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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Spotted at Walgreens...

Some Walgreens sightings for your Saturday...

I spotted two new Carmex products at a local Walgreens the other day. The first is Carmex Everyday Lip Conditioner, which is orange flavored. The other is Carmex Everyday Ulta Smooth Lip Balm in Pomengrante (notice the "sweet-tart flavor" on the packaging). If you're a longtime reader of this blog, you know that I love anything with a sweet and tart flavor or fragrance, so this one must be mine (great, just what I need...another lip balm).

And there just so happens to be a new printable coupon for $0.30 off Carmex here! (Do not hesitate to print this one if you want it--Carmex coupons have a tendency to go quickly.)

Keep reading for two additional Walgreens sightings...

 image credit: Brie for Nouveau Cheap

Reader Brie of Simply Thrifty Nails spotted the return of the Sally Hansen Holiday minis! This year, in addition to Xtreme Wear and Insta-Dri minis, we've also got Gem Crush minis (retail: $4.99). If you missed it, you can click here for my Gem Crush review from back in May.

  image credit: Brie for Nouveau Cheap

Brie also spotted the display for the Maybelline Limited Edition Color Show nail stickers (click here to view the press release). Reader Erin spotted this display, as well as the LE Color Show Sequins polishes, at her local Harmon at the beginning of October (click here for pics), but since Brie spotted them at Walgreens recently, I wanted to include this pic because I wanted to let you know that they've landed at Walgreens in case you've been waiting for them.

Thanks so much, Brie, for the great sightings!

Have you spotted/purchased any of these items at your local Walgreens yet?


  1. Ohh the orange Carmex has my name all over it, love squeeze-y type lip balms!

  2. That Sally Hansen display is also available at Ulta already :)...Ulta's definitely started rolling out Christmas/Holiday sets...and thanks to the 20% sales going on lately a lottttt of the displays are already picked through at the stores near me :/!

  3. Bought the Pomegranate Carmex and boy I love it! It has the same thick formula and does indeed smell like Pomegranate! Yummy! I do think I "need" SH Gem Crush minis! Thanks girls!

  4. I was at Walgreens earlier and totally forgot about the Sequins! I will get them when I use the $10 coupon I received. I did get some Wet N Wild goodies since they were Buy 1 get 1 50$% off and one f them was the Petal Pusher pallet but didn't see Shimmer the Night Away, I am guessing it was the location I was at. I did find the Furgy sets though.

  5. BAAH! i was JUST thinking about getting another Carmex for my purse (i leave one on the nightstand because i slop it on before bed) and I was wishing they had new/different scents/flavors. SQUEEE!! i'm gonna be on the hunt for these

  6. I saw the orange Everyday Carmex for the 1st time at a Rite Aid outside my usual stomping grounds earlier today, along with the Green Apple Chapsticks I haven't seen yet at my usual RA. I was thisclose to grabbing them both (not that I need yet another lipbalm either, but I do use ones I like religiously). Then I remembered I'm not too fond of what I call "the usual Carmex taste" that menthol or whatever. I wasn't sure if these still have it along *with* the orange or not and silly me, was in a rush and totally forgot to simply read the ingredients to get a clue. Anyone know if they're minty orange or just orange? at least until I can find them in my area. Definitely grabbing that Pomegranite one as soon as I see it though, either way! :)

  7. I bought a special edition pack of the Carmex lip conditioner and some moisturizer awhile ago. I loathed the taste/smell of the lip product because it tasted/smelled exactly like the baby aspirin that was forced on me as a child! (I'm dating myself here!) It is NOT minty orange - I actually love the menthol/camphor taste/smell of the traditional Carmex.

  8. I spotted and bought a limited edition .. Well actually 2.. Black radiance baked palette sets.. They are gorgeous! They're called the artesian collection.. The display is tiny but the products are well worth the $4.99!
    Wags has some awesome le items out there!

  9. I picked up the Orange Lip Conditioner a couple of weeks ago at CVS. I too was hesitant about Carmex's strange flavor and heavy-handed menthol, but no worries here. It has a distinct but not overpowering orange scent (I like it) that does fade quickly. The package describes it as "lotion for the lips" and it took me a few uses to get used to it, but it's great! Apply just a small amount and enjoy the orangey-ness, and rub lips together just a bit (there is a cooling sensation, but nothing like regular Carmex or plumping glosses - this also fades). After a few minutes it sinks in leaving my lips smooth! I'm thinking it would be handy under lipstick - I always feel like lipstick would slide off of regular lip balm.


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