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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

(UPDATED) Spotted :NEW Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Luxe Jewels Collection

JUST IN: Close-up bottle shots of each shade and some links to  swatches. Scroll down for a look!

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a lovely three-day-weekend if you're in the US. I'm still trying to adjust to getting back to work today and I feel like I'm moving at a snail's pace. Need. More. Coffee. 

So let's get the short week off to a nice start with a new polish collection, shall we? I have an interesting story about how this one even popped onto my radar, and it's all thanks to two lovely readers. Last night, reader Lark (@Larkinsaw on Instagram) shared this picture with me of a mysterious new Sally Hansen CSM shade called On Pines and Needles that she spotted at CVS. It's a stunning emerald green that I had never seen before, and she couldn't find a reference to it on Google. Lark asked me if I knew anything about it, so I put the word out on my Instagram and it seemed like all of you who follow me on Instagram were just as baffled by this new mystery shade as Lark and I were.

Cut to this morning, and reader Chloe (@chloedoesnails on Instagram) kindly shared the following pics with me. Mystery solved! Check it out:

image credit: Chloe for Nouveau Cheap
NEW Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Luxe Jewels Collection at CVS

It turns out that this is a brand spankin' new collection of jewel-toned shades from Sally Hansen, now popping up at CVS. I believe these are new PERMANENT additions to the CSM line, since the display says "NEW SHADES" and not "Limited Edition". Keep reading for more pics...

image credit: Chloe for Nouveau Cheap
On Pines and Needles, Branch Out, Dark Huemoor, Fe Fi Fo Plum

image credit: Chloe for Nouveau Cheap
Fe Fi Fo Plum, Camelflage, Let's Snow, Grape Gatsby

JUST IN: I spotted this collection today at Walgreens and snapped some close-ups of the each shade. Please note that I intentionally lightened these photos in order to show shimmer (if present). I'm pretty sure that only On Pines and Needles and Branch Out are the other two shades that contain hidden shimmer, but I could be wrong (florescent store lighting sometimes hides shimmer).

On Pines and Needles

CLICK HERE for my swatches of On Pines and Needles.

 Branch Out

Dark Huemoor

Fe Fi Fo Plum


CLICK HERE for @mynailsarewet's swatches of Camelflage.

Let's Snow

Grape Gatsby

CLICK HERE for @mynailsarewet's swatches of Grape Gatsby

It's surprising to me that these are being launched at the beginning of summer since jewel-tone-themed collections are always a favorite for fall. But since these seem to be new permanent shades, I guess it makes sense that they're coming out now, given that the drugstores are having their clearance sales and will soon have open slots to fill with new products!

Again, to see a close-up of the lovely On Pines and Needles, click here to check out Lark's photo.

Thanks so very much, Chloe, for the great pics, and Lark, for putting this one on my radar! I really appreciate it.


  1. Oh Sally Hansen you are *breaking* my heart with all these new collections!! Loving the look of On Pines and Needles - even the pun laden name!!

  2. I like some of these colors. I think some designers are opting to release more fall-like colors in the summer. One in Allure said he thought not everyone was into bright summer hues in the summer, which I think is cool. I like some brights, but I'm always going to lean toward jewel tones, pewters, and all kinds of greens and purples and grays. Bring it on.

  3. Wow, that is one gorgeous shade!

  4. I want the plum and grape to do a 2 shade ombre, and must get the pines...for the summer, pines looks like a deep, dark waters at midnight mermaid shade! Must look amazing in the sunlight. *.* Lol @ Let's Snow...Christmas in July anyone??

  5. Ps- these SH display pics w/ a hand holding a high heel is just so weird to me...this isn't the first time they did this, and had me woondering, wth is that? Strange. A clutch would make so much more sense.

  6. Just saw these at Walgreens today! Love "Grape Gatsby" for the name. Also "On Pines and Needles" is a pretty shimmery pine. Reminded me of a Christmas tree... As soon as Walgreens has a sale on these those two will be mine!

  7. Lots of purple shades... I'll take them... on sale, of course.

  8. I'm still looking for those summer brights that you blogged about back in March!! Anyone ever find those??

    1. No! I haven't seen those anywhere either! Too bad because some of those looked amazing for summer...

  9. The numbers are right for new shades, too - I've noticed that the LE shades' numbers (now that they've started adding numbers) are up in the 800s, while the regular line is all down in the 100-300 range.

    ...and I STILL haven't seen the Summer Brights anywhere around me. The Runway Trends, yes (and I've got a bunch of those) but not the Beach Scene or whatever the summer bright shades were called.

  10. Don't forget, RedPlum has the $1 off coupon for all SH polishes. Should be helpful if you want to pick up more than one (like me!)

  11. I love the shimmer in Branch Out and I think that is the one that will come home with me! Once I find them, that is and hopefully on sale!! :)


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