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Monday, October 14, 2013

Target beauty clearance sightings

I want to start off this post by apologizing to several of you. Over the weekend, I received numerous comments, tweets, emails, Instagram tags, etc. about the Target beauty clearance deals currently going on nationwide, and I had a really hard time keeping track of who told me what (I tried, but I honestly have never received such a high volume of info at the same time about the same retailer before).

Because I actually went to Target myself over the weekend and spotted lots of these clearance sales myself, I'm featuring my own photos here. So apologies for not thanking you all by name or sharing your pics--instead of trying to credit everyone and feature every photo (and failing miserably) I think it's best that I just show you the photos I took myself. I hope you understand and, again, a HUGE thank-you to each and every one of you!

Here's a summary of some beauty products currently on clearance at Target stores across the nation:

(NOTE: not all Target stores put things on clearance at the same time or for the same price, but EVEN IF YOU DO NOT SEE CLEARANCE STICKERS ON THESE PRODUCTS, SCAN THEM ANYWAY because they might be on clearance in the system.)

 photo 005-3.jpg
Sonia Kashuk Jewel of an Eye Palette
(retail: $19.99; clearance price: $9.98)

This SK palette caused quite a stir over the weekend (if you follow me on Instagram you know that many of us were excited to find it on clearance!). The photo above is the palette I actually purchased at my local Target, and I will be swatching it within the next 24 hours, in case you're thinking of getting it while it's on clearance as well!

The entire Fall 2013 Sonia Kashuk Collection (brush set, nail polish set and makeup bags) is also on clearance at most Target stores, and DON'T FORGET ABOUT THE SONIA KASHUK PRINTABLE COUPON HERE, which you can use toward clearance items! There is also a Sonia Kashuk coupon on Cartwheel and I've heard from several readers that you can stack the Target coupon and the Target Cartwheel coupon together in one purchase (and that Cartwheel coupons work on clearance items too!).

 photo 20131012_150101-1.jpg
Pacifica Hand & Body Lotion Wipes
(retail: $6.99; clearance price: $4.88)

 photo 20131012_150419-1.jpg
Pacifica Mystical Supernatural Eye Shadow Palette 
(retail: $11.99; clearance price: $8.38)

 photo 20131012_145937-1.jpg
Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat Polishes
(retail: $5.49; clearance price: $2.74)

 photo 20131012_145952-1.jpg
The entire Maybelline Fall 2013 Vintage Leather Nail Color Collection
(retail: $2.99; clearance price: $2.08)

I've heard from several of you that these polishes are on clearance for $1.48 in certain regions of the US. To see swatches of the entire Vintage Leather collection, click here. As you can see, they're $2.08 in my area:

 photo 20131012_150003-1.jpg

 photo 20131012_145602-1.jpg
The entire Maybelline Great Lash Limited Edition Colored Mascara Collection
(retail: $4.49; clearance price: $3.14)

I've been told by several of you that these are on clearance for even less than $3.14 in certain regions, and it would be even better if you printed that $1 off Maybelline mascara coupon that was on for several weeks (unfortunately, it was removed from the website this week...bummer!). You can check out my review of the berry shade here (short version: I would probably pick another shade and skip the berry one, unless you only want a very, very subtle pop of color on your lashes). 

I also forgot to snap pics of this, but about five shades of Red Carpet Gel Polish were on clearance at my Target (a few lighter shades and a few darker shades) for about $6 each (these retail for $9.99).

Once again, a HUGE thank-you to everyone who took the time to share Target clearance sightings with us this weekend. And if I failed to list something in this post that you have seen on clearance at your Target recently, please do leave a comment below and share your info with us. It is much appreciated!


  1. Oh good, heading there this morning and hoping to find the Maybelline in Very Berry, I love that color.

  2. Hey Ladies...At my Target last night, some of these items were even less. The Maybelline nail polish was $1.48 and I then had a $1 off coupon...the Great Lash was $2.48 and had a $1 off coupon...I got maybe 6-7 things all with a grand total of $10 spent. I was pretty pumped! Happy Bargain Shopping!!!!

  3. So stopping by Target on lunch today. Maybe I will find some thing good! Thanks for the info G.!

  4. Thanks for posting this G! Has anyone tried any Pacifica eye shadows? Are they any good? lol

    1. I have! They are wonderful, I love em! Good pigmentation, super creamy!

    2. I was At my local Target last night (I'm in PA) and they had ALL of the Maybelline color sensational lipgloss on clearance, the permanent shades! It's a great deal but I hope they are not being discontinued, they are my absolute favorite drugstore lipgloss!

    3. I'm also in PA the Pittsburgh area. Is the Target you went to in that vacinity?

    4. Sorry but I'm in south eastern PA!

    5. Thanks for responding anyway.

  5. I am in Austin TX and got the Color Show polishes for $1.48. Got Mod Moss and Plush Plum yay!

  6. Thank you for the info G!
    I went this past Sunday in Charlotte, NC.

    I picked up the Jewel of an Eye Palette $9.98 even tho there were no clearance tags.
    And I also got Red Relic! I really liked it and didn't think I'd ever find it since it was limited. But wow, I got it for only $1.48. There weren't that many of them left though. It was on a random end cap.

  7. I'm in Oregon and I found the Sally Hansen fuzzy coat(fuzz-Sea) for $3.84, Sally Hansen sugar coat(Candy Corn and Spare-A-Mint?) for $1.64 each, Sally Hansen xtreme wear(lemon zest and Perfect Pear-ing) for .78 Each. I also got an ELF 10 piece mini set for $5 originally $10.

  8. At my local Target today (I'm in Northern VA - suburbs of DC) they had ALL the Maybelline color sensational lipglosses on clearance for $2.81 each, there were very, very few left but I picked up two that I've been wanting to try - a red and a berry the SA walking by said looked really pretty while I was debating between tubes, lol.

  9. You can stack Target coupons and Cartwheel. I think you can also use manufacturer's coupons as well.

  10. At my local targets (riverside and moreno valley) they had the revlon photoready eyeshadow palette in Graffiti on sale for $3-$4 depending on location, all the sonia kashuk duos on sale from $4-$6 and 2 of "textured" quads on sale for $6-$9 as well as some eyeliners and nail polishes for about $2-$3. I also saw the Almay wake up foundation for a little less than 6 bucks (all shades) and the mosaic type blushes for 4 bucks and some change

  11. Thanks G for posting about the printable coupons. Also if anyone lives in the Pittsburgh area several of the local Targets also had hair styling tools on clearance located in their regular section. Curling wands, flat irons, hot roller sets, as well as some blow dryers. Hope this helps someone. :-)

  12. The Almay Wake Up Foundation and Blushes are also on clearance!

  13. I'm so sad, I just moved across the country and haven't had time to buy a printer... I wish we could just download the coupons on to our phones! It'd make my life so much easier.


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