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Monday, November 26, 2012

Review: New Carmex Pomegranate Ultra Smooth Lip Balm and Orange Lip Conditioner

So you might recall my current obsession with all of the new lip balms currently hitting drugstore shelves, and how I was super excited to find two new Carmex products at Walgreens a while back. Well I picked up both, and I'd love to share my thoughts about each one with you today. I'm a big Carmex fan and have reviewed several of their products on the blog over the years, so let's see how these two new additions measure up, shall we?

Let's start with this one:

Carmex Pomegranate Everyday Ultra Smooth Lip Balm
 (retail: around $1.50, 0.15 oz)

Keep reading for my full review of each new Carmex product...

Of the two new products I'm reviewing today, only this one contains SPF:

I'm a big fan of the Carmex Lime Twist Click Stick, which is also SPF15, but I want to note that the formula of the Click Sticks is different than this Ultra Smooth Lip Balm. This new balm feels more buttery and creamy on the lips, and I think the staying power might be a little better as well. It's a lovely formula that feels very smooth and hydrating and I have no complaints about it at all.

The one thing I do have a complaint about? The flavor. The fragrance is wonderful--it smells like yummy, sweet and tart pomegranate with just a touch of the signature Carmex scent in the background. But the flavor? Ick. It tastes like perfume to me. Very chemical-y and just not pleasant. The sharp chemical taste doesn't seem to subside much and I can still taste it on my lips about 15 minutes after application. I'm so sad about this, because I really love the formula, but the flavor just isn't pleasant to my taste buds one bit.

Moving on...

Carmex Orange Everyday Lip Conditioner
(retail: around $2, 0.20 oz)

Isn't it funny how the product you have the least expectations about often ends up being the one you love the most? Carmex says this product is "like lotion for the lips" and that could not be a better description. It truly has a lotion-like texture and feel to it:

It goes on white, but it quickly turns clear once it's on the lips. And the coolest part is that, unlike other lip creams, this one doesn't just sit on the lips--it quickly absorbs into the skin, just like lotion. I can't describe it much better than that, but I'm telling you, it's really neat and you just have to experience it for yourself.

I think this would make a great product for the guys in your life too, specifically because it's so fast-absorbing. I know that my boyfriend doesn't like to have any type of glossy finish on his lips, so it's perfect for him. The best part is that you can still feel its hydrating properties even after it's been absorbed. Again, just like a lotion.

Unlike the Pomegranate lip balm, this orange-flavored lip conditioner smells AND tastes fantastic. To my nose, the fragrance is exactly like an Orange Julius. Seriously, it's just as creamy and orange-y. And the flavor? It actually tastes like an Orange Julius too, but imagine an Orange Julius with a few fresh mint leaves floating around inside of it. There's a teeny tiny hint of mint there, but it doesn't taste anything like the traditional Carmex lip balms (camphor, etc.). We've got ourselves a winner with this one, folks!

The one complaint I have about the Orange Lip Conditioner is that my particular tube feels like it's only half-full. I have to squeeze it pretty hard to get the product to come to the opening (sort of like when your tube of toothpaste is running low). I don't know if all tubes are like that, or if I just got one from a bad batch.

FINAL VERDICT: A big whopping yes to the new Carmex Orange Everyday Lip Conditioner. If you don't like heavy or thick-feeling lip products, this is a great choice since it absorbs quickly (seriously, it's lotion for your lips) and doesn't leave a shiny finish behind. It would be perfect to wear underneath lip color, and I find it to be very nice in the hydration department as well. As for the Pomegranate Ultra Smooth Lip Balm, I love the texture and how creamy it feels, but I just can't get past the flavor. It has a strong, sharp, chemical taste to it, which makes it hard for me to recommend to anyone. Although taste buds vary from person to person, so you might not get that sharp, unpleasant flavor if you try it--you never know.

Are you a Carmex fan? Have you tried either of these new offerings yet? Thoughts?


