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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Spotted: NEW Sinful Colors Pool Side Polish Collection (three new shades)

In addition to the brand spankin' new shades in the Sinful Colors Sail La Vie Collection (click here for pics and details), my pal Emi over at Project Swatch spotted ANOTHER new Sinful Colors Collection that contains three MORE new shades! This one's called Pool Side Polish--take a peek:

image used with permission from Emi at Project Swatch
NEW Sinful Colors Pool Side Polish Collection

Here are the shades in this collection, from Project Swatch:

*Why Not – core
*24/7 – core
*Tokyo Pearl – core or repromote; not sure
*Sunburnt – new to the US
*Rise & Shine – core
*Bikini Lines – new (Bikini is a core shade)
*Endless Blue – core
*Tidal Wave – new

Emi has bottle shots of all the shades in this display--definitely take a look at them here (I think I neeeed Tidal Wave).

Have you spotted this collection at your local Walgreens yet? Have you spotted Sail La Vie yet? I'd love to hear what you think if you've seen these collections in person!

Thanks so much, Emi, for the permission to share your pic here, and for posting such great info on your blog!


  1. Found Sail La Vie already - bought the 4 blues and the orange just tonight. I was heading home and was going to stop by another Walgreens that is always promising, but the skies opened up into a downpour, so I headed home.

    Putting on my helmet and resuming the hunt tomorrow!

    1. Score! Found a Walgreens that was just putting out the Poolside display - I actually helped the girl open the boxes and put them out. It really was only because she wasn't doing it fast enough for me, but I didn't tell her that part!

      Also found my Sally Fuzzy Coats and Sugar Coats that I wanted. **big sigh** I am a very happy polish shopper tonight.

  2. You were right, Tokyo Pearl is core :)

    1. Good to know! It doesn't show up on the Sinful Colors website as a core shade, but there tons of swatches of it online, and no reference to it being limited edition, so I guess the website is just out of date.

  3. Tidal Wave (I bought yesterday) is a pale, pale blue. No shimmer that I can see. I haven't worn it yet since I just did my nails yesterday morning, but it looks fabulous on a swatch stick. It is the lightest blue I have, and I have an obsession with pale blue polish :) (and orange, and green, and... lol) I just might have to buy a back up!

    1. I was hoping that this was a cream and not a shimmer. I have Sinful Cinderella, and that is a really pale blue with a shimmer. I haven't had a chance to compare bottles, but they look like they may be close in color.

    2. I brought my swatch wheel to Walgreens today, and Tidal Wave and Cinderella are not dupes. Tidal Wave has no shimmer/glass flecks and it's a couple of shades lighter.

  4. Went to take a look at these new collections and see if I could find a Bare, which I did! Love it! Thanks for the recommendation, G! I also found an essie luxe effects in pure pearlfection on clearance for $2!!! Love Walgreens!

  5. I saw three Sail la vie displays and an entire end cap display of the poolside collection. Sunburnt appears to look like Boogie Nights but could look different swatched. I only grabbed My Buoyfriend and Tidal Wave. I either had the others or something like them.

  6. I grabbed all of the new ones from both collections today. So excited!! :D

  7. Love New Wave and Tidal Wave! NW is a deep navy cream while TW is a beautiful pastel blue. My walgreens combined displays so I snagged these "waves". I think I'm needing a beach!! I am not usually a blue polish person but both of these are beautiful! Tidal Wave is a bit lighter than Cinderella with no shimmer. New Wave is a great true navy, almost denimish, with no sparkle.


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