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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Three ADDITIONAL shades in the Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel Collection

You all know how much I love the new Revlon Parfumerie Collection (click here for my review of four of the shades), so you can imagine how excited I was to find out there are three other shades in this collection that are not part of the initial 16 shades I first showed you here.

A huge thanks to reader Lisa Watt for this one! Lisa spotted something very interested when in the floor display that's now popping up at CVS (great catch, Lisa!):

image credit: Lisa Watt for Nouveau Cheap
Revlon Parfumerie floor display at CVS

There are three additional shades in this CVS floor display that are NOT featured in the counter display that's currently popping up at Bed Bath & Beyond and Rite Aid!

Keep reading to see the three CVS-exclusive(?) Revlon Parfumerie shades...

The three additional shades are:

image credit: Lisa Watt for Nouveau Cheap
Lime Basil, Ginger Melon, Chocolate Truffle

Lisa described these shades accordingly:

Lime Basil (medium green creme)
Ginger Melon (bright coral/pink creme) 
Chocolate Truffle (dark brown creme)

Lisa also confirmed that the CVS floor display above does NOT contain the following shades (which are in the counter displays at BBB and Rite Aid):  

Italian Leather
Lavender Soap
Sunlit Grass

Reader Amy spotted the counter display at her local Rite Aid recently kindly shared a pic. I wanted to include her pic in this post to reiterate that Lime Basil, Ginger Melon and Chocolate Truffle are NOT in this counter display, but Italian Leather, Lavender Soap and Sunlit Grass ARE in this display:

 image credit: Amy for Nouveau Cheap
Revlon Parfumerie display at Rite Aid

To summarize: There are three new Parfumerie shades that can only be found (so far) in the floor display at CVS (Lime Basil, Ginger Melon and Chocolate Truffle).. But the CVS floor display is also three shades that are in the counter displays at BBB and Rite Aid (Italian Leather, Lavender Soap and Sunlit Grass).

I am inclined to think that these new shades are CVS-exclusives, but I obviously don't know if that's 100% true until this collection becomes more widespread. I haven't heard from anyone who has spotted this collection at Walgreens yet, but I would LOVE to know what shades are in that display.

Once again, to see my review and swatches of Italian Leather, Lavender Soap, Autumn Spice and Bordeaux, click here.

Thanks so much, Lisa Watt and Amy, for the great pics and info. I really appreciate it!


  1. I wonder if Lime Basil is similar to the Essie First Timer? I wanted that one so bad, but I never got it :/

    1. I swatched First Timer and Lime Basil side by side on a nail wheel. Unfortunately, they look much closer in the bottle. Lime Basil is several shades darker than First Timer.

  2. My CVS has the "Rite-Aid" display with Italian Leather, Sunlit Grass, and Lavender Soap. I didn't see Lime Basil or the other two shades.

  3. I'm dying over here, I can't wait until I find these! Thanks for the information, as always! :)

  4. I have literally been stalking a few Walgreens in my town every 2-3days for these, but no luck yet! I, too, am dying to get my hands on these! :D

  5. oh man....i really want all three of these both for colour and scent!

  6. spotted a display for these my wegmans today, almost picked up the peachy color. they had the new revlon single shadows as well.

  7. are these limited edition nail polishes or are they going to be sticking around?

  8. They had me at chocolate truffle :D

  9. I just bought Lime Basil today. I'm really picky about scents but I actually like this one. It's like a candy lime, it reminds me of Sprite soda!

    1. Sprite??? Welp, it must be mine now! Lol! Thanks so much for the tip!:)


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