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Monday, October 27, 2014

The Holiday 2014 Snowman Polishes Have Landed

It's become a bit of a tradition around here for me to show you the annual Blue Cross Halloween Pumpkin and Holiday Snowman polishes from Blue Cross (I think this is my fifth year now--can you believe it?). The Halloween Pumpkin polishes were fun this year, but I was hoping that the Snowmen would be even better.

I found two displays at Rite Aid last week (there may be more displays to come, as is often the case) so let's see what this year's offerings are like, shall we?

Blue Cross Holiday 2014 Snowman Nail Polish Collection at Rite Aid
(retail: $4.99 each)

Keep reading for lots (and lots) of pictures...

Let's start with this display:

First of all, the Snowman polishes aren't really snowmen this year. Instead of the little black hats like with previous years, this year the snowmen are wearing ice cream cones. So I guess you could these guys "snow cones"? Perhaps there will be additional displays though...only time will tell!

Also, this year they're all scented. Here are some close-ups:

I had to make the pic above extra blurry because the iridescent glitter wasn't really showing up when I focused clearly.

(There's shimmer in the pale blue to the left)

And here's the second display:

Here are some close-ups of the mini polish tube that contains all scented glitters:

Top scent: Strawberry 
Bottom scent: Blueberry Swirl

I have to say, I'm a little underwhelmed with this year's offerings. All of these polishes are repeats from past years (you can see my swatches of the Lollipop-scented pink glitter above HERE from the Holiday 2012 Blue Cross Light Up Collection). I'm bummed that I honestly didn't see one truly new shade in either display above, but if you're new to the Blue Cross holiday polishes, then I'm glad you have a nice assortment this year!

Have you spotted the Blue Cross Holiday 2014 Snowman Collection in your area yet? Thoughts? If you've seen any other displays (with different polishes than what you see above) I would absolutely love to know!


  1. i neeeeed to have them! omg! sooo cute!

  2. I want to know how many ounces you're getting for $5? & Are these as good as Sally Hansen in terms of wear?

  3. So adorable, wish I could buy them in the UK.x

  4. Have spotted a different display that has the "traditional" snow men at rite aid!!! Though I'm kinda bummed that we don't have the scented polishes :(

  5. The second to last bottle in the last image is new (I'm pretty sure.) Cool toned creme pink w matte blue glitter that says Vanilla Frosting. The first close-up shot of the snowman is the same shade/scent. Its the only one that caught my eye, and that I would add to my stash.

    1. I think so too, I don't remember that vanilla frosting combo from last year but that's the only one that looks different to me too. Guess I'll pass, don't need it enough to get all of the rest again, oh well!

    2. Yeah, I would maybe get the set of minis for that one if I had to and just gift out the rest...but, that shade is also available in the snowman/cone as a single bottle so that. would be the best option if you don't wanna get stuck with the repeats. See it up there ^ it's the first pic of the snowman close-up shots. :)

  6. Really wishing I had a Rite Aid near me. Those ice cream snow men are too cute! I want vanilla frosting and chocolate cupcake!

  7. Those are so freaking cute!!! I'll keep my eyes open for these for sure!

  8. I saw one additional display, I can send you the pics? i didn't buy any but the packaging is adorable.

  9. These are so adorable and I haven't seen these before. I have a Rite Aid near me so will check. I'd, too like to know about product quality- $5 is what my Walmart sells Revlon Colorstay polish for.


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