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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Spotted: NEW NYC New York Color Smooch Proof Liquid Lip Stains (and More)

In addition to the new NYC products that I've shown you over the past few months, there are MANY other new, permanent products surfacing in stores right now. If you're a fan of NYC, be sure to CLICK HERE and check everything out on the NYC site. That peel-off nail polish base coat that I blogged about months ago is finally available here in the US, and there are lots of other interesting new products such as an eye shadow primer stick, lip primer stick (I actually purchased the lip primer stick last month at CVS and will be reviewing here soon) and much, much more.

But today I want to talk about these new Liquid Lip Stains!

image credit: Jill for Nouveau Cheap
NEW NYC New York Color Smooch Proof Liquid Lip Stains
(retail: $2.99 each)

Keep reading for more info and pics...

Many thanks to reader Jill (@hermakeupmemoir on Instagram) for the above pic of this new permanent collection, which she recently spotted at CVS. As you can see, there are six shades in this range. From left to right above: Faithful Coral, Get Noticed, In the Spotlight, Perpetually Mauve, Unforgettable Fuchsia, On Everyone's Lips.

Reader Nina (@nina3d on Instagram) purchased all six shades in this range and kindly shared this pic of them:

image credit: Nina for Nouveau Cheap
Top to bottom:
Get Noticed, In the Spotlight, Perpetually Mauve, Faithful Coral, Unforgettable Fuchsia, On Everyone's Lips

Now, I've been hearing LOTS of different opinions about these lip colors, so let me let me try to help you BEFORE you make a purchase, based on the things I've heard!

I think that if you were thinking these would be like NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams,  L'Oreal Extraordinaire by Colour Riche lip colors or any other liquid-lip-stain-gloss hybrid currently on the market, then you might be disappointed by these. From what I've heard, these are very much like TRADITIONAL lip stains, in that the formula is thin and it does not leave any type of finish behind (they're not matte or glossy). Think of the NYC 16HR Lip Stains, Palladio Lip Stains, Benefit BeneTint, CoverGirl Outlast Lip Stains, etc. and I think you'll have a better picture of what these are more like (except with a wand applicator instead of a pen or brush).

That said, I tend to like these types of lip stains because I'm a fan of a natural, stained-lip look. But I do want to mention that, traditionally, lighter shades don't carry a lot of pigment and tend to look quite "natural" on the lips, so it might be best to try a deeper shade in this range if that is a concern for you. You can check out Jill's pic HERE of her wearing On Everyone's Lips, which definitely looks deeper and richer in the tube versus on her lips (I still think it looks very pretty on her!)

Nina mentioned to me that, for her, these shades were all highly pigmented and that they did not transfer when fully dry. So again, these appear to be like traditional lip stains and I think it will be a "your mileage may vary" type of thing in terms of how YOU will like them. But I think that if you go into it knowing that these are more like traditional lip stains (thin formula that dries to a natural stain--neither matte nor glossy), then I don't think you'll be shocked or disappointed with the results (or at least I hope not!).

I hope that helps, and if you've spotted these in your area, I'd love to hear from you! Now that Rite Aid no longer carries NYC, I would love to hear if you've spotted these at your local CVS, Kmart, Target or Walmart stores.

Thanks again, Jill and Nina, for the great pics and info. I really appreciate it!


  1. I just picked up one of the lipstains (in Faithful Coral) and it has a very, very strong, unpleasant, bitter taste to it, so unpleasant that I don't think it will be usable for me :( I was a little bummed but generally the NYC stuff is so inexpensive that if I try something and hate it I don't feel awful about chucking it.

    1. Omg, even THAT is like a traditional lip stain! Lol! Every traditional lip stain I own, from every brand, tends to have that exact strong, bitter taste (can be jarring if you're not used to it!). Thanks for letting me know these are no different!

      And PLEASE don't chuck it if you bought it at CVS!! they accept returns on all used products, no questions asked (so do Rite Aid and Walgreens, btw). :)

  2. I too did go in thinking they would be creams as mentioned, but am still surprised that I love the one I did purchase, Unforgettable Fuschia, and plan to get more :-) By normal lip prep, blots + letting dry completely during an informal makeup test/swatch session, I found it lasts a while for an easy 3 hours (so far, I took it off because I needed to get to sleep soon, which took a while for me using my makeup remover lotion and general makeup remover, so that's a strong indicator of its true staying power on me when I decide to do a full test). Will definitely go for the deeper shades however as the lighter ones look too watery and hope they come up with more :-D

  3. I purchased the shade On Everyone's Lips the other day because it looked like that Kylie Jenner shade everyone is always looking for. It's a watery stain, like one of those lip stain markers that's been liquified. It goes on a bit sheer but it's easy to build it up and it disappears into your lips with no residue. So it doesn't feel like there's anything on your lips at all, which I actually like, but it does feel dry after a little while. Nothing a little balm can't fix. As someone mentioned above they do taste bad though!

  4. Bummer, I was really hoping they would be dupes of the Sephora cream lip stains, Stila stay all day, KVD everlasting, etc.

  5. So these are found at CVS? All of my local Rite Aids have put their NYC displays on permanent clearance.

  6. I haven't seen these yet, but I'm excited to hear they are more like traditional lip stains and not the creams. I like the creams, but I do love that stained lip look with no product feel. It's so fresh to me and perfect for summer. I'm hoping to try the pinks soon.

  7. If you pick this up, I'd love to get a comparison review with their 16hr lip stain. I personally like that one but this is a little cheaper

  8. I would definitely try these because I like that naturally pigmented look that a true stain gives. Thanks for the great, very detailed review!

  9. The new mascara they have (BIG BOLD ANGEL LASHES) is really awesome. I have it and so far it is one of my favorite mascaras ever. The new lip laquers are also really good and so far the only complaint I really have on the new products is the new 24H EYE PRIMER PEN that trecently came out. It is just awful, but, other than that these new products are amazing. I have this lipstain in FAITHFUL CORAL and so far it is so great!


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