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Monday, June 2, 2014

UPDATE on the Maybelline Matte Color Tattoos, Baby Lips Crystal Collection and more

New products coming soon from Sally Hansen and Maybelline...

Since there's more info coming through right now about some new-for-2014 products from Maybelline and Sally Hansen that I've mentioned briefly in the past, I thought it might be helpful to do another wrap-up! Here's everything I know so far...


Miracle Gel Polishes
These no-lamp-required gel/polish hybrids that I first told you about here are due to hit the US at the end of this summer. Janine at Beauty Geeks has swatches and pics of all 47 SHADES in this new line here


Dream Wonder Fluid Touch Foundation
Janine at Beauty Geeks just posted this pic of this new foundation, due out this fall. In her caption she says, "Think Armani Maestro." I can't wait to try this one and see how it compares to the PF Youthful Wear Spotless Foundation, which was also inspired by Armani Maestro.

Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara
Beautezine just tweeted me about this one--check out her picture of it here (due out this fall). That wand!

Baby Lips Crystal Collection
Do you remember when I posted about this mysterious Crystal Collection that was on the CVS site for a little while back in January? Well Beautezine just posted a pic of this collection on her Instagram HERE. It's coming! I'm guessing we'll see these here in the US this fall. To refresh your memory, the shades in this collection are: Beam of Blush, Gleaming Coral, Crystal Kiss, Mirrored Mauve, Pink Quartz and Twinkling Taupe. UPDATE: Here's another pic from Janine at Beauty Geeks, who mentioned that these are shimmers. I do not know, as of the time of this post, if these will be limited edition or permanent.

Color Tattoo Leather Collection (ALL MATTES)
Remember when I posted about these back in April? Beautezine just posted a pic of this collection HERE (thanks to @marcybbufkin on Instagram tor the tip!). The names of the shades in the Leather Collection for Fall 2014 are reported to be Creamy Beige, Deep Forest, Vintage Plum, Chocolate Suede and Dramatic Black and it looks like they match up to the shades in Beautezine's pic! I do not know, as of the time of this post, if these will be limited edition or permanent. 

Expert Wear 12-Pan Palettes
Another thing I mentioned back in April was that Maybelline was going to release three new 12-pan palettes this year: The Smokes, The Nudes and The Brights. I haven't seen any additional info come through about The Smokes or The Brights yet, but Emilynoel83 reviewed The Nudes palette HERE and she mentioned that it will be in stores starting June/July. I believe these palettes are going to be permanent additions to the Maybelline lineup. 

Master Kajal Cream Kohl Eyeliners
Back in October, I did a post with some preliminary info about some upcoming new kohl eye pencils. In my post, I mentioned that they were described as "highly pigmented" and "creamier and more blendable than regular pencils" and that they can be used to line the eyes or as eyeshadow base. I"m not sure if this is the same thing, but. Beautezine posted a pic on her Instagram of two of the new Master Kajal Crayon Kohls HERE. These look more like traditional eyeliner to me, so perhaps there are jumbo eye pencils in the new Master Kajal line too? Guess we'll have to wait and see. I believe these will debut in the fall.

Lip Khols
I haven't seen any additional info about these since my post last October. All I know as of now is that they're jumbo lip pencils in "creamy, opaque, fun, bright colors" and that they should be released at some point this year.

Color Show Jewels Collection
No additional news about these yet--you can see my original post with some photos here. They're due in stores this July, and I think they're permanent. 

Color Show Acid Wash Collection (MATTE GLITTERS)
This collection has already launched in the UK, but I don't know as of this time of this post if/when they're coming to the US. You can check out Lou's swatches of this collection here

And that's everything I know so far about upcoming releases from Sally Hansen and Maybelline! I hope this helps, and please do let us know if you have already spotted any of these products in your area (you never know...things have a way of showing up early sometimes!).

Thanks so much to Beautezine@marcybbufkin, Halifax at Sparkled Beauty, Janine at Beauty Geeks, Lou at Painted Nails and Baking Scales and everyone else who has shared info about these collections with me over the past several days, weeks and months!


  1. I saw the Nude palette on Eva Chen's Instagram. She also said it would be out in July.

  2. I saw EmilyNoel's review of the Nudes palette and I'm intrigued. The matte Color Tatoos and Crystal Baby Lips sound interesting too.

  3. Unf. Those matte Color Tattoos. They shall be mine.

  4. I saw the Acid Wash polishes on Lane's Lacquers and I am in love!

  5. Wow! This is a great post! Thanks for putting this all together for us!

  6. Super excited for the color tattoos, wish I could say the same for the baby lips! Don't get me wrong, I love baby lips, but it seems like it's always the same colors in the collections: a berry, a bright pink, and a coral color.

  7. Very unique bottle for the Maybelline foundation. It reminds me of something from the 60's.

  8. Well I was going to try to not buy as much make up but, I think Maybelline just killed that.

  9. Maybelline and Sally Hansen, I need all of those nail colors.

  10. I am so excited for the new Baby Lips and the Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara! Thanks so much for this info!

  11. I am getting rather obsessed with Color Tattoos. Do you know if they will become part of the permanent collection like the Metals?

  12. My goodness, there are a lot of new products coming out! Thanks for all the info and the pics, this round-up was a lot of work. :D Most excited about the Maybelline 12-pan...

  13. I just saw several of these items today in a Kroger grocery store here in east TN! I knew they weren't familiar! There were the foundations, a couple of the Color Tattoos, and the kohl eyeliners! I can't wait to try them!

  14. I believe BrowDrama has been out in Europe is anyone wants to google for reviews!

  15. Wow!!! I am excited to see some of these! In particular the SH Gel polish and the BrowDrama!!! Oh and the Lip Kohls!!!

  16. Thanks so much for the links, lady! Re: Brow Drama, yes, it's been available in the UK for a while; they were the "test" market. As for Lip Khols, the release date for those appears to have been indefinitely postponed; I'll alert you when I get more info :-) xo

  17. is there any news on when the fluid foundation will be in the USA and price point?

    1. I bought this foundation on Tuesday at Bed Bath and Beyond and I cannot remember the exact price but it was under $10. I bought the palette, 2 color tattoos, and the foundation and it was $30.

  18. Maybelline just keeps on surprising me with new and better products. cant wait to try it all.

  19. Anything on the maybelline stuff coming out the master glaze limited edition bronzes? I forget the name of the line.....I can't wait. Supposed to be summer

  20. I saw the Dream Wonder foundation at a Target store near me on Sunday. It's got a thicker consistency than the Armani Maestro, a wand applicator, better coverage and seems to really blend with my skin (at least on my hand it did!) and did not rub off. I was impressed enough to be planning a trip back this evening to pick one up and hoping the new color tattoos are on teh display as well. They had a couple of the pallettes left but I'm not real interested in getting one of those. I want the purple color tattoo and maybe the frosted brown one and the nude one as well as a foundation.


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