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Friday, January 2, 2015

Flower Beauty, Hard Candy and e.l.f. Holiday Sets Now 75% Off at Walmart

It's the (second) most wonderful time of the year, bargain beauty shoppers! NOW is the time that you can find holiday gift sets for 75% off at your local drugstores and big box stores, and I have some proof for you today, thanks to two lovely readers!

First up, reader @hijklesliemnop on Instagram just found some e.l.f. and Flower Beauty holiday sets at her Walmart for 75% off and kindly shared this pic of her haul:

image credit: @hijklesliemnop for Nouveau Cheap
e.l.f. and Flower Beauty holiday gift sets for 75% off at Walmart

@hijklesliemnop paid $2.49 each for the Flower Beauty polish trios, $4.98 for the 3-piece Flower Beauty brush set, and whopping $1.22 for the e.l.f. eyeshadow duo set. You can't beat that, right? I'm particularly excited about that Flower Beauty brush set, since I love the Flower Beauty brush I reviewed HERE, and I can't wait to try more (especially at that price).

Keep reading for more Walmart holiday beauty set clearance sightings and info...

image credit: @vrvasquez_ for Nouveau Cheap
Flower Beauty holiday gift sets for 75% off at Walmart

@vrvasquez_ kindly shared the pic above of the sets she purchased the other day for 75% off at her Walmart. She paid a total of $12 for ALL of these Flower Beauty holiday sets. Crazy, right?

Also, I have heard from several of you who have spotted all of the Hard Candy Holiday 2014 Gift Sets on 75% off clearance at your Walmarts this week (thanks to everyone who took the time to let me know about that!).

IMPORTANT: If you can't find these gift sets in the beauty department, do not forget to check toward the front of the store, and also in the holiday area. I've personally found some of the Flower Beauty gift sets hiding out in strange places like small end-cap displays near the Christmas ornaments, so be sure to scan your store like a CSI agent before you assume they're not there. You never know what could be lurking in odd places...

Thanks so much, @hijklesliemnop and @vrvasquez_, for the great tips and pics!


  1. I luckily got the Flower brush set for $10 when items were priced at 50% off. I couldn't wait another week, because everything was going fast. I absolutely love these brushes! I wonder if these holiday gift sets will go on clearance online as well? I see that some are still available on the Wal-Mart website, but they are still priced at regular price.

  2. Most of the Hard Candy sets also have a $1 coupon inside!

  3. Wow! 75% off on those Flower sets would be an amazing deal! I'm going to have to check out my Walmart tomorrow. Thanks!

  4. Better hurry! Some Walmart stores are selling the Flower sets for $2 each! Guess it depends on the store manager. Just a heads up that you might get it for a steal!

    1. I was there last night and found the last Flower Radiant (rose gold)perfume/shower gel/body lotion set, but the shower gel was missing and it rang up as $4 so I brought it to CS and they slashed the price to $2! Never hurts to ask. :)

  5. I have been fighting the urge to go to Walmart, but today I think I am finally going to have to give in and go see what's left.
    I did go to Walgreens yesterday, and I can report that all of their holiday beauty (and food and decorations) were priced at 50% off. I got 2 of the holiday Revo/Walgreens lip balms, a Profusion eye palette, and set of small body products (a generic brand, body wash, spray, lotion, body butter, peppermint-ginger scent). One thing about buying clearance items at Walgreens -- check your receipt!! I always have a problem there with sale items ringing up correctly. The Revo lip balms did not ring up at 50% off, and I had to go back into the store to have it corrected. Also, the Profusion palette was $1 and rang up at .75, but I didn't challenge that, because it was only .25 difference.

  6. I have to go to Walmart tomorrow and now I'm kinda excited! Lol!

  7. I scored big time on many of the Flower gift set. I, got a fragrance gift set of 3 fragrances for $10. I went back a few days later and,they were now 75%, so I bought 3 sets of,the fragrance bodywash and body lotion gift sets at $4.98 each, 3 sets of the fragrance, lip butter and nail polish sets at $4.98 each, 2 of the 8 shadow palettes with eyeshadow brush and mascara sets( both different colors) at $4.98 each, a trio kit of lip crayons and,a trio kit of eye crayons for $2.49 each.

  8. I forgot, I also got the Flower brush set for $4.98. I was so happy!


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