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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sephora by OPI Nail Colour now at Big Lots

Sephora by OPI Nail Colour now at Big Lots 

I've been not-so-patiently waiting until I could share this very exciting news with you, and the time is finally here! Starting this week, you will be able to purchase Sephora by OPI Nail Colour (individual bottles and sets) at Big Lots!

I received this information directly from Big Lots (including these lovely promotional photos of some of the shades you can expect to find). The price for individual bottles will be $1.80 (for 0.5 oz full-size bottles) and I have had about a dozen readers so far this week tell me they have already spotted these polishes at their Big Lots locations at this price!

 Sephora by OPI Nail Colour for $1.80 each at Big Lots
(0.5 oz bottles)


Big Lots stores on the West Coast should be getting these polishes first (again, I've heard from about a dozen readers so far this week who have already spotted them!) but they should be in all Big Lots stores NATIONWIDE by December 16th.

You should expect to find individual full-size bottles ($1.80 each) in abundance, but each Big Lots location should have SOME sets, ranging from 2-piece mini sets all the way to full-size 18-piece sets (I obviously don't know how many sets each store will receive, but my contact said that there should at least be some sets available at each store across the country). I do not have pricing for the sets yet, but I will keep you posted.

Again, if you're on the West Coast, get over to your local Big Lots stores this week and keep your eyes peeled for these. And for the rest of you, I'd start looking first thing next week (or even this weekend)!

Happy hunting!


  1. I am on the E coast but I am going to go to Big Lots tomorrow to check it out! Thanks for the info! I thought the Marshall's price of $6.99 was good but 1.80?!!? I'm there!

  2. Is this for real or is it a dream?

  3. Oh I cannot wait!!!!! I hope the local BL in Central NY gets them! I won't have time to stalk until next week so I hope on the 16th to find them!!!!

  4. G. I didn't find any SOPI *colors* at my Big Lots today but I did find some other SOPI products!
    Rich and Buff exfoliating cuticle cream, Dry & Mighty quick dry drops, and The Total Package 3-in-1 base, top, & strengthener! Each were $1.80!

    1. Amazing!! May I share your pic in a blog post? Thanks SO much!!

  5. I plan on checking out my Big Lots today - but I typically don't have good luck with them. I was excited to get the SOPI at Marshall's. It count as a Christmas miracle if I find them in my stores, but I do love the hunt.

  6. I went to my Big Lots by my work and they do not respect nail polish! I never found the Sinful colors they were supposed to have. They had plenty of the crackle hanging on a peg. If I wasn't looking deliberately for the Sephora by OPI, I would've totally missed them. They were thrown in a plastic bin on the bottom shelf. Some looked like they broke and covered the bottles with colors. After carefully sorting through, I found some I liked and the following are ones I purchased, some are from the Jewelry topcoat line: Mermaid to Order, I Found a Pot of Gold, It looks like Rain, Dear, Indi-go with the flow, G-listen to your heart, and a few more I can't recall right now. I also got 3 pack stripers from colormate for 2.50 each, Island Girl, Mardi Gras, American Girl, South Beach Girl. My hubby rolled his eyes when I showed him and now G is on the hit list...LOL. I will take pics over the weekend as well as my CVS haul, cuz I was very busy! I may check the Big Lots by my house to see if they have any sets or other colors. Can't wait to try them! Thanks for the heads up!

  7. Oh, yes!!! Will def be hitting up my Biglots in Sports arena. You da best G! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE!!!

  8. Between yesterday and today I went to four different Big Lots looking for the Sephora OPIs. I finally hit paydirt at one tonight. And they had them stickered for $1.00 apiece instead of $1.80. They rang up as Sinful Colors when the cashier scanned them but she didn't care. She said if they are stickered as $1.00 then they are $1.00.

    I got: Social Climber, Happy Earth Day to Me, Dark Room, I Only Shop Vintage, G-listen To Your Heart, Indi-go With The Flow, Beam Me Up Hottie!, The Golden Age, and Looks Like Rain Dear.

    They also had Is She For Reel?, It's Totally Karma, and Caught With My Khakis Down but I already owned those so I skipped 'em.

    They didn't have a whole lot of stock. With the 9 that I bought I wiped out almost half of what they had and I took the last one of several of the colors.

  9. I live in NC and I got 2 limited edition holiday collection sephora by o.p.i nail polishes for $1.80!!!

  10. No luck today in the southside Oklahoma City store, I found lots of China Glaze Crackle and Sinful Colors but no Sephora by OPI. I'll try again in the middle of the week when the store shouldn't be so busy/crazy and do some more looking. I'll probably hit the northside OKC store too.

  11. I live in SC, and I went to Big Lots today, but they only had one shade! Hopefully they'll stock more soon!

  12. I haven't found any at my Big Lots, but I found some really good ones at my TJ Maxx.

  13. I have bought about 12 different shades already and 2 sets of the tinsel town set. The large set cost me $12 each and the individual for $1.80. I found them at my big lots store at the end of November. I bought the ten individuals and the 2 sets at that time and I found the last 2 individuals today at a different location. I get so excited everytime I find them. I have also bought some individuals and the 5 set of reds at Ross. The individuals cost me 2.99 and the 5 piece red set $12.99. They had the mini collections of metro chic and scented ones fr $8.99 and the Tinsel Town for $19.99. I also bought 2 sets of essie 5 packs for super cheap! Keep a look out girls!

  14. I went to two different Big Lots in my area. One of the Big Lots had them on an end cap and the other one had them randomly thrown around in bins, so you had to dig through to find them. I ended up getting I Don’t Bite, Call Your Mother, White Blasted, Keep Me on My Mistletoes, Lights, Glammer-a, Action!, and Mauve-ie Star in the Making. There were a few other colors, but at the time I did not purchase them. At the store where I had to dig to find them, there were hardly any of them, the other Big Lots was better stocked and easier to find as they were organized on an end cap of an aisle.


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