  1. Might get my boyfriend the Orange Lip Conditioner. He uses lip balm/lip products to soften his lips more than I do! lol

  2. I bought the Lip Conditioner when it first came out. at first i really didn't like it because i felt like it wasn't any better than my other lip balms but now i can live with out it. It's one of my HG products for sure.

  3. Oh the Lip Conditioner sounds really neat!

  4. The Ultra Smooth lip balm probably tastes bad because of all of the chemical sunscreen. Yuk.

    I am going to look for the orange lip conditioner. No nasty sunscreen and it looks like something my husband might like, too. :)

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you so much, Suzy! I was hoping someone might notice the improvement! Yay!! :)

  6. It kinda amazes me how people continue to buy lip balms and such when they have salicylic acid in them which will cause your lips to peel, thus causing you to want to apply more lip balm and the cycle continues. I guess everyone has to make a buck somewhere. Have you ever thought of using moisturizer on your lips? Love your blog btw, I read it daily! Also love your reviews, even if the products aren't something I'd use, I just love hearing your thoughts on things! You come across the page really well. Xoxo Sarah

    1. With it being the last (or close to last) ingredient in both of these lip balms, I feel that S.A. tends to act as a mild exfoliant rather than a drying agent (at least for me) but I totally understand what you're saying. :)

    2. PS: My dad's been using Carmex since the 1950s (and nothing else) and swears by it. I think, with that type of longevity, it truly works for a lot of us, but I'm sorry to hear it doesn't for you!


  7. I am so with you on the Orange Carmex Lip Conditioner. I love that stuff so hard!
    It's my new fav. Bummed about the pom one tho, because I like the cherry Carmex tube I have, and was considering the pom one, but blech! Anything that tastes like I should be dabbing it on my wrist is totally out. Thanks for the warning!

  8. I'm glad you like the lip conditioner but I found the fragrance/flavor nauseating! I have issues with that orange-cream flavor and scent as it reminds me of the baby aspirin I was forced to take as a child. To address the salicylic acid issue - the amount of SA in Carmex is very very minute, it is not like the percentage in an acne product. SA is an excellent anti-inflammatory and the bit in Carmex is part of its soothing and smoothing abilities. Love Carmex products except for this yucky new lip conditioner.

  9. I love my Carmex! I am on my second Pomegranate stick and so is my daughter. I am also a fan of the lime. I have not found the orange lip conditioner yet but I keep looking!!! As far as the Pomegranate, I love the scent and really cannot taste anything when I apply it so that is fine with me! I never used to use Carmex until you reviewed the Lime Twist and I started with that one! I love them all so far! Thanks for the review G.

  10. I used to love Carmex but not so much anymore, but I think I'll try the orange one. Very intrigued!

  11. I used to use Carmex but then I noticed that when I didn't use my lip balm, my lips would get soooo dry!! Dry as in noticably cracking peeling dry.

  12. The orange got to me. I spotted the lip conditioner at CVS and bought it. First impression: I love it. It's not so tingly as original Carmex and it really feels like a soothing lotion is on the lips. I'd love it if they did a tinted line of these!

  13. I want to try Carmex Orange Everyday Lip Conditioner! It sounds great and different from my usual lip balms.

    Too bad about the bad taste with the pomegranate lip balm. That will turn me off from trying this. x3

  14. Great post. I used the original Carmex and it did have a very weird taste, but it was the ONLY thing that worked on my severely dry lips! My lips were so dry and cracked I thought I had a full lip cold sore. (Gross I know but this proves how great Carmex is!)

  15. I picked up the everyday lip conditioner on your rec today! Its not just you....all the tubes at the store were half full... :(

  16. Bought the conditioner and LOVE it! Not a Carmex fan so I would have normally passed this one up, so I am so glad I saw your review! It is amazing and much more moisturizing than the orange cream burst Chapstick I got at the end of summer.


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