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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Revlon Chic vs. Revlon Surf

A while back, I purchased Revlon Chic, which is a new-ish core collection shade. Chic is a dusty, grayed-out blue creme that I think is just lovely. But then, Revlon released the Gucci Westman Escapism Collection and this other muted blue creme caught my eye: Surf. I immediately purchased Surf (limited edition), all the while thinking to myself, "Is this color identical to Chic and, if so, why the heck am I buying it?"

So if you've been curious if these two shades are identical (or at least very similar), this post is for you!

Revlon Chic and Surf
(retail: around $4.99 each, 0.5 oz)

Quick tip: if Revlon puts a corresponding number next to a shade name, that means it's a permanent addition to their core collection. If there is no number next to the name, that means it's limited edition.

As you can see, these shades are NOT identical, but they're close. Chic has much more gray to it and more of a "dusty" feel, while Surf is more of an ocean blue (thus the name). They're both lovely cremes, but if you're wondering if you need both, I would say one shade or the other would do (unless you're obsessed with muted blue cremes, in which case you probably already own both).

As for application, I find Chic to be a tiny bit thicker and more opaque, while Surf is thinner and bit more sheer. Both nails above were photographed after two coats with no top coat. I actually haven't had any problems during application with either shade, so it really depends on if you prefer a thicker or thinner polish. Chic could be a one-coater for you, while Surf definitely requires two coats for good opacity.

Do you own either (or both) of these Revlon polishes? Which do YOU prefer?


  1. I have Chic, but Surf is definitely more my type of color. Guess I'll need to get that one too. Heehee ;0)

  2. Very nice, seeing this I now want them both :)

  3. Every time I'm by a Revlon display I ogle Chic, and then remind myself how crappy it would look with my skintone and don't buy it.

  4. I have Chic and loved it from the moment I saw it. To me it seems like the nail polish version of MAC's Plumage.
    I definitely recommend it

    PS. Thanks for the number/name tip!

  5. I have both and glad I bought Surf. Very pretty but different. I was really bummed about Sheer Seafoam. Such a watery mess, can't even be called a jelly. Such a pretty color in the bottle, does not translate well on the nail :(

  6. Thanks for the tip about the number on the cap indicating LE products vs. permanent products...never knew that!

  7. these two colors would be good for purchasing both if you enjoy doing the ombre effect on nails! since they are so similar.

  8. Is it weird I like them both? As if their subtle differences justify me getting both ;)


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