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Monday, April 14, 2014

New at Walgreens: H20+, Pop Beauty and more

I saw this in my email this morning and thought I'd share, just in case you haven't heard! Walgreens has added some new beauty brands to their website (and some of these products are also now available in-store):
New at Walgreens
(click here to view on the Walgreens website)

One of you mentioned that you spotted a small H20+ display at your local Walgreens recently (if that was you, please comment below so I can thank you for the tip!). And if you click here, you can see that SOME of the H20+ products available for purchase online also have a "FIND AT A STORE" link next to them. 

I'm not seeing the "FIND AT A STORE" option on any of the Pop Beauty listings, so it appears that these are going to be online-only for now. Hopefully that will change eventually.

The best thing, to me, about these brands now available at Walgreens means that when Walgreens runs one of their online sales (20% off all beauty products, etc.) we'll be able to get these at a discount. Plus, you get everyday free shipping on orders of $25 or more on the Walgreens site.


  1. Interesting. I wonder if Ulta will still carry POP Beauty; they've had their brand half off for little while now.

    1. Mine discontinued it that's why its 1/2 off.

    2. All the POP at my Ulta is on clearance as well and the permanent display is gone. They put all the products on a clearance shelf. Same with Cargo. I'm assuming both brands won't be available at Ulta anymore.

  2. I saw a couple of hada labo products yesterday at walgreens, and there was an advertisement at the front saying this was new to the store :)

  3. On the Walgreen's website, one of the POP Beauty eyeshadows is listed at $1,100.00! I wonder if it's made out of diamonds or something! ;)

  4. I found some Elf items in an endcap display at my Walgreens last week, including this new cool-looking lip-tint-in-a-jar and the Facial Whip in various shades. I'm pretty sure both were around $2. Definitely returning there soon!

  5. if you go to the Walgreens flagship stores there is a beauty boutique that already carry pop and cargo as well as others like The Balm. I think West Hollywood (sunset\vine) location is the closest to San Diego. Also some in San Fran too. Maybe this set up will roll out to all stores eventually.

  6. I love H20+ and I'm so happy it's becoming more readily available!


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