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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Spotted: Wet n Wild Limited Edition Sweeten the Season Collection

My pal Emi over at Project Swatch spotted the new Wet n Wild Sweeten the Season collection at not one but two CVS locations in Los Angeles recently, and she was nice enough to share some pics:

image credit: Project Swatch for Nouveau Cheap

Keep reading for more pics and details...

image credit: Project Swatch for Nouveau Cheap
Wet n Wild Limited Edition Sweeten the Season Juicy Lip Balm Collection
(retail: $2.99 each)

This collection contains four different holiday-themed, limited edition flavors of Juicy Lip Balms (you can see my review of the permanent collection flavors here). I don't believe these holiday balms contain SPF15 like the permanent balms do, but I could be wrong.

image credit: Project Swatch for Nouveau Cheap
The flavors are: candy cane, gingerbread, candy apple and vanilla

Emi also included some helpful pics of the balms themselves and there's something you need to watch out for before you make a purchase:

image credit: Project Swatch for Nouveau Cheap

 image credit: Project Swatch for Nouveau Cheap

Obviously some of these balms have separated, so check your balms before you buy them. Looking at the rest of the balms in this collection, I have a feeling that the pigments used to color the candy-apple-flavored balm (green and red) may have caused an adherence issue, which could be why only the green and red colored balm seems to have this problem. This is just a theory, of course, but all of the other balms, which are a color + white, look fine to me, based on the photos above.

Have you spotted the Sweeten the Season collection in your area yet? Thoughts?

Thanks again, Emi, for the great pics and sighting info!


  1. Oohh these look cute and festive. I haven't seen them here in NC yet, but I'm not surprised, lol.

    It feels so early seeing winter holiday goodies when Halloween isn't even here yet. xD

  2. I'll be on the lookout for sure, they just scream holidays to me!

  3. I just saw these today at the Rite Aid in Leesburg, VA!

    1. Oh that's fantastic Gabby! I'm not too far from there! Thanks for the heads up!

  4. These look yummy. After I looked closely at the photos it looked to me that only one of green and red sticks split. Will be interesting to see them when they show up! I love lip balm and have them in every coat pocket, sweatshirt pocket, room and purse. (Hey, I live in Central NY! Its a necessity) so I can never have too many! :)

  5. Christmas yay! these look like so much fun to try! thanks for that splitting tip :)

  6. Those are too cute! I don't think I will get any but I love the looks of them!

  7. I spotted these yesterday at Tops, for those of you in upstate NY.

  8. Ooohh! Must have! I never tried the WNW lip balms since they were taken out of KMart a few years back but I will go to Walgreens to see if they have the balms including these! I love Christmas cosmetics.

    To the one talking about the Christmas stuff coming out early. That goes the same for Lush Cosmetics because I was on their site seeing what was up and saw Christmas and new things are there and might get more. And I agree with Halloween stuff still around since it's not here fully yet, I even picked up the crackle set on the first day of October from Fantasymakers! XD

  9. Saw them at Christmas Tree Shop a couple weeks ago as well. They display is SO cute. Thanks to someone already OPENING half the ones that were there, I was able to smell them before buying and that settled my decision. They smell awful :( Very chemically/plasticy. The Vanilla one was ok but the rest were quite gross :( I was disappointed, because I wanted them for the cute packaging and festiveness haha

  10. Thanks, Brooke; the vanilla one is the one I was thinking of getting too. Is the candy apple any good?


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