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Friday, September 27, 2013

Spotted: Sinful Colors Holiday 2013 Naughty or Nice? Collection

Sinful Colors has released a second Holiday 2013 display (click here to see the Holiday 2013 glitters) and thanks to reader Pam, I have some pics to show you! Pam spotted this display at Rite Aid recently. Take a look:

 image credit: Pam for Nouveau Cheap
Sinful Color Holiday 2013 Naughty or Nice? Collection
(retail: $1.99 each)

Pam noticed that the nail art stripers weren't in their proper places in the first pic and kindly rearranged them for us in this photo (thanks, Pam!):

 image credit: Pam for Nouveau Cheap

Pam didn't get a chance to jot down the shade names but look looking at these colors, I see what APPEARS to be some repromotes, although you know what happens when you assume, right? Every time I assume something on this blog, I'm WRONG, so I'm not going to say they're mostly repromotes until I know for sure!

 image credit: Pam for Nouveau Cheap

That middle shade looks like it MIGHT be the new shade Silver Belle (from the Holiday 2013 glitters collection). The green looks like it could be Show Me The Way and the dark teal shimmer looks like it could be See You Soon

 image credit: Pam for Nouveau Cheap

I'm pretty sure I've seen these green and gold nail art stripers before, but is that silver flakes on the left?!?

 image credit: Pam for Nouveau Cheap

It looks like that blue could be a repromote of Endless Blue, and the two reds could be Sugar Sugar and Berry Charm. But again, I'm not assuming anything at this point!

Have you spotted this second Holiday 2013 collection from Sinful Colors in your area? If you know the shades names in this dsplay, I would love if you'd leave a comment below (either to prove me right or wrong about my guesses!).

Thanks so much, Pam, for the great sighting and pics!


  1. Can I just say that I recently found your site as well as instagram and wow!! You are so up to date with everything. You are awesome!!! I used to go into Walgreens and the new displays would be empty because I never knew when new products were coming out. But now.... OMG!!!! I've been to Walgreens like 2 times a day everyday for the past week lol :) thanks so much for sharing with us!!

  2. I saw these today and they're all repromotes. i know the blue is Blue By You, the red is Sugar Sugar, and the green is Kissy. i was disappointed that there were no new shades.

  3. I think the lime green glitter is also a repromote, it looks to me like Call You Later, which is part of the core Sinful line at Walgreens.

  4. Hi G!

    I just stopped by Rite Aid last night to get a look at this collection (as well as the Glitz and Glittered collection!)

    The shades in this collection (not including the stripers) are:
    Ice Dream (1140)
    Call You Later (932)
    Aubergine (1049)
    Sugar Sugar (839)
    Blue By You (1100)
    Kissy (1102)

    I've only ever seen Aubergine at Target (and it seems to be a pretty new shade), and since Sinful Colors changed their core line (in the spring, I think?) I don't think I've seen Kissy in the permanent displays at Rite Aid or Walgreens, so I'm kind of wondering if that one is still a core shade.


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