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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Spotted: NEW Neutrogena Nourishing Long Wear Eye Shadow Quads

It's been a while since Neutrogena released new products, right? I was trying to think of the last new release I covered from Neutrogena and can you believe it was their BB cream back in January of this year? Well that's about to change, since they just released some new eyeshadow quads! I honestly can't remember the last eyeshadows that Neutrogena released--heck, besides the BB cream, the most recent release that I can think of was the Long Wear Foundation which I posted about exactly a year ago. So yeah, new products from Neutrogena are long overdue, I'd say!

Thanks to two lovely readers, I have some pics of the new eyeshadow quads to share with you today--take a look!

image credit: @linsview for Nouveau Cheap
Neutrogena Nourishing Long Wear Eye Shadow + Built-In Primer Quads

Many thanks to reader @linsview on Instagram for the above pic. She spotted this display at her local Bed Bath & Beyond this week and was nice enough to share this pic. As you can see, there are six quads in this display.

Keep reading for a closer look...

image credit: @freakumbee for Nouveau Cheap

Reader @freakumbee on Instagram also spotted this display this week and kindly shared the pic above, as well as some close-ups:

image credit: @freakumbee for Nouveau Cheap
10 Cool Plum, 20 Soft Taupe, 30 Smoky Steel

image credit: @freakumbee for Nouveau Cheap
40 Cocoa Mauve, 60 Classic Nude, 50 Mink Brown

It appears that these are all shimmers, but maybe a few of the shades on the very bottom of some of these quads might be mattes? Honestly, the shades here aren't wowing me, but what MIGHT wow me is if these live up to the "built-in primer" claim and truly deliver impressive wear-time. I am always on the lookout for neutrals that wear like iron.

What do you think of these new quads from Neutrogena? Think you'll give them a try when you see them in person?

Thanks so much, @linsview and @freakumbee, for the great sightings and pics!


  1. I spotted these at Bed Bath & Beyond last night. Though I have to admit I forgot all about them when I spotted the new Almay Butter Kiss lipsticks, which I've been hunting ever since you mentioned them here a while back.

  2. The layout and color selection reminds me of elf's essential $2 quads.

    1. I was thinking that, too. That might be why I wasn't to interested, since the elf stuff is cheaper.

  3. Neutrogena is so far off my radar that I wouldn't have even glanced at these at the store. These colors aren't wowing me either. And as for their long wear claim, I just automatically wear a primer with every eyeshadow so this doesn't do anything for me either.

  4. I always thought it was really strange they did not have shadows in the line. I'm all for a good neutral but they look terribly boring, maybe they swatch better... always willing to give a new product a chance.

  5. I agree with the posters who said these look boring. However, it's good Neutrogena finally added some shadows. I'll wait for reviews but I never liked any of the Neutrogena cosmetics I've tried; the skincare is pretty good though.

  6. I am loving these shadows! Although they are basic color combos, the formula is surprisingly smooth and buttery!! And lasts all day! happy to see some awesome drugstore eyeshadows!

  7. I picked up Cool Plum when I first found a display.. and thought it was awful. Wore it once and it went right back to the store. Very little pigmentation (over primer), very basic shades, the colors all look very similar on and blended into one another so it's really difficult to get any kind of definition. If they were cheaper maybe, but for $10 you shouldn't have to work that hard. Now that a "certain someone" has raved about them there are positive reviews popping up everywhere though... not sure if I need to try some others or if they are just riding the wave of hype.


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