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Monday, August 11, 2014

Now in stores: new lip balms from eos, Lypsyl and ChapStick

Attention fellow lip balm fanatics! Here's a round-up of some new lip balms now popping up in stores:

image source:
NEW eos Visibly Soft Lip Balms in Coconut Milk and Vanilla Mint
(retail: $3.29 each)

UPDATE: Click here for my review of the new eos Visibly Soft Coconut Milk Lip Balm.

The new Visibly Soft line from eos contains two flavors: Coconut Milk and Vanilla Mint. Up until a few weeks ago, these new balms were only available at Ulta. But thanks to reader @cinnam.on on Instagram for letting me know that she spotted them at her local Walgreens last week. Since then, I have heard from some of you who have also spotted them at Target, Kohl's, Bed Bath & Beyond and other retailers. So they're out there!

image source: Lypsyl Facebook page
NEW Lypsyl Chamomile & Honey Lip Balm
(retail: $2.99)

Many thanks to reader @lippiesandlotion on Instagram for the heads-up that she spotted the brand new Lypsyl flavor, Chamomile & Honey, at her local Walgreens this week. This sounds delicious to me, and I'm wondering if I'll love it as much as their Honeyberry formula (still one of my favorite lip balms that I've repurchased several times since my review in 2009). I wasn't too keen on their Vanilla Plum that came out last year, so I'm hoping this one works better for me (I'll definitely review it when I find it).

image source:
NEW ChapStick Hydration Lock Day & Night
(retail: $2.99 )

image source:
NEW ChapStick Hydration Lock Moisture & Renew
(retail: $2.99 )

Thanks to reader @beautybysarah361 on Instagram for letting me know that she spotted these new ChapStick Hydration Lock lip balms at her Walgreens recently. These are the same style as the ChapStick Mixstix--they're double-ended but, unlike the Mixstix, each end contains a different formula (the Mixstix contain two different flavors with the same formula). You can read more about the Moisture & Renew balm on the site here. And you can read more about the Day & Night balm on the site here

Have you spotted/purchased any of these new lip balms? Thoughts? 

Thanks again, @cinnam.on, @lippiesandlotion and @beautybysarah361, for the great tips!


  1. All if them are interesting, but you got me started on fave is the intense protection one. Agree on Vanilla Plum.

  2. Hmmm I'm interested in Eos but I have tried that brand and didnt like it at all. Then softlips came out with their ice cube balm and I fell in love. If this new Eos flavor is different from the others I'd check it out. PLEASE review this when you can :]

  3. I want to try the eos Coconut Milk and the new Lypsyl (which you got me hooked on - I never would have tried it otherwise!) I haven't seen any of these yet.

  4. I'm looking forward to trying the new EOS lip balms. Glad to know they're showing up in places that are closer to me than Ulta.

  5. Honey chamomile sound perfect for winter. And coconut milk, that I'll have to try.

  6. I'm going to buy them all, says my lipbalm-addicted brain :) the EOS look and sound especially nice even if my favorite is actually the strawberry EOS dupe from Rite Aid!, I just find it more moisturizing than the originals. Go figure. ( Hey this should have been my answer to last Wednesday's question, lol)

  7. I still need to get hold of some eos lip balms!! I've wanted some for about a year but can never find them in UK shops near me!! I think it'll have to be an internet purchase :) thanks for the post xx

  8. I can't seem to get enough lip balms...I found the EOS Coconut Milk at Target and I think the formula is smoother and more hydrating than their original. Recently I got into Lypsyl because of a youtuber I subscribe to and I can't wait to find the new flavor. I got my first Lypsyl last week at CVS, on clearance for 82 cents but I think it was because they have new packaging. I hope they're not being discontinued from CVS.

  9. I just found the new eos' at cvs, the coconut milk came home with me. I'll be on the prowl for that new Lypsyl, love floral balms and the plum is one of my favs for a balm w/ spf. I think eos could've been more creative though (vanilla-mint??) Not to be rude to those who dig it but... *yawn* If they had a vote for the next eos I would think along the lines of pineapple or lychee or vanilla-fig or guava or honey apple or or or fancy GOLDEN apple, but it would be "pomme d'or" or "d'or pomme" or something like that! ;)

  10. I think they missed an opportunity -- wouldn't the coconut milk have been cuter in a dark brown case?

    1. Yessss! The pinky swirly just brings like cotton candy to mind. The brown would've made sooo much more sense, and they could've done a slightly raised 'hairyness" to emulate coconut husk or coir(?) As I think they call it, lol

  11. I like the idea of the day and night Chapstick!


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