanos (dangerous!). And the pic on the right is of the new CG foundation display, which was located in the candy aisle (right next to a monster display of KitKats) at CVS.

I think this is some brilliant positioning, if you ask me. Candy and makeup often elicit the same response from me (so fun to look at, and I never need it--I just want it). Is this a trend you've noticed in your area as well? What do you think? Is this evil product placement...or convenience at its finest? 

On to the updates:

1) I have created a  new You Tell Me page HERE (link is also available on the top menu of my blog above) so if you subscribe to the comments on that page, please update your subscriptions to this URL:

Thank you so much for patience--I know that when the comments on that page go over 200 things get buggy, so my sincere apologies if you haven't been able to read the tips lately. We have a new, fresh page awaiting all your wonderful info, so please comment away (and a HUGE thanks to everyone who contributes to that page; I know that many, many readers check it regularly and you have helped so many of us get some killer deals!)

2) I just updated the CVS Beauty Clearance Sale Master List HERE with some new brands and products. Give it a look if you plan to go hunting at your local CVS this weekend!

3) I just approved some new comments on the Wet n Wild Spring/Summer Limited Edition collections sightings map HERE, if you're still looking for those products!

Thanks again for all of your contributions to all of the posts above--I honestly can't describe to you how much I appreciate your help. I could never in a million years share what I'm able to share here if it weren't for you!

G. xo



  1. I like the cross-merchandising of candy and cosmetics (ooh, that would be a win-win for Hard Candy and hard candy, wouldn't it?) because it's fun to find things in unusual places. But then it's kind of annoying because people could miss out on new products because they are avoiding candy and the like. But, in general, I like it because when I have a day out to lazily look for cosmetics or reading material, I do also pick up a snack or two. Personally, I'd love to see some displays close to the check out area because there is usually a lot of time wasted standing in line and I might be more apt to impulse buy something if I have to spend several minutes staring at it or reading the display.

  2. yeah, I'd totally miss and makeup in the candy aisle. That section in my Target is literally as far away from the front door that you can get. They put it there when they renovated, instead of at the front where it makes sense (which was right next to the makeup too)


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