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Friday, October 5, 2012

Five Buck Friday

Another week has come and gone and once again, it's Five Buck Friday! Here's a list of Nouveau Cheap-approved beauty products that will set you back a cool five bucks!

ASP Angle Zebra Board (180/180 grit), $0.99 at Sally Beauty (Note: $0.99 is the Sally Club Member price--these retail for $1.19 if you don't have a Sally Card). This is my holy grail nail file and you can read my full review that explains exactly why I love it here. I've had my current ASP Angle Zebra Board for two years now and it's still going strong. It's amazing at just a buck. Seriously, if you're tired of blown out nail files, meet your new best friend.

Keep reading for more Five Buck Friday fabulousness...

Epielle Facial Cleansing Tissues, $1.99 for 60 towelettes at Big Lots. I think I've mentioned these on this blog, oh, maybe a hundred times by now! But it's for good reason, because in terms of value and performance, these cannot be beat. You get 60 towelettes for $1.99 at Big Lots, and they come in fun scents like Green Tea, Citrus and Aloe. I could go on and on about these, but let's just say that whenever I'm too lazy to wash me face, these are my go-to towelettes to get the job done (tip: pour a little eye makeup remover onto the cloth to help with hard-to-remove eye makeup).

Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Brown Sugar Lip Scrub, $1 per "tub" (estimation). Whenever the weather changes, I find that my lips are in need of a serious exfoliation. After years of trying different expensive lip scrubs, I find that I always go back to this good ol' DIY version. Take some brown sugar and put it in a little bowl. Pour a little bit of Extra Virgin Olive Oil into the bowl and stir. Keep adding more EVOO, little by little, until you're happy with the consistency. Once it turns into a nice paste, just put a little bit of it on your finger and gently work it into your lips. Voila! Instant, all-natural lip scrub. When you're done scrubbing, just take a damp paper towel and wipe the sugar crystals from your lips, but leave the EVOO on your lips for added moisture. I'm telling you, this mixture works better than any other lip scrub I have ever tried! I don't make this in batches because I'm paranoid about the shelf-life of DIY beauty products, so I recommend just making a "single serving" every time you want to use it. I guessed at the price ($1) but I'm sure it's probably less than that since you don't need to make a lot. BUT, if you find that you have leftovers, use it as a hand scrub (just be sure to rinse your hands after you're through).

Wet n Wild Wild Shine Nail Color in French White Creme, $0.99 wherever Wet n Wild is sold. This is my favorite white creme nail polish, period. Two coats and you'll have White-Out style nail color, but one coat (although a tiny bit streaky) is all you need to "jump-start" sheer polishes that normally require lots of coats for good opacity. Laying down a base of Wet n Wild French White Creme before you apply sheer, streaky neons (or any other streaky polishes you might own) will cut your manicure time in half. At just $0.99, this is probably already a staple for many of you, but if you're new to at-home manicures, I think this polish is essential. Plus, it's great for nail art!

That's it for this installment of Five Buck Friday. Five bucks for four products I love and use on a regular basis. See you again next Friday for more cheap thrills!


  1. Oooh, thanks for the cleaning tissue recommendation. I've started using them and was getting frustrated with the drugstore prices (25 for $5).

  2. Hey G ! Thank you for telling us aboutSally's 50%off today!!! I got six China Glaze polishes plus more for under $15!

    It is funny, on Walgreens' website link, the White Creme is "priced per store" but all the others are 0.99!

  3. Speaking of Olive oil and face wipes... I use Huggies natural baby wipes and love them. Nice and thick, way cheaper than "makeup wipes" and do a great job without drying out my skin, gentle enough to remove liner from my water line without irritation. I use olive oil as makeup remover, moisturizer (face and body), and even serum for my hair- a couple of drops mixed with a dab of pure aloe vera gel. My skin is 100% better since I stopped using all those cleansers, moisturizers, etc. Less oily, no more dry patches, blackheads and acne decreased to almost nothing, even my wrinkles/lines are improved. The only time I touch my face with soap is 2-3x a week when I exfoliate.

  4. I exfoliate regularly with a sugar scrub. I usually use white sugar mixed with a bit of salt, and I add some lemon juice to the olive oil. Then I hop in the shower and scrub away. My skin is always nice and moisturized afterwards from the olive oil.

  5. For years I have used a similar concoction as a foot scrub, and I also always mix it up on the spot. For two feet I use 2 tablespoons white sugar and 2 teaspoons olive oil, but some people might like to add a little more oil so it is more slippery. This costs me probably 25 cents (USD) but I have heard of people doing variations that cost more or less, such as using salt (harsher but cheap) or brown sugar, or using other oils such as baby oil, or adding flavorings or essential oils. I am sure you could do the same things for a lip scrub with the caveat that lips are more sensitive than feet and that you are likely to ingest anything that is on your lips.

  6. I use coconut oil and sugar as a lip scrub. . . It tastes yummy!

  7. Epielle...really? I tried their cucumber facial wipes last month and they were awful. They didn't work very well and left a really funky residue on my skin. I had to wash my face again just to get the film off of it. What kind do you use? I'd be willing to give them another try at $1.99. Maybe the cucumber are duds.

  8. Thanks for the suggestions on the makeup remover and lip scrubs. I'll be sure to check all of them out. Do your prefer WnW French White Creme to SC Snow Me White? I prefer the latter, although I know Sinful Colors has not endeared itself to bloggers of late.

  9. If you guys want a pretty cheap foot scrub, you should get the Stepping Stone by Lush Cosmetics. It costs $3.95 each. I suggest get more than one because it's worth it since it is very good at expoliating the foot, which lets in antibiotic creams and foot creams heal the foot better and it removes dead skin from any callouses.

    Maybe I should try that white polish since I have a blood red crackle if the black polishes I have don't work with it.

  10. My HG makeup wipes? Pampers or Huggies natural wipes! :D They end up being around $.50-$1.00 for 64-72 at Meijer when I have a coupon (which is always, lol - they're easy to come by). The ingredients are very similar to face wipes and I figure if they're good enough for my baby's butt, they're good enough for my face! ;-)


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