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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Spotted at Dollar Tree: Milani Shadow Eyez

Well this is simulanteously making me really excited and really nervous! Many thanks to reader Elizabeth (@elaysaba on Instagram) for the tip that she spotted several shades of Milani Shadow Eyez at her local Dollar Tree last week. Elizabeth was nice enough to share a pic of some of the shades she spotted at her location--take a look!

NOTE: I know that many, many other Milani products have been popping up at Dollar Tree over the past year or so (I've done several blog posts about them) but this is a new sighting that I had not heard about prior to last week. 

image credit: Elizabeth for Nouveau Cheap
Milani Shadow Eyez at Dollar Tree
(retail: $7.49 each; Dollar Tree price: $1 each)

More info, after the jump...

Elizabeth spotted shades from the original line (jewel tones) the Naturally Chic line (neutrals) and the Winter 2013 Limited Edition collection (purples) at her Dollar Tree last week, and I have also heard from other readers who have spotted these as well (thanks so much to everyone who took the time to share tips with me about these!). 

I really hope that Milani is not discontinuing these pencils--I ADORE them because they do not budge on my lids, despite my super oily skin. You can read my full review HERE of the original shades, and you can also view my review HERE of the Naturally Chic shades if you'd like to see some swatches of those. But if they are discontinuing them, this is the perfect time to stock up--you just can't beat this price. Again, I'm both happy and nervous about this sighting!

Have YOU spotted Milani Shadow Eyez at your Dollar Tree locations lately? If so, what shades were you able to find at your store(s)?

Thanks again, Elizabeth, for the great sighting and pic!


  1. these are my favorite favorite eye pencil. I will be stalking the Dollar Tree to see if I can stock up. I highly recommend these... Great wear great color

  2. I work at dollar tree we have all those shades plus metalic plum metalic nude and matte purple n we also have the milani cover sticks

  3. I hope these won't be discontinued, champagne toast is my go to every day shade. Guess I'll be purchasing a few backups at dollar tree just in case!

  4. I will be wanting to grab some of these too!

  5. I was also able to pick up a white one at my Dollar Tree. I went back, and all that was left was the purple ones lol

  6. I bought these earlier this year on clearance at CVS and they never restocked, so that seems like a bad sign.

  7. What a steal! I have Champagne Toast and it is amazing! These are quality eyeshadows!

  8. Picked up 5 colors, hoping I can find more. Never used these before, but I just swatched them and man do they have staying power! And they're super pigmented!!! I left the blue one behind but I'm thinking I should go back and snatch it up anyway!

  9. Found these in Columbus, Ohio! Thanks for the tip, I am excited to try these. I picked up the shades Lovely Frost and Sand Dunes for myself and a few others as gifts.

  10. Does anyone know how these compare to Rimmel's Scandaleyes shadow sticks? I love those!

    1. I think these last longer than the scandaleyes and don't crease at all

  11. I was one of the ones who left a comment about these on the You Tell Me page... this really confuses me though. I thought the Naturally Chic were supposed to be added to the permanent line. I never ended up seeing them back at the drugstore, and now they're at Dollar Tree as if they're on their way out. Sad. Companies always seem to screw up a good thing.

  12. Has anyone found cafe au lait at their dollar tree


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