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Friday, August 23, 2013

The Pumpkin Polishes Have Landed

I've been covering the annual drugstore Pumpkin Polishes since 2009 or 2010 I believe, and I don't care how many times I see them, I still get excited when the displays hit stores. Because then I know they'll be followed by the Snowman Polishes, but that's for another post!

My favorite Pumpkin Polishes are the Glitters (take a look at the 2011 collection--these were my favorites!). Since glitter nail polishes are so hot right now, I'm very curious to see what Blue Cross releases this year for their pumpkins. If you spot the 2013 Pumpkin Glitters at Rite Aid or elsewhere, please do let us know!

But until then, Reader Diana spotted this year's Glow In The Dark Pumpkin Polishes at Rite Aid the other day and was kind enough to share:

image credit: Diana for Nouveau Cheap
Halloween 2013 Glow In The Dark Pumpkin Polishes
(retail: $3.99 each at Rite Aid)

The Glow in the Darks have always retailed for $3.99 (the glitters are always $1.99). So I'm happy there's no price-hike this year!

These look pretty much the same as the ones from last year and the year before that, but in case you've never seen these before, some of the shades contain iridescent glitter:

image credit: Diana for Nouveau Cheap

I know that Rite Aid always carries the Pumpkin Polishes every year, but other regional retailers tend to carry them too (for some reason I'm thinking Meijer, HEB, Fred Meyer or Wegman's carried these last year--if someone can recall that, please do let us know? Thanks!).

I've got so much more Halloween 2013 to show you in the days to come, including more Wet n Wild stuff that I didn't include in my last Fantasy Makers by Wet n Wild Halloween 2013 post! So please check back soon if you're a Halloween lover.

Thanks so much, Diana, for letting us know that the Pumpkin Polishes have made their glorious return!


  1. I also noticed these polishes yesterday at Rite Aid 97006 on TV Hwy. The display must've just been put out. The display was full. I also noticed the Fantasy Makers Wet n Wild Halloween 2013 display you mentioned earlier.

  2. it's only on rite-aid? not walgreens-cvs?

  3. Meijer had them last year in their seasonal section

  4. Love a pumpkin polish, always very envious of this time of year in the US - collection release after collection release.

  5. not my shades but I like the bottles

  6. Besides Rite-Aid, I've always found some at Alberton's in the Halloween or seasonal section. It is the only time they've sold any nail polish.

  7. Really nice, shame that Halloween is not as important in Europe especially in France!

  8. Another regional store is Harmon. It runs along part of the East Coast. I'm in New Jersey and mine got these in last week.

  9. Meijer's definitely carries the pumpkin and snowmen polishes. The key is you need to go look in the seasonal section, NOT the makeup section (though often close by). It's where they put the Fantasy Makers collections, too.

    I lurve the pumpkin polishes. I have an AMAZING solid color that is THE most saturated almost-a-dark-neon-if-that-makes-sense deep royal purple creme. It's so pigmented it can be a one coated if you're careful.


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