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Monday, June 17, 2013

Spotted: Sally Hansen Limited Edition Sugar Coats, Insta-Dris and Diamond Strength Colors

UPDATE: Thanks to several of you for setting me straight and letting me know that the Sugar Coat polishes in this display are ALSO new! For more details on these new shades, please click here.

I'm the first to admit that I can't seem to keep up with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri and Diamond Strength limited edition releases. First of all, the Insta-Dri limited edition collections don't seem to have the same type of wide distribution that the limited edition Complete Salon Manicure polishes have, as many drugstores never seem to get the counter displays (but then a month after they hit a few drugstores, they seem to show up on the Target website like these and these). The limited edition Diamond Strengths can be even more challenging to find sometimes, so that's why I haven't been consistently posting about either line lately.

BUT, it looks like some of these LE Insta-Dri and Diamond Strength polishes are about to get a lot easier to find! All you have to do is look for this huge display at Walgreens, which was brought to my attention by reader Kelli, who shared these pics:

image credit: Kelli for Nouveau Cheap
Sally Hansen Limited Edition Nail Colors at Walgreens

As I said in my update at the top of this post, the Sugar Coat polishes are NEW SHADES and not the same colors that were in the original group of Sugar Coats. For more information about these new shades, please click here.

ALSO in this collection, there are some "new" (and I deliberately put "new" in quotes because I can't be sure that all of these are brand new) Insta-Dri and Diamond Strength polishes.

I don't have a close-up of the Insta-Dris but they don't appear to be the same colors that are in this collection or this collection (that blue looks deeper than anything I've seen in a while from Insta-Dri).

Here's a closer look at the Diamond Strength polishes:

image credit: Kelli for Nouveau Cheap

I was able to make out the name of that periwinkle blue color and it's called Guess Blue?. I did a quick search and found that my pal Nicole reviewed this shade, as well as two other shades in this collection (Hide n' Pink and M-asked To Dance) on her blog a few weeks ago. Also, that deep purple shade looks like it might be a duochrome--perhaps a more purple version of the very popular Black Tie? Hum...

If any of you have a full list of shade names for the Insta-Dri and/or Diamond Strength colors in this display, I would be forever grateful if you'd share in the comments.

Thanks so much, Kelli, for the great sighting and pics. I really appreciate it!


  1. Aren't those sugar coats new colors though? They look like it.

  2. I know the Sugar Coats are "old news," but aren't those new shades? I can't resist a purple nail polish, lol (despite being told by my husband that he can't hold my hand when I wear a textured polish because my nails feel "weird" when they touch his skin, lmao).

  3. Some of the sugar coats in this display have sparkle.. there's one called "Red Velvet" that's a dark magenta with big flakey glitters, a light blue one that looks a lot like SC "Cinderella".. a shimmery light frosty pink one. An orange one called "Candy Corn"...these are not the same ones that originally came out.

  4. Like the others mentioned, the Sugar Coats in this display are new colors. :)

  5. I like the Insta Dry for using with my Red Carpet Gel Manicure set!

  6. I spotted this display as an endcap at my newly remodeled Target (I hate it. Laundry is right where you walk to beauty. The smell makes me choke, so I won't be going there as much). I didn't pay much attention to it though, since I've pretty much stopped buying Sally Hansen polishes... but I might have to go back in and check out the red Diamond Strength polish. Just to see if it's close to Zoya Kimmy :)

  7. Does anyone else have an issue with the diamond strength brushes? Most of them just fall out of the cap for me.

  8. I found this display last night at a local Walgreens (two other stores I'd stopped at didn't have them). The Sugar Coats are buy-one-get-one-half-price. Of the Sugar Coats, four have different formulas than the previous releases: "Red Velvet" is a shimmery red-magenta; "Royal Icing" is a light blue with pink sparkle; "Treat-Heart" is a sparkly mauve-pink; and "Pink Sprinkles" is a slightly darker mauve-pink with glittery flecks. The Diamond Strength shown on at far right is "Private I," which looks like a darker version of Wedding Crasher. The next darkest is "Royal Invite," a shimmery blue-purple. The polish shown second from the right (don't remember the name) is a shimmery deep orange/burnt sienna. Will take notes on the others the next time!

  9. Diamond Strength:
    Myst-ique Pink, Costumer Jewelery, Hide N' Pink, Guess Blue?, M-Asked to Dance, Royal Invite, On Parade and Private I

    Instra Dri:
    100 Pink Blink, 110 Blue By!, 120 Peachy Breeze, 130 Fuschia Flare, 140 In A Splash


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