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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wet n Wild news and updates (please read)

If you're a Wet n Wild fan, please take a moment to read through this post. Thanks!

  • Many readers seemed to have missed my original coverage of the Fergie Eyeshadow Kits, as I'm still receiving lots of emails/comments/tweets about this collection. I want to thank everyone for the heads-up and photo submissions, but I already posted about this collection (with lots of photos) at the end of August. You can see my original post here.

  • As for the BOGOFREE Wet n Wild sale going on at CVS this week (through 10/6), I've heard from some of you that this offer includes Wet n Wild Fergie polishes, but NOT Spoiled by Wet n Wild polishes and also NOT Fantasy Makers by Wet n Wild. I have not been to my local CVS to confirm this, but if you have any questions about this sale, take an item to the red scanner box, scan the barcode and you'll be able to instantly see if the item in question is included in this sale.

  • I saw a news article the other day that I wanted to share:
Fergie by Wet ‘n’ Wild, the beauty project developed by the pop star and Markwins International, will debut in February. The 21-product color cosmetics lineup is priced between $3.49 and $5.99. Products will be available in nearly 10,000 mass market doors as well as online, the company told Women's Wear Daily.

  • I have also heard from several of you that Wet n Wild tweeted recently that they'll be releasing a CC Cream this year (not to be confused with BB creams). The "CC" stands for "color and correct" and you should expect to see many CC creams hit US drugstores this fall/winter and next year (Olay is coming out with one soon as well--I'll be posting more info about that later today).

Thanks for reading this update and hopefully this answers all (or most) of your questions. As always, as soon as I receive more info about new Wet n Wild products, you'll be the first to know!


  1. I'm kind of sad about the Fergie WnW line as much as I love the kits and nail polishes because I suspect that Avon is getting ready to discontinue Outspoken due to it.

    I need to stop getting attached to Avon's prestige fragrances obviously.

  2. From my product use and research it's helpful to know that CC creams are just BB creams with fuller coverage.

  3. As much as I love WnW, they bore me. Its been forever since they've released anything new. The fergie kits are just smaller repackaged items they already sell and even these new 8 pan palettes are pretty much their I heart matte collection just repromoted. I love WnW but I feel like I'm falling out of love. I'm afraid ill one day be scared to go near the WnW display because I don't wanna have an akward moment with it like an ex bf you see at the store.

    1. totally agree! i wish they would re-promote some on the limited edition stuff

    2. Just an fyi, the matte palette is a repromote of the LE I heart Matte palette, but the other two new 8-pans are totally new.

      I really hope that the new 21 piece Fergie collection debuting this Feb contains all new shades. But only time will tell!

  4. Ugh! CVS in NYC doesn't sell WnW! And I just got a killer deal today with coupons and ExtraBucks. I would have bought the MESS out of those baked palettes!

    1. Can you get them from the CVS website yet?

    2. WnW released limited edition baked palettes for Holiday 2011:

    3. G, I stalk your blog like no one else so I remember that post but never found them. But those were from last year, no way they are still available? Right?

      I'm in NYC too and the two CVSes I frequent don't carry WNW but one had the fergie polish display (not there anymore) and the other has spoiled. Weird.

  5. I really love the LE 8 pan, especially the one with the blue! I can't wait for it to come to Washington!

  6. I will stalk those 8 pans.... never got I heart Matte and was disappointed, should have stalked all the stores in NYC!!! I will find them this time!!!!!!!!

  7. my cvs coupon box was broken, :(. But then again the WnW display at our CVS is TINY and doesn't carry alot of the new things that the Walgreens does. Like those big bronzers (new??).

    On the other hand, G- will you do a favorite WnW things post? I can't remember if you already have. I'm especially interested in lipsticks.

  8. I think I agree with the repromotes of limited edition products so they would get a chance to send them to places that didn't carry them yet or not at all. Like Florida with the Be Jeweled, so I could stock up on the other four colors. lol

    I don't think Fantasymakers would be part of a sale like that unless it's after Halloween when all the Halloween stuff is on clearance. It is not that expensive, the sets of four polishes for the crackle and the glow in the dark ones cost $5 at Walgreens and I did get the crackle set by the way. I did exchange the temp hair color spray I accidentally picked up for three of the Pick Your Poison polishesas well.

    I also have a CVS near me that doesn't carry WNW but I do go to Walgreens for it. :3

  9. My CVS had bogo 1/2 off WNW. I was so disappointed. I thought all sales were them same thought stores?

  10. I went to our town's CVS & they don't sell any Wet n' wild stuff. I'm going to check out a few more before Sunday.

  11. p.s. I'm having a hard time finding the 8 pan shadows. I saw it at a certain Walgreens & now I can't find it. I wish I bought it when I saw it.


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