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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Spotted: NEW Sally Hansen Summer 2014 Electric Summer Xtreme Wear Pastel Collection

Well what do we have here? Another new limited edition collection from Sally Hansen! Many thanks to my pal JenJen of Confessions of a (Drugstore) Stalker for this one. JenJen spotted the new Electric Summer Pastels at a local discount drugstore this week and kindly shared this pic:

image credit: JenJen for Nouveau Cheap
Sally Hansen Summer 2014 Electric Summer Xtreme Wear Pastel Collection
(retail: around $2.99 each, 0.4 oz)

Keep reading for more info, including swatches and comparisons...

The shades in this collection from left to right:

Pearl Up, Peach Baby, Floaties, Teeny Bikini, You're Crabby, Water Orchid, Wet Suit, Kelp Yourself

JenJen swatched the entire collection HERE and you'll see that there's one jelly in this collection and the rest are cremes (with very nice formulas!). Also, for those of you who may be wondering how these compare to the Maybelline Limited Edition Bleached Neons, JenJen including a comparison in her post here as well.

So far I've heard from three readers who have spotted this collection at CVS, so keep your eyes peeled for it there--I'm guessing it will hit the other chains soon too.

Thanks so much, JenJen, for the great pic and for posting swatches so quickly! 


  1. From looking at JenJen's swatches, I'm really excited about Wet Suit and not really impressed with the others. They all look so pretty in the bottles but thats the only one that I'm itching to get now.

  2. Thanks for linking her post. After seeing her swatches, I feel I don't need any of these. i bought the entire Maybelline Bleached Neon collection and I think those colors are more saturated for summer. I like bright shades in the summer and these SH ones are a bit too pale for my taste. Now, they would be fine for Spring...

  3. loving the look of white jelly,i dont know of any white jellies yet in drugstore brands,can anyone help if there are any other than this.

  4. They actually remind me of a lot of the Sinful Colors collections that have come out the last couple springs. And, on a side note, I went to my local Big Lots last night and they had revamped the makeup department. They had tons of SC displays from at least a half dozen collections. I wasn't sure of the price, though. A couple strays were marked $1 but the ones in the displays had no price.

  5. These are also in Kmart I saw them on Tuesday

  6. Oh I'm liking that orange and blue!

  7. I missed out on the Bleached Neons so I'm excited to look out for these!

  8. Pastels? *faints* Well that's it, I must have the entire collection.

  9. They are at Krogers/Ralphs grocery stores as well.I saw them today & while in Cali.


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