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Friday, January 2, 2015

New Dollar Tree Sightings

Over the past year, many of us have been spotting some unbelieveable deals at Dollar Tree when it comes to brands like Milani, Physicians Formula and Maybelline. I've done several blog posts about these sightings, but today I'd like to show you two new-to-me sightings courtesy of a few lovely readers.

First up, reader @jcooper311 on Instagram spotted this at her local Dollar Tree last week:

image credit: @jcooper311 for Nouveau Cheap
Maybelline Master Smoky Mechanical Eye Pencils
(retail: around $7.50 each, Dollar Tree price: $1 each)

@jcooper311 spotted three different shades at her Dollar Tree and was nice enough to share this pic with us. By the way, I have since heard from some readers who have spotted other shades at Dollar Tree as well.

Keep reading for a look at another recent Dollar Tree sighting...

image credit: @soleiluna09 for Nouveau Cheap
L'Oreal Preference and Feria Ombre Kits
(retail: around $13 each, Dollar Tree price: $1 each)

Reader @soleiluna09 on Instagram spotted these L'Oreal ombre kits at her local Dollar Tree last week and was kind enough to share this pic. The Feria Ombre kits came out in February 2013 and you might recall that I posted some reader results HERE at that time, from a kind reader who shared how this kit worked on her hair. 

Have you spotted any great deals at your local Dollar Trees lately? I'd love to hear all about them in the comments!

ONE MORE THING: Remember that Dollar Tree accepts manufacturer's coupons, so if you have any $1 off Maybelline or L'Oreal haircare coupons lying around, all you will pay is sales tax. 

Thanks so much, @jcooper311 and @soleiluna09, for sharing these sightings with us. I really appreciate it!


  1. When I was home for Christmas, I went and checked out the Dollar Tree there to see if there was anything different in that region. I found NYC Applelicious Lip balm in "Chocolate Apple" (it was the only color they had and I am in love with this stuff), NYC 16 hour lip stain in "Forever Mine Wine" (I have several of these that I got when they first came out and I was psyched to find this fun color I didn't have for $1), and Milani Ultrafine Liquid Eyeliner in purple and turquoise. I haven't been to my local Dollar Trees lately to see if they have anything new, but I will definitely be on the lookout for those Maybelline Smoky pencils.

  2. I am on the hunt for these two items mentioned in your blog. Great deal at only $1 a piece!!

  3. Finding those Maybelline eyeliners would be fantastic, but my Dollar Tree is so lame! They never have anything that you mention here that others have spotted. I live in a small town and just wonder if that has anything to do with the way they ship products out to their stores. Maybe the stores in bigger cities get a better selection.

    1. I live in Minneapolis (a pretty big city) and have access to at least 3 Dollar Trees in the city and a couple of suburban ones. I rarely find much of what others find. I don't go as often as some, maybe a couple times per month. Maybe I'm just slow.

  4. I wished I lived around this area because my dollar tree does not carry good makeup brands such as these. Would love to try that ombre kit.

  5. I live in San Antonio tx in an urban area and I never seen any of these
    thingsthat you guys mentioned that you find. especially namebrand products

  6. My local DT hardly ever gets these cool items in. I'd love to find that Ombre hair color. Oooo

  7. The Dollar Tree stores near me (3 close by) never has any of the good stuff either. So frustrating, I keep hunting though I don't know why I bother.

  8. The other day I saw and bought the Maybelline eye pencils before reading this post. I didn't look in the haircare section, but after seeing this I'll have to go back and hope they have the Ombre Touch.

  9. For those of you that couldn't find the color tattoos the first time around in DT, there's still hope! I found an entire box of colors tattoos today on my lunch. So happy to get all of the gilded in gold collection.


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