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Monday, October 14, 2013

Review: L'Oreal The Infallible Blackbuster 8HR Liquid Eyeliner

OK so yeah, I'm a little obsessed with black felt-tip marker eyeliners. They're just so easy, aren't they? So when I spotted the new L'Oreal Blackbuster liner at my local Bed Bath & Beyond a few weeks ago (click here to see the display), I picked one up. I've been testing this for about two weeks, so let's take a look!

L'Oreal The Infallible Blackbuster Liquid Eyeliner in Black
(retail: around $8, 0.084 oz)

 photo 001-1.jpg

 photo 006-1.jpg

 photo 003.jpg

As you can see, this liner does NOT claim to be waterproof, although it does claim to be skip-proof and smudge-proof with eight hours wear and intensity.

 photo 004.jpg

 photo 017.jpg

This liner has a jumbo tip very similar to the Physicians Formula Eye Booster Felt Tip Liner and the Milani Eye Tech Bold Liquid Liner:

 photo 019.jpg
 photo 018.jpg

The tip allows you to create a very thin line, as well as a very thick line:

 photo 002-1.jpg

Here's my eye just after applying this liner:

 photo 012.jpg

 photo 013-1.jpg

The tip of this liner is very firm, which means that it can be challenging to get deep down in between the lashes (you can see some white space in the first photo above). The tip does become more pliable after several uses and once it's a bit softer, it is easier to get in between your lashes. Also, for the first several times I used this liner, because of the firm tip, I didn't have the control that I normally have with a more pliable felt tip. So I did find it awkward to use at first, and I think you can see that my line above is a little uneven. 

After eight hours of wear:

 photo 024-1.jpg

 photo 022.jpg

Apologies for the red eye, but I took these photos late at night. Anyway, as you can see, there was transfer after eight hours, both on the top of my lid and below my lower lash line (see outer corner in the first pic). I wore a mascara that I know for a fact never runs or smudges on me, so I know it was NOT the mascara causing this--it was definitely the liner. Aside from the smudging/transferring, the color has faded a bit as well. It doesn't look as bold or intense as it did when first applied, so I'm afraid that, for me personally, this product did not live up to its claims to be smudge-proof and deliver eight hours of wear and intensity.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Sadly, I have never had the best luck with L'Oreal mascaras or eyeliners. I've tried dozens and dozens of them over the years and (I know I've said this before) I'm convinced that there's an ingredient in their liners and mascaras that just does not work with my skin's natural oils. L'Oreal liners and mascaras always smudge and fade for me by about the 4-6 hour mark. Yes, I have very oily skin, but I know that SEVERAL of you also have oily skin and experience excellent staying power when it comes to L'Oreal liners and mascaras. Unfortunately, I'm just not one of them...but I never stop trying!

What I like:

Upon initial application, this liner delivers rich, bold color in a convenient felt-tip applicator. The tip, while very firm at first, does become more pliable after repeated use. I actually like that it's quite firm at first, because it seems like it will last longer than other felt-tip liners that have a tendency to "blow out" and fray at the end before you're done with them. I also like that the scent is mild--it has a very faint "felt-tip marker scent" but I don't notice it at all during application. I also like that it removers easily with my regular facial cleanser--I don't have to use eye makeup remover.

What I don't like:

Sadly, this liner smudges, transfers and loses its vibrancy on me at about the six hour mark, becoming quite messy at the eight hour mark (as you can see above). Again, I attribute this to my body chemistry, as I have never had good luck with L'Oreal liners. Your results could definitely vary, especially if you generally have good luck with L'Oreal liners. I personally have much better staying power with the Milani jumbo felt-tip liner I mentioned earlier in this post.

FINAL VERDICT: Not a love-match for me, I do love the deep rich color I experience during initial application, and I also like the firm applicator (which does become more pliable after repeated use). I can sadly add this one to the list of "L'Oreal liners that didn't work for me" but I certainly wouldn't discourage YOU from trying it, since I know that L'Oreal liners work beautifully for many of you. If you generally have good experiences with L'Oreal liners, this one could be a winner for you.

Have you seen the new L'Oreal Blackbuster Liquid Liner in your area yet? Think you'll give it a shot?

The products featured in this post were purchased with personal funds. For more information, click here.


  1. I completely agree about the wear with L'Oreal products! I also have oily skin and their liners tend to feather on me.

  2. I'm a liquid liner junkie...this looks kind of amazing. I haven't tried the marker type of liner, yet.

  3. I wish this worked well... I'm fascinated by the idea of a marker-type liner and the tip reminds me of my old NYC SmoochProof Lipstain that I loved, so now I want one! Do you know if they mke any felt-tip liners that are actually good?

  4. Shame - this looked so promising! I prefer a bit of flexibilty in theniv as well and I find that the stiff ones are actually the worst when it comes to the nib lasting as I'm always tempted to 'break them in' and they loose thier sharp point after not too long!

  5. I have the Jordana bold tip liner pen and it has the same application issues. I don't use it as my go to, but it is nice when you want a bolder thicker line. It gives enough time before it dries to fix any smudges.

  6. Did you put primer in underneath?


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